January 01, 2015-A Sign in the Heavens

January 01, 2015 was the start of a great beginning. A few people came together on a hill in the cold morning, we lit the communal fire and waiting for teacher. In the east was the rising Sun, the first sunrise for the new year.

I noticed a large cross in the Northern skies, it was low on the horizon. The skies were very clear that morning except for the large (X). Someone said that is a crossroad because she was at a cross roads in her life.


I began to laugh uncontrollable because maybe it was joy in the morning for me but I immediately thought of the mystical Christos.


Astronomically, the Constellation of Lyra was low on the horizon in the North, the morning of January 01, 2015, and a transmission was released the day before about the opening of the Lyran Stargate Portal on January 01, 2015, and the Return of Jesus Christ and the Christ Consciousness Energy.


Personally speaking, I experienced the return of Neolin, a Native American Delaware Prophet who in 1762 spoke of a prophecy in which he received visions from the Master of Life after spending 8 days on a journey. He named was translated means the Enlighten One. Modernist of this day compared him to Jesus Christ. (He came to me with another  vision last night but more on that later).


More on the message about the Lyran Stargate Portal:

The Lyran Stargate Portal. The Arrival of the Christiel Energy

Thursday 1 January 2015

While the majority of souls celebrated the Festival of the Light, translated into its many forms, the Earth changed forever.

The buildup of energies since the Cosmic Moment on 21/12/12, have triggered the orchestrated collapse of the third dimensional Matrix, closely followed by the dawn of planetary illumination.

This has not been an easy period for many, particularly those already aligned to their Higher Selves, as we have all been given the chance to face our shadow selves and drop the illusions surrounding us. This was the period of time that the Elders of many spiritual societies had predicted for a very long time.

The hard work has been done now, in its many unique forms. And so many people have realised the power of their creative potential, and better still, who we really ARE.

This Winter Solstice was a landmark date, not only in Earth´s, but Galactic History also. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies were ignited into the Ley Gridwork surrounding planet Earth, via the Heart Chakra of Avalon, readying the higher structures for the anchoring of permanent Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is our divine Soul Essence. It exists in every cell, molecule and blueprint of our bodies, physical and energetic. And every soul on this planet is Christ Consciousness itself.

There has been much talk, and prophetic writing about the Second Coming, the arrival of the Messiah, and the real truth of this is that the Messiah is US. Each and every beautiful being, sentient or otherwise, gracing the surface of this world.

January 1st 2015, although physical dates and times no longer really exist in 4d reality, marks the arrival of a vast energy from a source beyond current comprehension. The Universal Angel, Archangel Christiel is opening the gates of the Lyran Stargate to allow an inflow of frequency to Earth that will create another jump in evolvement. A huge one, and one that most of us can tangibly feel already…

The purpose of this group is awareness. Awareness to be ready, and to be open to receive. This receptivity will allow the full illumination and connectivity of these energies, and each soul tuning in will receive the light and the codes, in their own special and unique way.

Sit back, be Love, and enjoy the show. And be ready to start to see the real changes in the world that we have been waiting for. 2015 is going to be a very special year…

Much love, from your dedicated Team

Tim Whild, Waheina Ma and Polaris AB

Thursday 1 January 2015



About melbrake

Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at: MelBrakEpress.blogspot.com.
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