August 08, 2017 (8888) Lion’s Gate: Golden Star of Mazuriel

On July 05, 2017 one of the most beautiful and simplistic crop circle detailing the up-coming Lion’s Gate Portal or 8888 and the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

On August 08, 2017, the Lion’s Gate Portal opens as it does every year and another wonderful event happens as we are blessed with the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

A few years back on August 08th, I saw the clouds form multiple heart-shapes, what an amazing experience.  As you can see for yourself, the Wiltshire crop circle features 4 sets of  8, 8, 8, 8.



July 22, 2016 the Sun moved into the constellation of Leo and one that very same day Sirius rose before the Sun. Leo is an important constellation because it heralds in the start of a new year in ancients cultures , and also the Mayan calendar begins the new year after the day of time out: July 25th.

Last year marked the another important day for the opening of the Lion’s Gate in Leo constellation as the date was on 8-8-8, lots of energy come to the earth from the gateway.

I took a photo early that morning on August 08, 2015 and at least 4-8 heart-shaped portals opened in the east. It was really an amazing moment and lots of healing took place in that moment.


This year as in every year, The Golden Star of Mazuriel opens on August 08, 2016 along with with Lion’s Gateway.

The Golden Star of Mazuriel is a five-pointed golden star of light much like the Sun but very different.

A crop circle depiction of The Golden Star of Mazuriel-July 23, 2016 Wiltshire, UK



Mazuriel is a spiral of pure living light from the Sacred Heart of the Creator, embodying the essence of the Central Sun of all Central Suns. From cosmic matter, born on a pulsing stream of luminous radiance, he forms first the rosy Universal Central Suns, and then gleaming golden Solar Systems. All are born attuned to the Divine Harmonic, yet our own has lacked perfect balance since our Atlantean fall from grace.


It is through the constellation of Leo that the “Golden Star of Mazuriel” is able to send its vibration into this universe. The Golden Star of Mazuriel is a pure “Spirit-Star,” one which has no fallen aspect and therefore no lower emanations of “fire.” Its flame is the Flame of Love which does not burn; the PURE FLAME of Divine Heart. The constellation of Leo provides the Golden Star of Mazuriel with a point of spiritual entry into this universe.








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    Confirmation of the Golden Star of Mazuriel (888), Lion’s Gate Portal-August 08, 2017 (888). A another crop circle pointing at the Star of Mazuriel appear last year too.

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