April 15, 2014 Red Blood Moon ( Lunar Eclipse) Ritual


Well, last month we experienced a rare Black Moon/New Moon. Next week April 15th, we will experienced a rare Red Blood Moon on a lunar eclipse.

Generally, the Blood Moon is associated with October’s full moon or the Hunter’s moon.  During this time of collecting ones harvest, sharing of love with friends, family and the community, and sharing abundance or so it used to be.

But the rare Red Blood Moon April 15th is unique in that these  lunar eclipses which are special events in and of itself. A lunar eclipse is a time to work on ones magic and psychic abilities and to remove blocks of any kind because the full moon is a time of letting go and embracing ones power and strength.

Energy of a lunar eclipse is very powerful and has a potency strength lasting at least 6 month for any magic spell casting, and coupled with the rare Red Blood Moon this could be a time to manifest powerful abundance and self improvement of ones psychic gifts and talents.

The rare Red Blood Moons are a special occasions used for honoring and celebrating life, or the blood flow of life. This energy of the moon can be used to energize fertility, abundance, or communicate with spirit.

So light your red candles (you can use a green candle) but during this energy a red candle will suffice. The following prayer is one of many to use to draw down the energy above:

“By the gods and the goddess above
bring money into my life
through this spell I shall have money
and I shall harm no one in receiving
and it shall not come back to me
so I bind the powers of three
as I will it so mote it be”.


About melbrake

Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at: MelBrakEpress.blogspot.com.
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22 Responses to April 15, 2014 Red Blood Moon ( Lunar Eclipse) Ritual

  1. akat says:

    Thank you for this info! Blessed Be!

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  3. Angellica says:

    Do you allow the candle to burn out or snuff it out after your prayer? Also thank you for sharing ❤

  4. Anna says:

    What if it is day in our place (somewhere in Europe) when this event occurs? When should we do the rituals?

  5. Angellica says:

    What if it is not money we look for, but love? More specifically, the return of an ex lover? Are there special prayers for that during the lunar eclipse?

  6. April says:

    If you wish it for a family member..do you just say the name instead of I?

  7. Melanie says:

    can i use both a red and a green candle?

  8. joel says:

    hi there melbrake, im from the philippines, today is april 15 what time usually to this ritual?

  9. melbrake says:

    Not sure who Joel is. The Red Moon ritual can still be performed today, although, its potency or most potential has passed, the red moon/lunar eclipse is all of April 15, 2014.

  10. samantha says:

    i am looking forward to the October blood moon will this be a good time to cast a spell to recieve powers ? thank you

    • melbrake says:

      Great opportunity for spell work.

      • Ashanti says:

        Hi, I live on the beach off of Lake Michigan and wanted to know where would be the best location to perform the spell:in my own home or on the beach during the Blood Moon? I feel like it’d be more powerful done on the beach, no?

      • melbrake says:

        Although, the Blood Moon will be during a Grand Fire Trine, water is one of the best conductors of energy.-Mel Brake

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