August 12, 2013 Cat’s Eye Nebula Crop Circle Frmation: Another DNA Activation

Eureka! Because of a recent vision, we are taking a second look at the  Hackpen Hill, Nr Braod Hinton, Wiltshire UK crop circle dated July 15, 2013. What is also interesting is that several of these recent crop circles that were destroyed by farmers were re-written by the crop circle makers. The message must get out!

With Hackpen Hill glyph the crop circles makers are pointing to the famous Cat’s Eye Nebula in the Draco Constellation. In the vision, the Nebula was in our faces with brilliant colors: red, green, yellow, orange and blue.

An object resembling a red eye, with a blue pupil, red-blue iris and a green brow. Another green "brow" is placed under the eye, symmetrically versus the pupil

The Hackpen Hill glyph of July 15, 2013 the circle has 9 sets of eye formations or cat’s eyes. Talk about nine lives. The very center of the cat’s eye has an 8-pointed star which has exploded and produce ejections that travel through space. These ejections of gases and material (DNA) began around 1,000 years ago.

On July 26, 2013 to August 12, 2013, a pivotal star gate or portal opens: The Lion’s Gate Initiation or DNA Activation. During this time of the year, the Draco Constellation was very prominent in Egyptian Cosmology/Astrology. The Egyptians had the star Thublan (in Draco) as the most important North Star.

Shanta Gabriel speaks of DNA Activation during this time at:

Also, Amuna Ra posted a recent message from the Pleiadians   about Hackpen Hill crop circle and DNA Activation:

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