2015 Prediction: Pope Francis The Last 1917 Fatima Prophecy

We are working on more predictions for 2015, the year will be an 8 and in numerology that means more money, divine feminine and balance and power.

Psychic Betsey Lewis has released her predictions for 2015 and what is very starling is her information about Pope Francis releasing the last Fatima Prophecy (what has been released has been partially) true.

Pope Francis or Pope 13 will release last 1917 prophecy given to the children of Fatima, Portugal stunning the faithful. Look for the announcement on the 13th day of the month in 2015.  Who is Pope Francis really–occult Jesuit or lamb of the faithful? Warning to all–beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Remember the tapestry the Vatican commissioned called “Abbraccio Cosmico” shown above, meaning “hug or embrace the cosmos?” Incredibly this tapestry shows what appears to be a man embracing a bulbous-headed extraterrestrial or two ETs hugging. Note the astrological signs, the position of the planets and the Angels winding something. There are 4 astrological signs indicated–Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries as well as a spiral in the sky (remember the huge blue spiral appeared over Norway on Nov. 9, 2009).  Pope Francis, elected on March 13, 2013 at age 76,  is connected to the Illuminati number 13, and these planets sit in 13 degrees of 4 cardinal signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra and Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Thirteen planets are show as well. You’ll find more information on the Pope and the mysterious Jesuits, in my book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen.

More predictions by Ms. Lewis.


2015 Predictions – Chinese Year of The Ram
More predictions to be added  before January 1, 2015.
Mother Earth is experiencing massive change. Some psychics believe she is angry at us for our disrespect and abuse, but the truth is she has been going through upheavals since her birth. It’s planetary evolution.  As she changes so will humanity. In 2015, we will experience continued extreme weather–hot and cold, floods, hurricane force winds, and wild fires. The entire planet will experience unprecedented changes and extremes. The world will seem to be out of balance and she is. Winter 2015 will be the coldest and wettest ever recorded with huge snow fall throughout Europe and the U.S. Earthquakes will increase and places not known for earthquakes will experience them.  The stretch zone is so obviously under increasing tugging and evidence of a wobbling planet and pole shift.  Evidence of a polar shift can be found in Earth’s geological history. Volcanic activity will increase worldwide and sink holes forming from deep core earth movement. People will hear unexplained roars, booms and other odd noises from rocks and faults moving inside the planet. Earthquake lights will also be reported as everything intensifies.

I’m sensing a powerful earthquakes or earthquakes (6.0 to 7.5) will hit the U.S. between Nov. 2014 and January 2015. Possible areas to watch Southeastern Oregon near Lakeview, Northern California and Oklahoma/Kansas and the New Madrid fault in the mid-section of the U.S.

UFO and large fireballs increase–brilliant meteor will light the skies. Star Beings are helping us and recently stopped huge CMEs from blasting earth from humongous sunspot late Oct. 2014. Scientist were mystified that not one CME erupted after 6 X-CLASS flares. During this time NASA’s SOHO orbiter captured what looked like a huge craft near the sun. Coincidence? Not at all. I was also told that the meteor that exploded over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013 should have made a direct impact with Earth, but was diverted by intelligent beings. We will continue to see more meteor coming into Earth’s atmosphere in 2015 and comets getting close.

Meteors coming into our atmosphere and comets coming close to Earth will be in the news for 2015.  Could be another huge meteor coming into our atmosphere like Russian event in Feb. 2013. Read this article of huge event on Nov. 14, 2014.

The Sun will become extremely active with more X-Class flares, but oddly no CMEs directed at Earth. Our Space friends have been protecting Earth knowing this could bring us closer to a pole shift.  Scientists are still puzzled that the 6 X-Class flares in late October 2014 didn’t produce any Earth directed CMEs. I’m sensing communications blackouts in December 2014.

Congressional Republicans have split into competing factions over how to respond to President Obama’s expected moves to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, which will likely include protecting millions from being deported. Obama says he will initiate Executive Order if need be to allow 5 million illegal aliens to become U.S. citizens, but Congress wants to stop him, and if he does, Congress threatens to shut down the government.  Could the mysterious time traveler John Titor who appeared in a 2000 blog be right about Civil war in this country due to Congress? It seems we are moving in that direction. Website of John Titor: www.johntitor.com 

President Obama will evoke more Executive decisions in 2015 without Congressional approval.  I see much anger and talk of impeachment.

Again, I foresee top secret information will come to light that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed “a patsy” as he claimed. He did not kill President John F. Kennedy.

It will also be revealed that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. In her diary she indicates how happy she was and about her renewed relationship with ex-husband Joe DiMaggio.  Marilyn knew too much and was silenced!

When the planners of 9/11 finally pass on a new investigation will be conducted and reveal shocking information.

In the near future wars will be fought over fresh water. Countries worldwide, including the United States are depleting aquifers at an alarming rate which is causing earthquakes and the ground to drop. In California farmers continue to dig for ground water and in some places the ground has dropped 6′ feet. My friend Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney said he had a vision long ago where water would disappear and the rest would not be drinkable.  Watch this CBS report.

Russia will continue with its march to occupy Ukraine and tensions will mount between U.S. and Russia. I’m sensing a conflagration between Russia and the US, that could involve China.

Extremists continue to defile the feminine in their march for world domination under their tyrannical rule. But as the Indigenous Grandmothers say–they’ve been shown that a new consciousness is preparing humanity for the spirit of the feminine, and the spirit of the Grandmothers, when humanity will walk from the four directions into the light at the center.

Obama didn’t keep his word as more and more troop are sent to the Mideast in 2015. I see horrible atrocities conducted by extremists groups there on the rest of the world.

Sadly, I see children continuing to kill children. They watch murder and chaos on TV and in the movies and feel no remorse for their actions. Will we evolve into the Gray ETs and become emotionless beings in the distant future? We can change a probable future if we teach our children spiritual values and the importance of honoring all creation.

Prices will rise in 2015, and an increase in gas prices again despite the current fall in gas prices. Gold will continue to fall, but silver will rise in value.  Scarcity of certain products grown in South America.

Much blood spilled worldwide. I see more demonstrations in world cities turning violent due to the discontentment of governments. Mideast, China, US, and Russia will see riots. Ferguson, Missouri becomes the new Watts riots of the 60s.

There will be a continued awakening in spiritual values as people realize what is truly important in their lives when their homes are destroyed by hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes. The heroes of the world step forward to help others.

Ebola will continue to spread in South Africa. but I don’t see it becoming a worldwide pandemic. However, there will be a deadly flu outbreak affecting the young and elderly in the first few months of 2015.

Flight 370 may have been vaporized by new weapon. Nothing will ever be found of the missing plane.  Another incident could be int he news about a missing plane around the same area of Flight 370–is this another Bermuda Triangle?

There will be continued crashes and mishaps with rockets and experimental aircraft.

The Freedom Tower in New York City will be in the news for 2015–fire involved.

Falling bridges, gas explosions and railroad disasters.

Celebrity divorces will be in the new for 2015. Couples who have put on a happy front will find themselves in the divorce courts, especially a famous country singer couples.

Celebrity deaths – I see a several stars from the 50, 60, 70s passing this year, but I also see some very young celebrities and a young male singer leaving us. I sense a well-known athlete will leave us and a former U.S. president.


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Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at: MelBrakEpress.blogspot.com.
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