Changes in the Earth Magnetic Core: More Earthquakes

Light of Mary and the changes in the Earth’s magnetic core will be a prelude to more earthquakes.

“Oren, the movement of the earth will continue to increase, major earthquakes happen all over the earth, this increases the reversal of the magnetic field of the Earth, and this, coupled with a strong volcanic eruption, can accelerate the magnetic change in a few months.

Pray, My children, pray, the core of the Earth emanates its activity towards outer layers of the Earth without reaching the surface, and this attracts the change in magnetism of the Earth. Communications will stagnate and understood that man has dominion over all. .”

Our Lord Jesus Christ 05.17.2016

17/05/2016The Earth ‘s magnetic field that protects us from solar radiation and cosmic rays is changing its direction and weaken at a faster rate than expected, the data revealed Trio Swarm satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA ). If the strength of this field be reduced, charged particles from the sun and cosmic rays could penetrate the Earth ‘s atmosphere.

accelerated change

In recent years, it seems that the movement of the Earth’s magnetic field has accelerated, while its strength is reduced.

Experts believe that these variations are related to changes in the way the flowing liquid iron in the outer core of the Earth.

The trio of Swarm satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA), sent into space to study the Earth ‘s magnetic field precisely two and a half years has shown that these changes are happening faster than previously thought.

The analyzed data indicate, reports the ESA, in which places the field is getting weaker and stronger in what and also how quickly these changes are occurring.

On the one hand, you can see that the magnetic North Pole is shifting towards Asia. On the other hand, which since 1999 has reduced the magnetic field intensity around 3.5% in North America and has increased approximately 2% in Asia.

The region where the field is weaker (and very energetic particles come more easily), is the South Atlantic, where besides the field has shifted westwards and has been reduced by about 2%. These effects appear to have also an increase in the incidence of cosmic rays on California.

Scientists are waiting for more accurate results derived from data collected on natural phenomena from the magnetic field from the depths of the Earth and the upper layers of the atmosphere, to help understand why the magnetic field is weakening globally and particularly in certain regions.


Scientific studies have determined the intimate relationship between terrestrial magnetism and behavior of animals which are manifesting atypical behaviors, which can be translated as a prelude to major global changes

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