July 1, 2013: Mayan Calendar Coded Message, Crop Circle


And, you thought the crop circles makers stopped speaking or using  Mayan Code. Apparently so many other amazing crop circles were translated because of binary 8 bit ASCII or Mayan mathematical/calendar codes. Such as the very famous Crabwood glyph of 2002 and many others.

June 30, 2013, another crop circles with binary 8 bit ASCII signature was documented in Italy: Cavallo Griger, Robella, Asti.

What is astounding is that in the center of the crop circles are marking for Mayan Code calendar/mathematical codes. The big question is what are the crop circles makers conveying in their message to us.  Since many of the Arcturus were to have reported to have taught the Mayans about the stars and heavens uses calendars that are still very accurate to this day. What better languages to speak than with their native tongues, numbers.

Now, the Mayan Code and their calendars have a great deal of complexities but there is also a simplicity to the whole system.

The Mayans Tzolkin calendar spoke of the universe as comprised of  the sacred 13: 20. We are  in the year of 2013.

The Mayans coding system a 20 based system.


The Mayan mathematical coding in the crop circle itself breaks down to 8 sets of codes or groups of numbers. Are these dates or predictions dates or symbols for Mayan God/Goddess.

The series of numbers are as follows:







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