Breaking News: A Face Appears In Badbury Rings Crop Circle -June 17, 2019

Just as other faces appeared in crop circles, the famous Chilbolton Crop Circle “face” (20o2) and its coded message:

And the other famous  Chilbolton Crop Circle “face” and its encryption message (2001):


We have reason to believe that the Badbury Rings Crop Circle (June 17, 2014) has a “face of a women” within its sacred and geomancy pictogram. We also believe that the face is that of an Aztec deity.

After studying the precise 90 degree angles of the crop circle, we noticed a female face with two eyes, open-mouth, two eyes, third eye and fancy lunar headdress.  (Of course, to witness the face in the crop circle do not look straight on or head on and you will see her beautiful face).

Rich Jarvis posts us his geometric work regarding the stunning crop formation at Banbury Rings, Dorset, UK:


The glyph or face is very similar to other ancient Goddess with a  Third Eye and elaborate Lunar Headdress such as ISIS, Artemis and Hecate to name a few.

While all three of these Goddess and others have been honored throughout time, the one deity that appears to be in tune with the Badbury Rings crop circle is a long forgotten Goddess: Chihucoatl/Coatlicue. The Crop circles makers tend to refer to Mayan and Aztec images in their pictogram. In addition, the face has an open-mouth which was how the Aztecs would paint or carve images of the goddess.Its has been said that Chihucoatl has transition into the modern-day The Mexican Our Lady of Guadalupe which means wolf-river or one who crushes the serpent.  In either case connections to the moon.


Chihucoatl was an Aztec Goddess of the New Moon and Mother Earth and Goddess of War. Cihuacoatl, takes on threatening quality when she assumes the form of a tzitzimime attacking the sun during a solar eclipse. The demonic new moon was greatly feared, for it could cause an eternal solar eclipse bringing the Aztec world to an end.

What is the meaning of the face and the message in this crop circles wherein the previous crop circles presented important information. One clue maybe a previous recent crop circle June 06, 2014 that said, “No More War”.

“No More War”. Could the message suggests an upcoming war rather than making a galactic public service announcement about the ending all wars.

One clue to the crop circle could be in the ancient Aztec prayer or hymn to Cihuacoatl which was said to protect the Aztecs from impending war.

Hymn to Cihua-coatl:

Serpent Woman, plumed with eagle feathers,
with the crest of eagles, comes,
beating her drum, from the Place of the Old.
She alone, who is our flesh,
goddess of the fields and shrubs, is strong to support us.
Our mother is as twelve eagles,
goddess of drums calling the gods, filling the fields.
She is our mother – a goddess of war,
our mother, a companion from the Home of Ancestors.
She comes forth, she appears when war is waged,
she protects us in war that we be not destroyed,
an example and companion from the Home of the Ancestors.
She comes adorned in the ancient manner with the eagle’s crest,
in the ancient manner with the eagle’s crest!

Traditional Aztec


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