The AntiChrist Enthralled in the Seat of Saint Peter: Rome

Many seers and prophets of spoke of the Antichrist taking the seat of Saint Peter in Rome.

From the Fatima, La Salette to Veronica of the Cross. Maybe they have something here.

Mother of Salvation: The time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close


My dear children, the time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close. You must not fear these times but, rather, embrace them for you must know that My Father’s Covenant will be finally completed as it was meant to be.The antichrist will, eventually, take up his seat in my Son’s Church on earth and nothing will prevent this from happening. Many will deny the prophecies, which I revealed to the world and they will do this at their peril. Those who refuse to accept the warnings given to the world, and who follow the enemies of God, will put their souls in jeopardy and it is for these misguided souls that I ask you to pray fervently.

The battle for the human race and for the salvation of all of God’s children is being fought at present and great harm is being inflicted upon all of those who stand firm to the Truth of all that my Son revealed to the world. You can never take one part of His Word or the Holy Bible and then discard it in favour of something, which may make you feel more comfortable. The Truth is never easy to accept for it can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest and most courageous Christians.  The Truth is always rejected and when the thorns were placed upon the Sacred Head of my Son, Jesus Christ, the priests and the elders at the time were praying in the temple giving glory to God while their cohorts cursed Him as He died on the Cross.That was the way it was then and this will be the way it will be when the world retaliates against the Word of God and turns it inside out and upside down. I urge you, dear children, to accept the Truth as it will be the means by which you will march more easily towards the Kingdom of the New Era. Without acknowledging what you are being told now, many souls will fall into error and embrace the beast. They will give up every individual civil right and liberty when they idolize the enemies of my Son until, finally, they will hand over their souls to the evil one.

Fear of the Truth can lead to resentment because it can be very difficult to swallow. Resentment leads to anger and anger leads to hatred. Hatred against this mission, and every other mission before it, will escalate and those who love me, the Mother of God, will be encouraged to denounce it. How it saddens me when my name is used to insult the Word of Jesus Christ, the one and only Saviour of mankind. Confusion will be wreaked upon my Marian groups so that they will begin to doubt the warnings I was instructed to present to the world at La Salette and Fatima. People will shun what I said and they will believe the prophecies given are to be for another time in the far distant future.

As all turmoil erupts and when the Doctrine contained in my Father’s Book is re-written and presented to the world as being authentic, only those with true discernment will understand the Truth. You must pray hard for the survival of my Son’s Church, His Body on earth, so that He is not discarded and thrown out to the dogs. When that day takes place, the Justice of God will intervene and humanity will understand, finally, what it is like to be plunged into darkness. The day the Light of God is extinguished is the time when all things will be fulfilled as prophesied.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


Veronica of the Cross:

Jesus –  September 14, 1976

“My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning.  I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe.  When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe.”


Time will tell.


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California Earthquake


We have been predicting quakes in Ca since the oarfish prophecy of 11/2013 but the big is one the way.-Mel Brake

Originally posted on World Predictions:

Vox reported on 8-24: “The Bay Area just got hit with its largest earthquake in 25 years. At 3:20 a.m. Pacific time on Sunday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 hit the San Francisco Bay Area.The USGS reports that it occurred 6.7 miles below the surface, with an epicenter just south of Napa and about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. This is the strongest earthquake felt by the region in 25 years, since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, which had a magnitude of 6.9.” Quoted by:

Is this the earthquake they have been talking about? Not in March but it did happen around 3 AM and it is the biggest in 25 years. Here is the prediction:

Notes on 3-2-14 California Earthquake
Spirits response to where the earthquake will be:
Earthquake.. California.. more central located.. very wide.. very distant in size.. 4 with a circle around it.. 3 to…

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The Black Moon/The Black Goddess/The Three Faces

Last week we saw three raven/crows.  First the raven/crows were in the tree cowing, then the raven/crows were on the ground; getting really close, and finally yesterday, the raven/crows were over our car.

We get this message of raven/crows; magick, protection, transformation and Goddess Hecate. We are grateful for the gentle reminder and knowing.

August 24, 2014 is the Black Moon a time to work powerful magick and the crossroads calling. Hecate is known to have three faces and the raven/crows are one of her animal talisman.




In Honor of Most Lovely One, Goddess Hecate


Quiet is the night


Dark is the Moon


I ask Hecate, the Crone


To take Her throne.


Sleep, sister, sleep


Be not alarmed,


For the Great Goddess


Keeps you from harm.


Quiet is the night


Dark is the Moon


I ask Hecate, the Crone


To take Her throne.


Sleep, brother sleep,


Be not alarmed,


For the Great Goddess


Holds you in her arms.


Quiet is the night


Dark is the Moon.


We honor Hecate the Crone


Who has taken Her throne.



American Folkloric Witchcraft: Faces of the Black Goddess

Faces of the Black Goddess


Kolyo, Cailleach Bheur, The Morrigan, (Morrigan, Badb, Macha, Nemain), Beira, Clíodhna, Nyx, Noctiluca, Bean nighe, Cleena, Mongfind, Hel, Hecate, Kali, Fata, Nicnevin, Gyre-Carling, Beira, The Moirae (Klotho, Lachesis, & Atropos), The Norns (Urdr, Verdandi, Skuld)

Station of the Wheel
North, Imbolc, February, Gate of Air, Storm Moon

Cat, Willow, Owl

Spear, Staff, Wand, Athame (Black Handled Knife), Scourge

Kolyo (meaning the “coverer” and “hidden”) is Great Mother of All – Ubiquitous, Omnipresent, Immortal and Eternal. In Indo-European Paganism, it is She who drives the Divine Drama and gives birth to the Gods and Goddesses. The Supreme Spinning Goddess, She is the First Timeless Source who regenerates All. A Being and Power older than Time itself, Kolyo spins the threads of Fate.

The word cailleach (in modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic, ‘old woman’) comes from the Old Irish caillech (‘veiled one’), from Old Irish caille (‘veil’), most likely an early loan from Latin pallium (‘cloak’). The word is found as a component in terms like the Gaelic cailleach-dhubh (‘nun’) and cailleach-oidhche (‘owl’), as well as the Irish cailleach feasa (‘wise woman’, ‘fortune-teller’) and cailleach phiseogach (‘sorceress’, ‘charm-worker’). Related words include the Gaelic caileag (‘young woman’, ‘girl’) and the Lowland Scots carline/carlin (‘old woman’, ‘witch’). A more obscure word that is sometimes interpreted as ‘hag’ is the Irish síle, which has led some to speculate on a connection between the Cailleach and the stonecarvings of Sheela na Gigs.

The name may also be related to the Hindu goddess, Kali, who shares many similar characteristics

The Morrígan (“phantom queen”) or Mórrígan (“great queen”) (also known as Morrígu, Morríghan, Mor-Ríoghain, sometimes given in the plural as Morrígna) is a figure from Irish mythology who appears to have once been a goddess, although she is not explicitly referred to as such in the texts.

The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility . She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, and in the Ulster cycle she also takes the form of an eel, a wolf, and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity comparable with the Germanic Valkyries, although her association with cattle also suggests a role connected with fertility, wealth, and the land. She is often depicted as a triple goddess, but also as a goddess with five or nine aspects. The most common combination of three is the Badb, Macha and Nemain, but other accounts name Fea, Anann, and others.

Clíodhna (Clídna, Clíodna, Clíona, but sometimes Cleena in English) is a Queen of the Banshees of the Tuatha Dé Danann. In Irish literature, Cleena of Carrigcleena is the potent banshee that rules as queen over the sheoques (fairy women of the hills) of South Munster, or Desmond. She is the principal goddess of this country. It is said the wails of the banshee can be heard echoing the valleys and glens at night, scaring those who hear as the wail of a banshee is potent and instills fear in good people.

In Irish mythology, Nemain (or Nemhain, Nemon or Neman) is the fairy spirit of the frenzied havoc of war, and possibly an aspect of the Morrígan.
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Icelands Volcano Begins To Erupt


Good work, Eric.-Mel Brake

Originally posted on World Predictions:

These predictions are unfolding. We predicted a timeline of 8-21, the volcano begin to erupt on 8-23.

Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga :  The Spirits have presented 3 specific dates recently, one of which we are expecting to relate to Iceland’s Volcano eruption. I asked for clarity on when Bardarbunga would erupt and they presented ‘1’, implying either clarity that it will in fact erupt or pointing to tomorrow 8/21. The dates they presented are:
8.21 which could be August 21st
7-27 which represents the 27th, no month provided
15 minutes which represents September 2nd or 3rd,

Here are all the different predictions that relate to Iceland’s Volcano. There are several predictions about this one event which implies it will be a major eruption, 787 could relate to a message of August:

Notes on 5-8-14  I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is…

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Confirmation: 6.0 California Earthquake-August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014, a 6.0 earthquake in California rocked the Northern region of the state.

If you remember the predictions of the jellyfish and the Oarfish prophecies, the big one may be on the way.

Latest on Oarfish Prophecy and Coming California Earthqakes

Strong 6.0 Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Bay Area

Strongest quake in 25 years strikes California’s Bay Area

By Josh Levs, Rick Martin, and Carma Hassan, CNN
updated 8:18 AM EDT, Sun August 24, 2014
This USGS image shows the location of the California earthquake August 24, 2014
This USGS image shows the location of the California earthquake August 24, 2014

  • NEW: The quake’s magnitude was 6.1, USGS says
  • The quake struck 6 miles southwest of Napa
  • There were no immediate reports of injuries
  • Church in Vallejo is heavily damaged, bell tower lost

(CNN) — A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck Northern California early Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

It was the strongest to hit the Bay Area since 1989, when a quake struck during the World Series.

Sunday’s earthquake struck 4 miles northwest of American Canyon, 6 miles southwest of Napa, and 9 miles southeast of Sonoma, according to the USGS.

CNN affiliate KTVU reported a church in Vallejo was heavily damaged and lost its bell tower.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The USGS estimated that 106,000 people felt the quake as”very strong;” 176,000 as “strong, and 738,000 felt it moderately.

Napa County Fire Capt. Jim Christenson said units were driving around looking for damage.

A dispatcher for the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said there was some water damage.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company reported outages of more than 5,000 customers in and around Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa.


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SATANIC CHILD SACRIFICE Disrupted in Montreal Exposing Cargill, Sinclair Oil & Bishop

The news which recently broke this week about a satanic child sacrifice movement that was unearthed in Canada.  Confirms a vision I had last year about a group of elite members of society meeting in Canada at school/church named for Mary, and the children were used as a type of escorts. In the vision, the elites in church were behind closed doors or nobody know exactly what they were doing with the children.

The satanic group is a part of the Ninth Circuit and they had plans to met at Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal. They met at another location which was a cover because the real sacrifice was to be performed at the church.

The Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral

Child Sacrifices scheduled by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult


popeposter2 Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Getty Images

Under Canadian law no one has been investigated, charged or tried for the disappearance or murder of 50,000 missing Canadian native children. The government of Canada, British Crown and Catholic, United and Anglican Church officials who ran 80 native residential schools wherein hide at least 32 unmarked child mass grave sites, have been legally absolved of all responsibility. Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which prosecuted in behalf of the childrens’ families in the Brussels International Common Law Court of Justice, has been refused numerous requests for excavation of the child mass grave sites.
Since 2011 over 60 have testified before the ICLCJ Court. Eyewitnesses to murder claimed that this mass genocide of children continued today via the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Ninth Circle members were said to include Popes Ratzinger and Francis, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and at least 35 other prominent global leaders.
This article was dedicated to the memory of those 50,000 missing children and to unknown children presently undergoing Ninth Circle Cult torture.The perpetrators live elite lives free of responsibility for their ongoing crimes. Our prayers were with these innocent children, and with ourselves if we allowed this Child Holocaust by our global leaders to continue.

A child sacrifice scheduled for August 15 by the politically influential members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult has been relocated from Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal Canada to McGill University according to informants of a ICLCJ Court news release. To stop these child sacrificial rituals, a legal entity of the Court has been investigating around an underground experimental facility on the grounds of McGill University and sub-basement crypts of the Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal Canada and Pro Cathedral in Dublin Ireland. “A highly placed informant notified our Court Command that the Montreal cult gathering has been relocated to McGill University in Montreal.”
Informants say a second child sacrifice was scheduled for Aug. 15 at the Dublin Cathedral crypt. The Court press release stated they would “detain participants for public trial, employing whatever force is required.”
It was alleged that the Ndrangheta Criminal Syndicate regularly worked with police, Vatican and Catholic orphanages in Montreal and Dublin to provide children for torture and killing in these monthly blood sacrifice rituals. The ITCCS which has been prosecuting the cases against Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members, called for Aug. 15 protests at McGill University, Reine du Monde Cathedral and Pro Cathedral.
Since 2011 six judges and 28 jury members of the ICLCJ Court have been litigating the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, members of which were prominent global elites. In Aug 2014 Pope Francis was found guilty of child trafficking, Pope Ratzinger resigned after his 2013 guilty verdict for Crimes Against Humanity and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were issued arrest warrants for their guilty verdicts in the 1964 disappearance of ten children from the British Columbia Kamloops Native Residential School in Canada.
Popes Francis and Ratzinger, plus Queen Elizabeth have all been named by eyewitness testifying before the ICLCJ Court as having killed and raped children in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult human sacrifice ceremonies. Over 60 eyewitnesses from several different countries have testified, with more contacting the Court each week.
McGill University in Montreal where the child sacrifice was rescheduled had a history of torturing children in satanic-related mind control experiments. To develop “Super Spies,” the USA’s CIA created the MKULTRA mind control program. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the president of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations D. Ewen Cameron, began torturing children in a MKULTRA program at McGill University in the early 1950s. By 1964 US Congressional inqueries supposedly ended MKULTRA after a successful lawsuit against Cameron and McGill University by mind control survivor Linda MacDonald.
Children could still be subjected to this CIA torture program. In this video CIA mind control survivors Christine Nicola and Claudia Mullen, plus Therapist Valerie Wolf testified before a 1995 President’s Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. They claimed that as a child, along with other children and until at least 1984, they were regularly sexually, physically and emotionally abused by government employees working in CIA mind control.
In the first fifty comments of this petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children, survivors claimed that even today children were being sexually, physically and emotionally abused by government employees doing mind control experiments. To read those comments click here:
During the ICLCJ trials it was revealed that the CIA mind control program not only abused and murdered some of the 50,000 Canadian missing native children, but the perpetrators were members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. According to informants, relocation of the upcoming August 15 Ninth Circle child sacrifice in Montreal was prompted by a prominent US billionaire businessman, local Catholic Archbishop Christian Lepine and corporate officials of the Cargill Corporation. “There has been no evidence that another Ninth Circle Cult in Dublin has moved their child sacrifice scheduled for August 15 from its Pro Cathedral venue. The Ireland cult is under the sponsorship of Catholic Archbishop Dermot Martin.” 
Informants have alleged that the two Catholic child sacrifice networks held regular monthly new moon child torture and killing sessions in Montreal and Dublin. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult was also believed to operate at several locations including forest groves in the US, France, UK, Australia, Brussels and Zwolle, Holland. In this video Holland therapist and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Toos Nijenhuis talked about her child sacrifice experiences.
As a child Nijenhuis’ life was eerily like that of CIA mind control survivor Jenny Hill. In this video Hill described how as a six year-old, she was made to watch the human sacrifice of another six year-old child. The satanic ceremony took place on June 21 1965 Summer Solstice in Garden Grove California. Hill’s torture was overseen by a man later described as Dr. Green.
After World War II the CIA imported into the US and Canada, several of Hitler’s mind control experts including the man known as Dr. Green. Children as young as infants were said to be subjected to sexual abuse, electroshock and other tortures in MKULTRA’s 149 sub projects and 33 related programs. According to survivors this mind control program doing illegal human experimentation on children functioned at 80 US and Canadian institutions including McGill University in Canada.
Dr. Green headed the CIA program according to mind control survivor Christina Nicola. Nicola’s testimony was given in this video of the 1995 Congressional committee which was investigating the CIA experiments. Congress voted not to release results to the public.
In her biography “Twenty Two Faces” Hill described Green in the same way Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors of Dr. Corydon Hammond’s eight year SRA study described him. See Hammond’s “Greenbaum Speech” at a Washington D.C. psychiatric conference here.
The reach of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult appeared to extend worldwide. There have been Catholic child mass grave sites found in Ireland, Spain and Canada. The grounds were believed to contain bodies of over 350,800 missing children. Most have been refused excavation by the Catholic Church and respective governments.
The ITCCS press release advised caution for people wishing to protest the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child sacrifice ceremonies in Canada and Ireland. “Untrained supporters of our actions during the day and evening of August 15 are advised for their own safety, not to intervene in our operations, but to hold public information vigils at McGill University, outside the Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal Canada and Pro Cathedral in Dublin Ireland. For specific instructions, contact the ITCCS:”
The ICLCJ Court had over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Organizing funds were available for common law groups wishing to apply. To contact the ITCCS, ICLCJ Court in Brussels, its local affiliates, or to volunteer, email or call:, 



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Liberia Ebola Fears


This is in-line with my vision of the Plague.-Mel Brake

Originally posted on World Predictions:

Here is an example of what Spirit was talking about when making this prediction.

Notes on 7-23-14 “The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.”

Notes on 5-28-14 “We question the security for the social order, social security.. for the group there is a social safety/security matter at hand.. bad decisions”

The Facts 8-20-14 by AP: Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital’s largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items including bloody sheets and mattresses.

The violence in the West Point slum occurred late Saturday and was led by residents angry that patients were brought to the holding center from other parts of Monrovia, Tolbert…

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Thelema Symbolic Crop Cricle: Working Your Magick

What’s very interesting is that another Thelema themed crop circle was presented August 22, 2014 nr Doresett, Sixpenny Handley (UK). Previously we wrote about other Thelma specific crop circles featuring Kabbalah principles.



72 Names of God: Shemhamphorash Crop Circle and
Could the message be get your magick on, to look within and to not look without for your own answers because we have the power within. “Because Greater Is He That Is In You than He That Is In The World” John 1:44. Thelema Magick was coined by Aleister Crowley but its a hodgepodge of Western and Easteran traditions that go back more than 2, 0000 years. He also invented the 6-pointed  Unicursal Hexagram which represented unity and balance, Man connections with the Divine.



Of course, there is nothing new in magick and Mr Crowley may have borrowed his own symbolism form other traditions. As did members of the Holy Order of the the Golden Dawn.


Thelema work must be taken very seriously so we will not include any prayers or ritual; there is no room for novices here but to bring awareness to the recent crop circle developments.
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A Major Communication Event is Coming

On May 22, 2010, a crop circle in England appeared which has battled scientists and others. The Windmill,nr Wilton, Wilthsire crop circle contained a binary coded message. What is the major event to be announced.

We wrote about this major communication in our post on August 10, 2014:

August 23, 2014: Age of Aquarius-Regulus Sirius Rising…/august-23-2014-age-of-aquarius-regulus-siri


YOWUSA.COM, 23-May-2010
Marshall Masters


New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming First reported on May 22, 2010, a new formation at the Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire is a clear harbinger of what could be a major communication event this season. As always, Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike of the Crop Crcle Connector web site are on the case and doing a brilliant job of it.

Assuming the authenticity of the formation (approx. 200′ diameter) is confirmed with verifiable field reports, 2010 could become a pivotal year in crop circle research. This is because the binary encoded structure of this formation clearly demonstrates that the message makers have clearly established a perceptual communication protocol for a series of future formations.

“It Certainly Resembles a Computer Disc?”

In the Crop Circle Connector report, Lucy Pringle states: “It certainly resembles a computer disc? Any explanation most welcome as I believe this is important.” Lucy is on the right track, because this is clearly a computer related glyph.

However, not in the modern sense, as most would assume. Rather, the Wilton Windmill formation offers a perfect representation of a hard drive platter.

internal view of hard driveUnlike a DVD or CD, a hard drive platter is housed inside the hermetically sealed housing of the hard drive installed in our laptops, computers and other such devices.

The reason hard disk drive have more storage capacity than a single DVD or Blu-ray disc, is that they can use a stack of platters to multiply the capacity. The next order of business is to organize the data stored on the hard drive platters so that it can be used reliably. This is done using tracks, cylinders and sectors.

On the Crop Circle Connector site, Andreas Muller posted a preliminary diagram of the formation. Next to it, is a Wikipedia image of how the data on a hard drive platter is organized.

Wilton Windmill 2010 Organization
Could this message or major event be the return of a God or Goddess. The crop circle message generally will say the same messages until its very clear what the meaning is for.
On August 25, 2014 (The NEW MOON),  Regulus, the moon and the sun conjunct in Virgo for the first time in 2,000 years. This is a major communication event.


By Marina Macario | July 31, 2014

leo-The New Moon on August 25 2014 is at 2º Virgo and falls within 2.5º of the royal star of Regulus, the heart of the Lion. This is significant because Regulus entered tropical Virgo from Leo on November 28th 2011*. This is the first New Moon to hit Regulus since it changed signs. So I would hope to see this moon reflecting back to us something of what this huge astrological event means for the collective. The transition makes me think of the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion. “When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.” ~ Alice Bailey [1] A google search on the web will take you to some excellent articles to what other astrologers who are making the connection of Regulus’s entry into Virgo with the return of the goddess. “We stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ. No one would have ever been able to predict the evolutionary story that would unfold from those events. Just think of it. Julius Caesar and Christ’s little old Jewish Gramma, who could think they would end up together and evolve the union of the Roman Empire and Judaism into the Roman Catholic Church!” ~ Michael Lutin

Michael ends the article with the story of the Pope opening the letters given to him by the children of Fatima from the Virgin Mary. “It was said that when the Pope opened the last one, he fainted. And never revealed the contents to the world. It’s time now…. Wouldn’t you like to know what was in that letter? “Per corem Leonis in signo virginis in sororitatem steallarum te salvamus” which, roughly translated, means, “Regulus is in Virgo so move over, Boys. The Patriarchy is fucked.” Regulus is one of the 4 archangel stars and the largest that actually falls on the ecliptic, the Suns path. “Early English astrologers made it a portent of glory, riches, and power to all born under its influence” and it is generally considered fortunate, courageous, successful and all those great qualities associated with the sunsign Leo. But Regulus has its negative side. “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death”  Bernadette Brady associates Regulus with downfall which may be just anticipating its fall from grace. “With Regulus about to move into Virgo, it seems so appropriate and timely as we consider a world ruled by powerful elites and societies ruled by money and power. Now we have Regulus move into the sign of service, resourcefulness, technology, skill and duty, as we consider waste, global resources, efficiency and how to get things working better. This shift seems timely to say the least. We are all called to a service of some kind, helping to shape a better world.” ~ C*I*A 

Sun-Sirius Connection, heart vs. mind and the implications

In 5 AD, we were in our ‘darkest’ age during this cycle : aphelion.
Just use a bit of logic here, and think about the ‘coincidence’ of Jesus of Nazareth receiving the Christ consciousness from birth, right at that ‘darkest’ time of age and become Jesus Christ, Son of God…as I already mentioned, there is no such thing as a coincidence…only misinterpretations because of lack of needed insights to see the actual ‘purpose’ or reason.

Since 2012, we have begun receiving Sirius’ (Isis) energy again, be it only very faint and affecting us VERY subtly at the time, but the acceleration has been kick-started and will keep speeding up from now on. The intensity of the energy we are receiving from Isis/Sirius will become greater and greater.



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When was Jesus Christ’s Real Birthday: August 21 7 B.C.


Many of us were told that Jesus Christ was birthed December 25th but there is another school of thought that says otherwise. The Three Kings visited baby Jesus when they were guided by a bright star in the evening sky. The star has been called the Star of Bethlehem.

Several astrological events may have produced the Star of Bethlehem in 7 B.C., Kepler said in a scientific tract in 1606 that the Star was the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the Constellation of Pisces. Also, scholars agree that Jesus was born between 4 and 8 B.C. Herold was believed to have died in 4 B.C. so Jesus was born before then.

In the chronicles of the Urantia Book, Jesus Christ was born at noon August 21 7 B.C. with the conjunct of Jupiter and Venus.

Paper 122 – Birth and Infancy of Jesus | Urantia Book…/paper-122-birth-and-infancy-jesus

8. The Birth of Jesus

(1351.5) 122:8.1 All that night Mary was restless so that neither of them slept much. By the break of day the pangs of childbirth were well in evidence, and at noon, August 21, 7 B.C., with the help and kind ministrations of women fellow travelers, Mary was delivered of a male child. Jesus of Nazareth was born into the world, was wrapped in the clothes which Mary had brought along for such a possible contingency, and laid in a near-by manger.

(1351.6) 122:8.2 In just the same manner as all babies before that day and since have come into the world, the promised child was born; and on the eighth day, according to the Jewish practice, he was circumcised and formally named Joshua (Jesus).

(1351.7) 122:8.3 The next day after the birth of Jesus, Joseph made his enrollment. Meeting a man they had talked with two nights previously at Jericho, Joseph was taken by him to a well-to-do friend who had a room at the inn, and who said he would gladly exchange quarters with the Nazareth couple. That afternoon they moved up to the inn, where they lived for almost three weeks until they found lodgings in the home of a distant relative of Joseph.

(1351.8) 122:8.4 The second day after the birth of Jesus, Mary sent word to Elizabeth that her child had come and received word in return inviting Joseph up to Jerusalem to talk over all their affairs with Zacharias. The following week Joseph went to Jerusalem to confer with Zacharias. Both Zacharias and Elizabeth had become possessed with the sincere conviction that Jesus was indeed to become the Jewish deliverer, the Messiah, and that their son John was to be his chief of aides, his right-hand man of destiny. And since Mary held these same ideas, it was not difficult to prevail upon Joseph to remain in Bethlehem, the City of David, so that Jesus might grow up to become the successor of David on the throne of all Israel. Accordingly, they remained in Bethlehem more than a year, Joseph meantime working some at his carpenter’s trade.

(1352.1) 122:8.5 At the noontide birth of Jesus the seraphim of Urantia, assembled under their directors, did sing anthems of glory over the Bethlehem manger, but these utterances of praise were not heard by human ears. No shepherds nor any other mortal creatures came to pay homage to the babe of Bethlehem until the day of the arrival of certain priests from Ur, who were sent down from Jerusalem by Zacharias.

(1352.2) 122:8.6 These priests from Mesopotamia had been told sometime before by a strange religious teacher of their country that he had had a dream in which he was informed that “the light of life” was about to appear on earth as a babe and among the Jews. And thither went these three teachers looking for this “light of life.” After many weeks of futile search in Jerusalem, they were about to return to Ur when Zacharias met them and disclosed his belief that Jesus was the object of their quest and sent them on to Bethlehem, where they found the babe and left their gifts with Mary, his earth mother. The babe was almost three weeks old at the time of their visit.

(1352.3) 122:8.7 These wise men saw no star to guide them to Bethlehem. The beautiful legend of the star of Bethlehem originated in this way: Jesus was born August 21 at noon, 7 B.C. On May 29, 7 B.C., there occurred an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. And it is a remarkable astronomic fact that similar conjunctions occurred on September 29 and December 5 of the same year. Upon the basis of these extraordinary but wholly natural events the well-meaning zealots of the succeeding generation constructed the appealing legend of the star of Bethlehem and the adoring Magi led thereby to the manger, where they beheld and worshiped the newborn babe. Oriental and near-Oriental minds delight in fairy stories, and they are continually spinning such beautiful myths about the lives of their religious leaders and political heroes. In the absence of printing, when most human knowledge was passed by word of mouth from one generation to another, it was very easy for myths to become traditions and for traditions eventually to become accepted as facts.


Last Monday, August 18, 2014 was a day that felt like a Christmas holiday because family and loves came to my home for a visit. That was also the day for the Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo. Both Jupiter and Venus are the brightest star lights in our solar system and could have been the Star of Bethlehem. When feeling the love and message of Jesus Christ who showed us the Way what does it matter when he was born.



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