October 13, 2017:The Return of Mother Goddess

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” A great mother died and all the world cried in deep mourning because of her death 12 27 (79) (99)” -vision by Mel Brake September 18, 2014.

For several weeks, I was extremely disturbed by this vision because I thought it was the foretelling of the death of my own mother. I did not want to think about this vision and buried it under my personal pillow so to speak.


( Original Water Color by Mel Brake- Revelations 12)

But October 2014, I went to a local shrine in Philadelphia which is dedicated to a  saint who from time to time speaks to me when I am not at that physical location. To be honest, I was afraid to ask him about the vision but I could no longer hold the hurt and fear in my heart.

The saint was very clear and he said that the vision was about the next 2 years will be tough going for people on earth and that in 2017 (79) will be an ascension, that 2012 was just only the start of the ascension process and 2017 will be the completion or (99) of it or a new beginning. When I left his shrine, I broke down in tears.

My message from the Saint was the same message given on January 07, 2015 about the 100 anniversary of the Fatima (Mother Mary) and her gift from the Woman Clothed in the Sun (Rev. 12-1).

The same message given to the children of Medjugore and the 10 secrets.

The message is clear have we a choice between light or dark, and since 100 years of Mother Mary’s appearance to the three little children of Fatima. Of course, Mother Mary still appears to me and others but her message goes on death ears.

The few years remaining and leading up to 2017 are very pivotal, March 16, 2017 the planet will experience its last Uranus-Pluto conjunction (the 7th conjunct): another sign that change is imminent.

When the Woman Clothed in The Sun returns in October 13, 2017 what will she return as a crying and sorrowful Mother or a loving and happy Mother because we her children have embraced her gift of love: The Fatima Gift.


In Grabandal a similar message was given about the return of the Women Clothed in the Sun and her return in October 13, 2017

100th Anniversary of Fatima

There are a number of calendrical significances and global coincidences which speak to the fulfillment of the prophecies of Grabandal.  2017 is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  It was there that She requested the Bishops of Rome to consecrate Russia before Soviet communism was used to terrorize both Russia and those republics which comprised the USSR.  Instead of peace, the stage was set for World War II which was all but guaranteed by the extremely oppressive Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I.  Such are the grave consequences for ignoring the guidance of the Queen of Peace.

What is particularly curious is the close proximity of the last 3 major apparitions to occur on the European continent, excluding the most recent ones in Medjugorje.  The red marker above is placed on Garabandal, Spain, just as the smaller gray maker to the right is located at Lourdes, France.  Fatima is located just below the “t” in Portugal.  This cluster of apparitions in and around the nation of Spain deserves further investigation and research.

The Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement

The critical purpose of this retrospective analysis is to determine if the three primary events, which were predicted at Garabandal in the early 1960s, are still on schedule.  It would seem that there is a great likelihood that the entire planetary civilization is on the cusp of experiencing an earth-shattering event.  Clearly “The Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement” would each impact the global status quo with great effect.
Among these 3 separate predictions, it is most likely the Great Miracle that would bring the world community of nations to the table of reconciliation and peace and brotherhood. Were such a supernatural event to occur in a place like San Sebastian de Garabandal, who would not take notice? So the purpose of this inquiry is to isolate the most likely date of such a divine intervention via an unquestionable miracle.
2012 Garabandal Prophecy Pinpoints the “Great Miracle” for April 13, 2017
Of course, the Chastisement (which is said to follow the Miracle, if required) also ought to wake up many who are asleep with indifference and materialism, immorality and hedonism.  If such a Chastisement period is punctuated by the oft-predicted “Three Days of Darkness”, then surely there will be much for many to contemplate deeply which has eluded them for decades.


About melbrake

Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at: MelBrakEpress.blogspot.com.
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    Update on Oct 13, 2017 and the approaching comet.

    “You know, my people, that a comet is so close to the earth that it will vary its magnetism and man will feel to die of terror before the ignorance of how much Our Mercy has warned to them from before.” Light of Mary, September 28, 2017

    “Pray My children, the United States continues to purify itself, San Francisco will be flogged.” Light of Mary, September 28, 2017

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