August 13, 3114 BC to August 13, 2014 AD: The Great Cycle and The End of the World

August 13, 3114 BC Mayan Calendar Start Date. Confirmed by one of the most amazing symbols on August 12, 2016


Last night I had another vision about an arc or stone archway which represented the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.  The stone archway was stolid except for a thin line that ran near the top and down to the bottom of the structure. The message curved in the stone read:





The People who inhibited the Quirigua, Guatemala prior to the Mayans believed that the Great Cycle would end near December 2012 or thereabouts. They believed that the universe began August 13, 3114 BC. Today is an anniversary and thence, the visioned from last night. The structure below was build by them and called Stela C by modern-day scientist who used codes (Dresden) to decipher the meaning of this stone archway.

One of those decipher, Michael E. Code, who studied pre-Columbian civilizations stated that the Stela C suggests that the Great…

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Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at:
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