Part 2: October 13, 2017:Return of Woman Clothed In Sun

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September 25, 2017

I had an apparition of Mother Mary, this is not unusual because I have been having visits by Mother Mary in the month of September for more than eight years.

Generally the messages are more uplifting and positive and encouraging but last night the message was a dire warning and was more like the apparition from September 14, 2014

” A great mother died and all the world cried in deep mourning because of her death 12 27 (79) (99)” -vision by Mel Brake September 18, 2014.

In last night visit, Mother Mary was in a home and upstairs in bed and many brown people were in the home taking everything that was not theirs because the woman up stairs were dying. I went upstairs but until I entered her bedroom was not aware Mother Mary was in the room.

As I entered the room, Mother Mary was lying on her death bed and her heart was blooding from a wound. She was lying from left to right (toe to head) and she wore a white robe and was statuesque but stiff. I could feel her holy presence in the room.

When she saw me I was very afraid and she said “BE NOT Afraid” and then she sat up in the bed and began to speak to me in Spanish. I tried to remember everything she said but I could not understand the language. Then she said, “MESSAGE FROM PUERTO RICO”. On the wall opposite her was a flat screen TV and it was flashing messages from her and their was a series of messages.

What I have come to learn is that in 1953 Mother Mary appeared in Puerto Rico as Our Lady of the Rosary El Pozo.  In El Pozo like in many other Marian apparitions she appeared to three small children who could see and hear her but others could not. She gave warnings and offered healing of both body and mind.

But what does Mother Mary message from 1953 has to do with my visit and today.

Everything because as in Mother Mary message to me in September 14, 2014 has relevance to 1953 and last night.

In 1953, Our Lady of the Rosary El Pozo gave the children seven messages and most were not released until many years later.

It is the fourth message that Our Lady of the Rosary El Pozo related to her visit to me last night and that message,although, given in 1953 is for our time.


The following is the fourth message left by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparition at Barrio Rincón in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico on April 1953.  It was made known to the world on May 25, 1992, once her indications were fulfilled.

“Those will be difficult times of great social and moral deterioration, but above all, of spiritual deterioration. Men’s egoism will rule. Those consecrated to my Most Beloved Son Jesus, through my call to promulgate a new generation of true Christians, will be persecuted. Some new children, consecrated to my small kingdom, will pierce my heart with the sword of treason and abandonment of their promise to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, the message of restoration will be welcomed and promulgated beyond the sea, where I have set my right foot.  In those times of great tribulation and persecution, I will send the Angel who will show you the way once again. This is the sign that the time has come to make the following message known:

Thousands of souls are lost daily, dragged down by sin and infidelity to my Most Beloved Son. Social, moral, and spiritual deterioration darkens humanity that populate the Earth. The prophesied times have arrived in which parents and children destroy each other. Humanity is submerged in a great crisis of faith that passes unnoticed. Most men do not keep their Christian commitments. Driven by egoism and pride, they have fallen into the deceit of appearances and the superficiality of human demands.

Some priests, ministers of my Son and shepherds of the flock, are irreverent in celebrating the Holy Sacraments; they become allies of the enemy by their infidelity to their consecrated life, their love of money, their longing for recognition and their unrestrained desire for pleasure. They are responsible for much loss of faith; they foment disunity, and they engender antagonism and violence. Such as these, if they do not repent and begin a life of penance, will lose their souls forever. I remind you, my children, that they have the task of representing my Son on Earth and, as Christians, you should love and help them. Offer your prayers and sacrifices for their conversion. I confirm to you that my Son’s Love and Mercy are great for those who make reparation. The elixir of My Son’s Merciful Love covers and clothes those who faithfully fulfill their commitments.

It is the Hour in which the fulfillment of prophecies is beginning because you have not responded to my warnings. My children, new children, protect yourselves under my mantle and live in my virtues. I warn you that one day the vault of heaven will appear totally orange at dawn. There will be intense cold, and great tribulation and desperation will fall upon humanity.  It will be as if hell had descended upon Earth. Parents, children, and all human beings will fight among themselves and will seek to kill each other; they will fight each other to death. The skin of some men will fall off and drip over their bones. Others will turn into monstrous and abominable beings, behaving like demons. It will be the culmination of chaos and desperation, but it will not be the end of the world, for only my Father knows that; both the just and sinners will perish. Many who made sacrifices to keep God as their priority will remain standing; then the Love of God above all things will be restored in the new community. All this will be unleashed by men who, wrongly using their free will, engender all sorts of evil. I describe this to you, not in order to frighten you, but so that you may appreciate my Most Beloved Son’s Mercy and Great Love for you. He is waiting, and I call you to immediate and sincere conversion.

All that I have warned can be avoided, and the crisis of faith could be overcome if the chosen become converted and begin living a life of intense prayer, dedicating themselves to penance, submitting themselves to fasting and abstinence, practicing mortification of the senses, and paying special attention to participating in the Sacraments. These are to be received with greater devotion and fervor, each one according to his condition and direction, living in my virtues and observing the teachings of the Church of my Most Beloved Son.

As requested by my Son, I propose you a plan of commitment and spiritual growth, in order for you to achieve Plenitude. This plan consists in imitate my Most Beloved Son: in living a disciplined life of prayer, beginning in the morning, then at noon, in the afternoon and concluding the day with the prayer of the Holy Rosary; in frequent fasting along with abstinence on the sixth day – the day that men have turned into the day of sin; living pleased in a life of endless joys, provided by grace, in spite of the cross and suffering; and having a broad disposition to do penance and make sacrifices. In order for you to help my Son lighten the weight of the cross, I propose you to submit yourselves to self-discipline, becoming participants in the purification of mankind mortifying your senses. All this is to culminate with the joy to participate intensely and intimately of the Holy Eucharist. The fruit of this plan will be shared in the quest for the conversion of others with a firm, constant and diligent apostolate.

My children, if you follow all these recommendations, you will then have accepted my invitation to become apostles of times; in this way you will become participants of my brooch, of the new lineage. My new children, you will become participants in the restitution leading to the achievement of the Seventh Purpose: the Plenitude of my Son, now and forever.

One last counsel, my children: the devil will seek to destroy my work and my manifestation to the world. There will be such weakening of things divine that vain and superficial messages will be spoken of on all sides. There will be many alleged apparitions. Some will be genuine while others will be the work of the evil one astutely disguised in light, and these will entangle many souls. Some of these apparitions, which are not my own manifestations, will find support among shepherds and members of the hierarchy of the Church of my Son Jesus. Others, where I am indeed present, will be persecuted and repressed, but this must not become a cause of frustration and loss of faith, it is better thus. Remain firm, then, in the Church of my Son, love her more intensely, love your shepherds and priests, striving to live in harmony and communion with them. This will be a sign that you are with me, that you are in me and belong to my Son Jesus, the Christ.

I will give you a sign:  Wherever I am present, I will ask for prayer, I will ask for penance, with special attention to fasting, and I will ask for much sacrifice. Above all, I will request a special love for my Greatest Star, My Son, the Eucharist.

I am the Mayor Angel, envoy of these times, the Virgin of Light, the Virgin Mary, the Spouse of God.

Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way.
Plenitude and my promise; restitution of the way


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Mel Brake is an awarding winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer, whose poetry has appeared in several media outlets and journals, including Philadelphia Poets 2007, 2008 and 2009, Mad Poets Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Philadelphia Bulletin. In addition, Long Island Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry, Writing Outside The Lines (WOSTL) Anthology, Word Riot Magazine, The New Verse News, Word Salad Magazine and Poetry Ink 2010 has published his works. Recently, his band, the Mel Brake Family Band performed a benefit concert at Cross Road Café in Delaware County. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MPW, a non-profit organization, focusing on using the arts to reach children in the Tri-state area. In addition, his first chapbook, “Obama Poetry Project” is available at:
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