Deaths Blame on North American Power Grid Shut Down

Today is part 2 of Grid-EX II while all the power shut downs have not been reported here are some examples of power shut downs in some North American cities. It real, people:


Parents are worried after there was a long delay involving their school district’s alert system.

A power outage forced two Mooresville schools to shorten the school day and send students home early on Tuesday.

24-Hour News 8 wanted to know why some parents weren’t notified until an hour after students had already been sent home. No one in the school district could talk about the issue on camera.

A spokesperson did tell 24-Hour News 8 that when the power went out, so did the school’s alert system for parents.

Some districts don’t rely on electricity to get an alert out. Brownsburg can use a smartphone.

“You pull a list, you create a message, you hit send, it can happen in two minutes,” said Vicki Murphy, communications coordinator for Brownsburg Community School Corp.

That’s all it takes her for her to keep Brownsburg parents in-the-know about everything from bus delay’s to school lockdowns.

“We can actually use that same service to change our rotating sign in front of the high school,” she added.

Brownsburg uses School Messenger, one of the many alert systems districts subscribe to.

It can shoot out a message to every parent in the district down to a specific group as small as a few dozen. It also only needs Internet access or a smartphone in order to work.

“There’s an app for our school messaging system that we can use. Or I could take my laptop to the neighborhood coffee shop and log on to their Wi-Fi if I needed to and send it from a remote location,” said Murphy.

School Messenger can send up to three alerts at once to a phone, but some programs are rendered useless when the power goes out.

Around 11:30 Tuesday, the Mooresville Consolidated School Corp. called 24 Hours News 8 and said students at the high school and middle would be dismissed early because of a power outage.

Classes ended at noon. But one parent said her coworker didn’t get an alert until much later.

“She didn’t tell me until 1 (p.m.) so it was an hour after it happened,” said Kim Carter.

Besides calling news outlets, Mooresville also used social media to get the word out. Even still, some parents would prefer an alert system without any hiccups.

“Personally I would have to get a phone call because I don’t have texting or email on my phone,” Carter said. “I don’t have one of the new iPhones, so they need to go that route with it.”

In hearing from other school districts today, 24-Hour News 8 learned at least one of them relies on a back-up generator to restore power immediately so the alert system isn’t affected.

Mooresville Consolidated School Corp. officials released a statement about Tuesday:


The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what may have caused the deaths of twin brothers who died after their life support machines failed during a power outage.

On Tuesday at 4 p.m., deputies responded to a call in the 5000 block of Rippon Road in Valley Springs where 22-year-old twin brothers Josh and Ryan Hall were in respiratory distress. Deputies started CPR on the men and requested assistance from EMS personnel, but they still died. The twins had long suffered from muscular dystrophy, which required them to be connected to breathing ventilators and had them bound to wheelchairs.

Neighbor Betty Barron saw medical crews outside the Halls’ home after the power outage, which lasted at least an hour.

The sheriff’s department says it has no information connecting the twins’ death to Tuesday’s PG&E power outage in Amador and Calaveras Counties, according to Sgt. Chris Hewitt. However, a family friend told CBS13′s Ian Schwartz the battery packs on the breathing ventilators failed after the power went out.

“She’s a very nice person,” said Barron. “She devoted her whole life to the children. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

Neighbor Jodi Coffelt says she is stunned about the tragic deaths, hoping the best for the family.

“I don’t have any thoughts; it’s just really sad, really said. My regards go to Julie,” she said.

Detectives say the twins’ mother was at the scene and cooperated with investigators. The cause of the twins’ death has not yet been determined.



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