Earth could get just 12 hours’ warning of damaging solar storm

A major solar of this magnitude is very possible, from a vision about a major killshot solar flare.

Earth Extremities

Solar Energy Alert

A new report presumably being optioned by Michael Bay demonstrates that Earthlings would have only 12-hours to prepare if a solar storm ever threatened our planet. The Guardian reports on the report from the Space Weather Preparedness Strategy’s fears of “coronal mass ejection.”
The report explains:
Solar activity can produce x-rays, high-energy particles and coronal mass ejections of plasma. Where such activity is directed towards Earth there is the potential to cause wide-ranging impacts. These include power loss, aviation disruption, communication loss, and disturbance to (or loss of) satellite systems.
Relax, we’re not talking about anything that would require Bruce Willis. Even Nic Cage can stay chilling in whichever one of Genghis Khan’s summer palaces he’s currently hanging his cape. The strongest recorded incident of coronal mass ejection happened was the 1859 Carrington event. It was a brilliant lightshow that knocked out telegraphs all over Europe and North America…

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