December 21, 2017: King of the World Takes The Throne

On December 21, 2017 the King of the World takes the throne.


Some think that the British Royal are the leaders of the known world and that since the 13th century the British Royalty has rule the world. In fact, the song Rule, Britannia is a prime example of this philosophy and belief.

But the true and real rule of the world are the stars, the British Royalty are usurpers or maybe even gardeners and not immersive ones at that and with the addition of Black American Meghan Markle to the royal family which shows that they are becoming more modern and accepting but let’s not be fooled.

One slight but important indication of the King of the World was presented in a crop circle on July 05, 2017 in Battlesbury Hill Whiltshire.

Image result for crop circle july 2017


The crop circle could be called a children’s game but its not and its symbol is very powerful and message is very meaningful.

This symbol can be found before an alter in Westminster Abbey and is called The Cosmati Pavement and its represents the center of the Earth or World.

The British Royalty since 1298 were crowned King of the World standing on this symbol. Because the Kings thought that they were Kings of the Cosmos and at the exact center of the Cosmos and the end of time. The mosaic was invented during the time of King Henry III. Did you ever think why we all live by Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) when telling the time.

The Cosmati Pavement:


The Cosmati Pavement crop circle with a King’s Crown and Seven stones: May 25, 2017 (England)

Speaking again of Meghan Markle, she will not marry Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey because he will never be King of the World but Prince William married his bride at Westminster. Instead, Prince Harry will marry at St. George’s Chapel Windsor Castle.

Prince William and his bride on The Cosmati Pavement April 2011.

The Cosmati Pavement has an encrypted message in Latin that says, written for you in English:

In the year of Christ one thousand two hundred and twelve plus sixty minus four, the third King Henry, the city, Odoricus and the abbot put these porphyry stones together.

If the reader wisely considers all that is laid down, he will find here the end of the primum mobile; a hedge (lives for) three years, add dogs and horses and men, stags and ravens, eagles, enormous whales, the world: each one following triples the years of the one before.


After Queen Elizabeth II death’s the next King of England and King of the Cosmos will have his coronation standing under The Cosmati Pavement because it was covered up for more than 150 years and was only uncovered during the time of Prince William marriage.

We do not need to wait too long for the King of The World to take his Throne because on December 21, 2017, the planet Saturn will return back to its domicile in Capricorn: the Earth sign that rules over government. The symbol in The Cosmati Pavement points to the planet Saturn.

Related image

All monarchs typify the archetype of the original Sumerian god ENKI “Lord of the Earth” upon which their title and role is based. This primordial figure was viewed by the ancients as King Saturn (Satan). The castle and throne of that king was always seen as the symbolic “center of the Earth,” the pole axis upon which the universe rotates. The king was seen as playing a pivotal role in that process as a conduit between Heaven and Earth.

Through him, the pattern on Earth modeled that of Heaven, but the two worlds were also thought to be kept separate by the polar throne, which literally was viewed by ancient man as keeping the sky, and the ethereal realm it represented, from collapsing into, and thus annihilating, the land of the living. But upon his throne, at the seat of his power, both worlds existed simultaneously, as did all moments in time. This is how the primordial King Chronos or Saturn, the god of time, was viewed back then, and this same essential symbolism was adopted by the monarchs of every civilization that came afterward.

As you can see the British Royalty adopted symbolism of the planet Saturn, the true and real ruler of the world and cosmos.







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    December 18-22, 2017
    Galactic Center Alignment (Earth, Saturn and the Milky Way).

    …Another of these related 2017 Separation of Worlds clues for me was realizing that transiting Saturn will make its last conjuntion to the GC [Galactic Center] in November and December of this year, and then, two days before the December Solstice, Saturn enters Capricorn (joining transiting Pluto there). These two astrological events will have an extra potent impact on the Separation of Worlds that’s taking place already. Physical reality will enter a compressed period of tremendous physical changes, some with the potential to scare the pants off the stout of heart, while, simultaneously, it all just unfolds like the great Divine evolutionary event all this…actually is…”

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