Light of Mary on Proton Wave Striking Earth-December 2016

Last night my guides spoke to me of energy that will split the Earth on half.

Not in a literal terms but like splitting an atom in two and in the form of bifurcation theory. And, spiritually speaking in Light of Mary’s words: Purification.

Image result for earth magnetic field

“In space, fire moves towards the Earth with great speed, it comes against all human injustice, that with its bad acts, it attracts from the outside the Purification like a magnet that will cause him pain.” Light of Mary -December 19, 2016

On December 18-19, 2016, the Earth has hit very hard by an unknown source of energy wave from space that traveled across the globe more than once. What exactly were these waves and what effects they will have on our planet is yet to be determined. But we do expect more of them to hit by December 26, 2016.

“Pray, the danger is near for humanity, and it vibrates strongly shaking Nature and exerting on man a more unexpected act and action.” Light of Mary-December 19, 2016

Light of Mary speaks of a Purification that involves two heavenly bodies.

“Beloved children, with the instant comes the collapse of two heavenly bodies. This event will be seen in the sky by all; then each human creature, in his soul, conscience and essence, will see all the evil he has committed and the good he has failed to do.”- March 26, 2016

Also, she speaks of the Purification with much love.

“My beloved people:

THE SELF-EXAMINATION WILL SOON COME, which I will not bring about, but each one of you personally, and in that instant everything will stop, man will see his own conscience, will see himself completely exposed.   Whatever moves, will stop moving, because silence will reign on Earth, you will only hear the lamentation of those who repent for the wrong committed and I will come with My Love, to welcome you once again as My lost sheep, even then some of My children will deny that the Warning is coming from My House and will rebel against Me and will be part of Evil.”-November 22, 2014

More on the unknown energy wave that struck the Earth on December 18, 2016 from BPEARTHWATCH.COM

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