November 28, 2013 The Great Warning and Comet ISON (Return of the Divine Light)

As the American comedy trio, The Three Stooges would say, “wake up and go back to sleep”. Now is not the time to not pay attention to what’s happening with Comet ISON and its involvement with Mercury, The Sun and possibly the power grid false flag.

Overnight (November 13th), when no one was watching Comet ISON brightened or burst out its magnitude from 8.5 to 6.5. (two orders of magnitude). What this means is that Comet ISON is now visible with the naked human eye. Its color spectrum also change from  from green to blue. As reported, early Comet ISON is traversing the universe in the constellation of Virgo and nearing Spica. World-wide scientists do not know what this really mean because they wrote- off Comet ISON, and were more focused on Comet Lovejoy and others.

But Comet ISON will become brighter still and maybe be like a second Sun in our skies. There is a vision called The Great Warning which speaks of this. We had a vision about an coming light from the South Hemisphere connecting with the numbers 333. November 28, 2013, Comet ISON will join with the Sun, that date in numerology is 333.

There is a predication that was witnessed by many seers and visionaries from Mother Shipton of Knaresborough,  Yorkshire (UK)  to  Mrs. Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York.

William Henry wrote about the Great Star and Comet ISON:

“Enter comet ISON (which the brain reads as “Sion”). Dubbed “the comet of century”, ISON/SION is a chunk of space rock wrapped in a cloud of dust and gas presently speeding just beyond the orbit of Jupiter.

ISON has the potential to put on a spectacular display when it makes its closest approach to the sun in late 2013. It could potentially strike up an electrical charge with the sun as the sun is already reacting to the comet’s presence.”

“Comet ISON will travel through the sun’s atmosphere on November 28,  2013 passing just over one million kilometers from the stellar surface. It may not survive, but if it does, it will emerge (bloom) with a spectacular tail.

Its brightness will outshine the moon, scientists claim. In the weeks before Christmas 2013 ISON will be visible to the naked eye even in broad daylight, and will look like a great celestial being, its 40,000 mile long tail burning bright like its hair is on fire. (The comet could also experience a partial split, which would make it look like a “string of pearls”.)”

American Professor McCanney said that that expect the brighten Comet ISON to ignite major solar flares, new sun spots and we are still not out of the woods regarding false-flag power shut downs.

Now is not the time to go back to sleep. Stay awake! Stay alert! Be prepared!

Latest news on Comet ISON:

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