A Christmas Message of Forgiveness


December 18, 2014 was the night that I received a powerful and wonderful message of forgiveness. One can admit that Christmas is a time when family and friends think of not only the love but the hurt caused by someone from the past-the hurt can also arise from some one who died and those memories can resurrect like the dead and hurt us even more because we can not confront that some one.

Now for the message from Source/Guides:








Naturally, some will find this message to be somewhat disturbing because we are taught that only the good go to heaven. But the Mind of God is really a mystery. The French have a saying, “to know all is to forgive all”.


Archangel Gabriel is the angle of commuting messages from Source on forgiveness, healing and loving, and we share her message of forgiving yourself and others.


Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel

Channeled through Shelley Young

Dear Ones, attempting to create the life of your dreams while holding back energetically is very much like expecting everyone to show up at a party that you have not invited anyone to.

Think of a professor who had devoted his entire life to the study of one particular topic and its history over the centuries. If you were interested in the same topic, would you go to him? Or would you listen to someone else who had studied something else entirely?
Dear Ones, you are the esteemed experts of your own life expressions. You hold, within your soul memory, the accumulated wisdom of centuries. Others may be well meaning, and may have considerable knowledge of their own soul paths, but you are the only expert on you. Listen to your inner knowingness. There is no greater source of knowledge on you, than you.

Dear Ones, would you feel better if you could substitute the words surrender and flow with love? Because surrendering into the flow is moving back into unconditional love. Love is the great expander and creator you are seeking. You cannot wish to experience love and then avoid surrender and flow and be successful. They are all one and the same.

Every time you judge another, you reject the flow of connectedness that exists between you and that person and separate yourself. Every time you judge yourself, you reject your own perfection and separate yourself from your own divinity.
Continuing to judge will only further feelings of loneliness, being misunderstood, rejection, abandonment, separation consciousness, and being judged yourself. You simply cannot experience the joy of being part of a greater whole if you continue to separate yourself through judgement and intolerance.
Dear Ones, acceptance nurtures your connection with others and celebrates and supports the innate right and wisdom each person has to follow their own path. Acceptance honours the contribution each soul makes to the tapestry of the whole and the beauty, freedom and importance of free will. It allows you to live by your deep knowingness that every soul knows exactly what it is doing, and to demonstrate your faith in the entire system. It is what will create the flow, the connectedness, the unconditional love, the unity consciousness and the peace you seek, both within and on your planet.

Dear Ones, forgiving someone who has wronged you does not for a second mean that you condone their behaviour. It means you no longer wish to hold the vibration of being victimized. It is the energetic dissolution of the binds that tie you to another in ways that do not match who you really are.
Forgiving is not only an act of loving release towards the other, more importantly, it is an act of self love. Forgiveness is a stunningly beautiful declaration of your own self worth. Can you see? Forgiveness is necessary to fully step into your authentic power, because you cannot be empowered and be a victim at the same time.

So many of you have experienced things that were masquerading as love, that weren’t love at all. Again we say, love does not hurt, love does not reject, love does not betray, love does not judge or control another. The hurtful experiences that you may have had are caused by the absence of love, not by love itself.
So we urge you to redefine what love is through your wisdom and new perspective. What is your new definition of love? Can you see now that love only includes, uplifts, supports, celebrates, encourages, nurtures, understands and connects? Once you are clear about what love really is, you are far better able to see situations in their truth, and will never confuse the absence of love for real love ever again.

Dear Ones, we encourage you to stop rating your experiences by what is deemed normal by your society and to start using your own inner compass to decide whether something is acceptable or not. This is why being in touch with your feelings is so important. You must be able to know how you feel in order to tell whether something is in line with who you truly are or not. Again we encourage you to be the expert on you, and to navigate your life expression based on what feels right based on your own truth. The spark of divinity that exists in each and every one of you will always lead the way.
Archangel Gabriel




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New Black Moon: Winter Solstice-December 21, 2014-Magical Three Rituals

The power of 3 rules during the New Black Moon/Winter Solstice December 21, 2014.

The Sun and Moon join together in marriage in the sign of Capricorn on 12-21- or 3-3 and the time is 3:03 pm (PST) or 6:03 (EST). In numerology combining the date and time, this means 3-3-3-3 or 3-3-3-3-3.

The number 3 is a magic number of manifestation, and the doubling of 33 is a master number.  Many ritual cults and secret society’s rituals incorporate the power of 3 or multiply of the number 3.

In addition, the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2014 is on a New Black Moon a time of power making, magic making and a time of death and re-birth symbolism.

If you have been following these postings, then you will remember that 2014 began with several powerful New Black Moons (January 2014), and the year will correspondingly end or terminate with the last New Black Moon. (Very Powerful)

We ask that you the viewers use this time wisely, the benefit to all of us is that the New Black Moon/Winter Solstice is on the weekend when most of us have time to mediate, reflect on what we may want or may not want in our space, time and lives.

(During yesterday’s energy of 12-12-2014 and a lead up to 12-21-2014, I had visitations with  family members who crossed over and share their unconditional love. I personally know that in 12 days times or like the 12 days of advent or pre-Yule 12 days of Christmas, the New Black Moon will be even greater).

With the New Black Moon/Winter Solstice take out your crystal ball, Tarot cards, Runes or whatever medium and come together in groups or in your own higher power group and connect with the Divine Universe as our Sun and Moon are at the center of the Milky Way or the center of the ALL, a time to go within, to connect and to reconnect.


Some say that this is the darkest and longest day of the year but I say it is the closest before the raising of the great light. One of my favorite songs from Handel’s Messiah is ‘the people that walked in darkest’ from Isaiah 9:2.


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December 12, 2014: 12-12 Gateway Activation

December 12, 2014 or 12-12 Gateway is a time when the Divine Universe will show mercy because the 12-12 Gateway opens up when the Moon is Virgo  (after moving away from the Leo constellation). The Divine Mother is merciful and forgiving.

The 12-12 Gateway is another step in the ladder of divine human ascension and the process of growing into divine beings. I received a message this year  which spoke of a time when our Earth will ascend into a 5th dimensional stage of knowing, and the gateways now and the ones leading up to the Earth’s ascension is our opportunity to open up to the merciful and benevolence which is from the heart and soul of the Divine Universe. (When I was driving home from work, the dome light in my car turned itself on and the time was 444. The Universe speaks in whispers.)

Revelations 12:12 has a most interesting phrase that speaks of my vision for the next few years:

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”


More on 12-12 Gateway from Kara Schallock


“This entire month is preparing us for an even more powerful next year. The 12-12 Gateway is just one more step of Power into being our Authentic Selves. Actually, there is no break between portals and gateways, yet they do offer a time in which to place our intentions and focus. Depending on where you are in your Ascension, this feels either freeing or challenging. The ‘freeing” is for those of us who have done the work along the way. The “challenging” may be for those who are resisting change. Of course, it is all up to one’s perception as to how it feels and perhaps it is a bit of both. When you perceive challenge, look and see where you might be holding on.”


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City of Light From The Sky-This Christmas

Recently, I have been reading about the arrival of a ship of lights  December 25, 2014. There has been no indication of where on the Earth will this ship from the heavens will appear but I am writing about it because some recent visions have indicated a large group of space family members represented by light were showing up. Not necessarily by the heavens but appearing nonetheless.

Mike Quinsey, a noted writer and blogger on all things spiritual has posted information about the City of Light. (November 27, 2014)



Hi Friends, 

                 I feel that it is so important that the great news of the coming appearance of the City of Light, Sedona is circulated as far as possible. I have such faith in Genii and her contacts, that I accept without hesitation their message informing us that the City of Light will appear on Earth this Christmas. Genii has been waiting some years for this time to arrive, and what could be more appropriate and exciting for us all than at such a Festive Celebration as Christmas. The Love and Light will surely reach such levels as never before achieved on Earth.  
                Following her visit to the City of Light Embassy, Genii sent out a message on the 22nd.November (as below) and It is the most important one since she first commenced doing them. It should be read in conjunction with her earlier message of the 21st. October. I have decided that just for this week, I will send out Genii’s message instead, a copy of which follows.  
               You can read Genii’s messages at:  http://www.sedonalightcenter.org and her E/Mail address is: thegeniiconnection@msn.com
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December 07, 2014-Asteroid Close Earth-Goddess Day

fergusonThis image of 12-year-old Devonte Hart hugging a white police officer in Portland, Oregon during a Ferguson protest over the weekend speaks volume about giving peace a chance.

Young Hart has the right name which suggests that we as people must must have heart to give love a chance and not be afraid to love, no matter the cost. Some of the world’s greatest leaders were stumped by the actions of love by  one person who supports the policy of free hugs, young Hart the world is listening, watching and waiting.

Speaking of heart, on December 07, 2014 an asteroid (2014 Wx202) will come very close to your Earth, as close as our Moon. Like some asteroids this one was recently discovered only this year and may bring a message of universal love. Asteroids do not have to hit the Earth to make a statement, just their position and presence in our atmosphere is the point.


Additional, December 07th is the same day that Goddess Energy is elevated as the Earth New Grid is activated-the Crystalline Grid is harmonized with the Diamond Light Matrix and the collective consciousness is open and the grid is anchored through the 13th dimensional universal portal (Goddess Energy) via our Earth’s Shambala.

In other words, follow the example of Devonte Hart and love one another as you would love thyself. Not an easy task.



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Thanksgiving Remembrance -November 27, 2014

In America, we celebrate Thanksgivings 2014 with cooking turkeys, traveling hundreds of miles to visit with friends and relatives, texting and calling each other, and of course shopping the day after.

But, I would like to remember another Thanksgiving Day when I was a youngster ,and the first Thanksgivings that was retold by Native Americans.


Day Before Thanksgiving
Written by Mel Brake


Day before Thanksgiving I come home from high school
my mom in the kitchen roasting ,baking, cooking

Busier than a cranberry merchant
throw away tin foil pans aligned with gourmet delights

Collard greens, string beans, roasted ham, stuffed turkey, candied yams  lay on the kitchen table


and on the counter top sweet potato pie, apple pie, chocolate cake
all made from scratch


In a bowl rest her famous potato salad
ready to be refrigerated overnight


I know better
and stayed out of her way


I am dying to satisfy my hunger but I know better
because she is cooking tomorrow’s dinner


Anyway I asked what’s for dinner


She asked, “how was your day at school”

I lied and said everything is ok

and in the process I steal a few cheese cubes
which are for her baked Macaroni and Cheese

She makes me a small plate of food
And I go up stairs to my room


The aromas coming from my mom’s kitchen
on the day before Thanksgiving holds special memories and comfort in my heart


And has lasted throughout the years on every day before


” What was the first Thanksgiving like? (Native American perspective) – World Book Explains ”




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Today, the YouTube site, SecureTeam received this video and testimony from one “Ken,” claiming to work as a “US Government astronomer,” at an agency that he would not identify, except to say that he worked at one of the observatories on Mauna Kea, in Hawaii.

While investigating unprecedented major storm activity on the far-flung planet Uranus, he claims to have unexpectedly discovered a celestial body that is tremendous in size and which he claims is currently in the process of entering the Outer Solar System.

He’d previously observed what appeared to be perturbations the magnetic fields surrounding both Uranus and Saturn.

He demonstrates how when he went to investigate distortions enveloping the ringed gas giant, Saturn and enhanced the telescope’s photograph, he was thunderstruck, when a massive celestial body, much larger than either Saturn or Jupiter was revealed.

This body may be the long-sought-after brown dwarf companion to our Sun, theorized to exist by several respected astronomy professors, such as University of California, Berkeley’s Dr. Richard Muller and Dr. Luis Alvarez, University of Louisiana’s Dr. Daniel Whitmire and New York University’s Dr. Michael Rampino, among many others. It’s sometimes called “Nemesis,” due to its hypothesized role in dislocating the orbits of comets and asteroids, which have led to major impact events on Earth, causing mini Ice Ages and major mass extinction events in the past.

NASA’s Earth-orbiting Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Telescope (“WISE Mission”), launched in December 2009, and placed in
hibernation in February 2011 would have been able to detect “Nemesis,” aka “Planet X” if this ominous celestial body were as close as “Ken” appears to suggest but to the chagrin of the abovementioned university professors, NASA claimed to have searched for the elusive brown dwarf but denied detecting it, prior to putting the telescope into “hibernation.”

Brown dwarves are speculated to be more numerous than stars because they do not give off light light or much in the way of
heat, as most maintain the temperature of a cup of tea. This would make them exceedingly difficult to detect, until they are right up on you, I suspect.

Many, such as former CNN Science Features Producer, Marshall Masters speculate that NASA has been witholding information about the approach of a large “Red Planet” i.e. “Planet X,” i.e., “Hercolubus” a.k.a. “Barnard’s Star,” which is apparently part of the star system of Tylo, which interacts with our own and that this large celestial object has been visible to the naked eye, from bases in Antarctica for a few years, already.

So many names, so many theories – but underlying all of them is that its brush with our Solar System will be catastrophic, and it
be the cause of the end of our Age, clearing the way for a new Epoch.

The disruptions to the Earth would be so overwhelming and beyond the control of any government, that all information about its
imminent effects are being suppressed, which may be the reason why astronomer, “Ken” claims here, that he could be “arrested or lose his job” for sharing these images, which he says he captured from his work station with his cellphone camera, as all activities on the computer network at his observatory are heavily monitored.

This same object may or may not correspond to what some people believe to be the “planetoid Nibiru,” referred to in ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts and myth and popularized in the 20th century, by controversial author, Zechariah Sitchin.

According to Sitchin, Nibiru is a planetoid with a highly-elliptical 3,600-year orbit around the Sun. More importantly, Nibiru is
the home of the extraterrestrial civilization of the Annunaki, who originally hybridized the human race (Homo sapiens) by splicing the DNA of Homo erectus with some of their own DNA, to create a slave race to mine gold for them, some 500,000 years ago.

Allegedly every time their planetoid makes a close approach to Earth, the Annunaki cause mayhem for their creations.

On Sitchin’s part, Nibiru is not scheduled to make its next approach to Earth for another 600 years or so.

SecureTeam promises that there will be a “Part 2″ to “Ken’s” alleged expose’ – but it doesn’t necessarily endorse its veracity, exhorting to viewers: “You decide.” – See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/planet-xnibirubrown-dwarf-twin/111914-leaked-giant-body-behindsaturn-entering-solar-system-systemcoverup.html#sthash.Uxrd4aK3.dpuf

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November 22, 2014-New Moon-Master Number-Portal Opening

Happy New Moon, November 22, 2014 is also a master number energy and portal opening as the Sun and Moon move as one and together in the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is near or is part of the galactic center of the Milky Way, and most traditional cultures in Native America believe that the  when their people died they go to the Milky Way.

Video from Anna Merkaba on November 22, 2014 portal opening:

Message from Djwhal Khul on November 22, 2014 portal opening:


(Channeling begins)
Alright. Well, we’re sort of in a very interesting time period with Chiron getting ready to go direct; the Sun and the New Moon will both be in fiery Sagittarius at the same time over the weekend.
So this weekend coming up is a potent one and then beyond that I’m going to say what I see is a speeding up or acceleration where more stamina is required and the ability to be more efficient, be more productive, have your energy hold up well.
So this one is an invocation for strength and really kind of, well we talk sometimes about just requesting strength and courage in general for personal and spiritual development. However this is more kind of like the strength to run a gauntlet or something because it is going to be a strenuous time.

The other thing that I will mention before I give that invocation is that we’re going to see more anger surfacing, agitation in general. When it surfaces for you, dismiss it, clear it and go back to a positive thought consciousness as quickly as you possibly can.
What I am seeing already in Humanity would be the tendency to be angry and blame other people for it and so there is a lot of backlash going on on the inner planes and you do want to protect yourself against that and also avoid being a participant in it.
Alright so the invocation:
“Three Star One give me the strength and the speed to accomplish all.”
Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.
Djwhal Khul
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
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November 20, 2014: Mel Brake Poetry Reading-Temenos Retreat House

Hi Friends,
I am writing to extend a personal invitation to all of you to attend Mel Brake’s Poetry reading this Thursday at Temenos Retreat House beginning at 7:00 p.m.   Mel will read for about 45 minutes the a brief intermission followed by an open reading 8″00 to 8:30 p.m.. If you wish to read please limit your selections to 2 pieces (first come first served).
This will be a beautiful evening and I hope we come out to listen and enjoy.  I would like to see more intimate art evenings at Temenos.
Here is more information:

Poetry Reading featuring Lyrical Poet Mel Brake
Thursday, November 20th – 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Retreat House

Lyrical Poet Mel Brake is a Philadelphia-based award winning poet/singer/songwriter. His poems have been featured in many publications and journals including the Fox Chase Review, Philadelphia Poets and Mad Poets Review. He feels poetry and the arts are the foundation to a well-balanced and sustainable community and world.

He will be reading his mystical magical poetry from 7:00 to 7:45 pm, with a short intermission. Afterward, there will be an “open time” for any poet to read from 8:00 to 8:30 pm (first come, first read – please limit your selections to two).

 Admission by Love Donation
 Suggested donation $10.00

Have a beautiful day and week. 
I hope to see you at Temenos on Thursday!
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Video & Meditation for 11:11-November 11, 2014

This video by Anrita Melchizedek will  help with 11:11 portal opening for meditation, focus and reflection November 11, 2014.

Anrita Melchizedek says:

“And as you enter through the 11:11 Gateway of Divine Love in this sacred year of 2014, sweet ones, you will come into a greater sense of the connection that you have to many of the Councils of Light from On High, and in this transmission with you we would like to link you to several of these Councils of Light to give you a deeper sense of your service work, and to give you a deeper sense of the Councils of Light that you may be working with. Essentially though, every one of you works with a Core Group, or particular Council of Light, as a volunteer souls to this sacred earth, although you may experience working with different Councils of Light as your service work expands or to receive information and downloads in pockets of information from other Councils of Light as is appropriate in any given Now moment.

So let us start, sweet ones, by setting our sacred space and coming into a deeper sense of the energy of your magnificence and Light as these volunteer souls to Mother Earth and all her life, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. Centered, and grounded, and breathing deep into the body now, you visualise this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination brought in through the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. This beautiful silver Flame of Illumination, of insight and understanding, has taken you deeper along the Pathway of Divine Love in this sacred year of 2014, opening you to new possibilities, into new understandings and a deeper sense of your service work on this earth-plane, sweet ones. And now you have a sense of this beautiful green Flame of Light, this beautiful emerald-green Flame of Light that takes you deeper into your Heart’s Dreaming and into your Heart’s Joy. As you are wrapped in this Flame of Light now, it assists you in letting go of any perceived obstacles or doubts as to your passion, as to your purpose and allows you to flow with a greater sense of grace, and harmony and inspiration, into your individual Heart’s Dreaming, and into the collective Consciousness of Light, co-creating the New Earth Templates in this Golden Age of Light. Wonderful sweet ones.”



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