The Electric Universe: Increased Solar Flares During Solar

According to NASA and scientists our Sun (Sol) is under a solar maximum or  a 11-year cycle of increased activity of sunspots, prominences  and solar storms or solar flares and CMEs. The effects on the planet Earth results in electrically and plasma disruptions. However, a recent New York Times: September 23, 2013, notes that Solar cycle 24 has been quiet as the proverbial church mice.

This all ranged true until Comet ISON entered the field of play in early October 2013. The Sun wake up from her slumber and produced large M-flares from October 07 thru October 24 (producing one of the first X-flares). During this same time period multiply sunspots and CMEs were popping from the Sun like gophers from holes.  Today solar activity was very active, indeed.

Вспышки на Солнце: 28.10.2013

Wallace Thornhill and Dave Talbott’s would not be taken off guard because they stated the Come ISON is an electrical comet as she nears our Sun. In their article the “Electric Comet”:

“In the electric comet model, the electrified plasma environment of the Sun allows for two-way transactions that are inconceivable if interplanetary space is truly a neutral plasma medium, rather than a quasi-neutral medium.

In 2003, as comet NEAT raced through the extended solar atmosphere, a large coronal mass ejection (CME) exploded from the Sun and appeared to strike the comet, causing a “kink” to propagate down the comet’s tail. Of course, for solar physicists the timing of the mass ejection could have no connection to the approach of the comet.

SOHO has, in fact, recorded several instances of comets plunging into the solar corona in “coincidental” association with CMEs. But the scientific mainstream allows for no electric force external to the Sun to have any influence on the Sun’s atmospheric behavior.

But how would an electric Sun respond to the approach of a relatively small but strongly charged object? In electrical terms, the influence of the comet could be far more significant than its trivial mass in relation to the Sun.

Perhaps the observation of Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfvén, the father of plasma cosmology, can put the issue in context. It was his opinion that coronal mass ejections are caused by a breakdown or breach of the Sun’s double layer – an event that provokes an explosive exchange between the insulated plasma cell of the Sun and the plasma of surrounding space.”




With Comet Ison being somewhat larger in size, and it would appear, very highly charged, we should perhaps be aware of the potential for more intense solar activity as it is drawn closer in towards our sun. Already we have seen a number of recent M and X class solar flares in recent weeks after a prolonged period of solar quietness, coincidental with its increasing proximity.

While there is little likelihood of any direct interaction between Comet Ison and earth, any pronounced solar activity resulting from its interaction could have potentially devastating effects for our planet.

Comet ISON is getting closer and closer. So may we expect more solar flares and CMEs, and larger and larger electrical activity effects us here on planet Earth.


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