#QANON Mentioned Passenger List (71) of the Doomed Russian 6W703 (We have the list)


In #QANON posting about the Russian flight 6W703, it was mentioned to see the passenger list of the 71 passengers and crew members. Enclosed is the full list of the 71 people who died on the flight. May God/Godess rest their souls.

EMERCOM of Russia has published on its website a list of the passengers and crew of An-148 aircraft, which crashed in the suburbs.



  • Anokhin Victor;
  • Anokhin Zoe;
  • Dmitrienko Julia;
  • Gahramanov Namig;
  • The SC Anatoly;
  • Karpushkina Tatiana;
  • Ekaterina Kiseleva;
  • Klaew Yuri;
  • Well Anatoly;
  • Korotkov Eugene;
  • Kolchuga Lyudmila;
  • Olga Leonova;
  • Levanov Eugene (child);
  • Levanov Eugene (1979 year of birth);
  • Sargosa, Alexander;
  • Sevoyan, Varsik;
  • Sinitsyna, Tatyana;
  • Vidyakina Maria;
  • Aknazarov Tamerlan Turebekova;
  • Alexandrov Ilya;
  • Alekseenko Crescentia Nikolavna;
  • Boikova Catherine M.;
  • Liliya Bulatova;
  • Vedibarta, Ilya Vladimirovich;
  • Gauss Alfiya Aksenova;
  • Grachev Alexey Evgenievich;
  • Dresowe Irina;
  • Gromov Igor;
  • Davydova, Elena;
  • Victor Argon;
  • Dragina Margarita;
  • Ivanov Vyacheslav Anatolievich;
  • Ilyin Yevgeniy;
  • Kalashnik Marina Aleksandrovna;
  • Karaleev Boris Aleksandrovich;
  • Konopicky Antonina Ivanovna;
  • Krasova Hope (child);
  • Krasova Oksana;
  • Purepov Oleg;
  • Machneva Svetlana;
  • Meshcheryakova Natalia;
  • Monzikova Christina;
  • Nazarov, Maxim;
  • Nasyrov Ekaterina Pavlovna;
  • Nikitenkova Galina;
  • Nikitchenko Aleksey;
  • Nikolaenko Love;
  • Normantovich Alexander;
  • Normantovich Vladimir;
  • Panchenko Sergey;
  • Poletaev Ilya (child);
  • Radchuk Ina E.;
  • Remarchuk, Vladimir;
  • The Dream Juliana;
  • Stawski Ilya;
  • Tolkachev Vyacheslav;
  • Tolkachev Ivan Vladimirovich;
  • Tolkacheva Love;
  • Daria Tolkacheva;
  • Tulubaev Ferhat Rinatovich;
  • Urazaeva Marina;
  • Usachev Vladimir Pavlovich;
  • Khokhlova Olga;
  • Chicco, Olga;
  • Yamaev Yuri.


Crew member :


  • Gubanov Valery Ivanovich;
  • Gambaryan, Sergey A.;
  • Slavinskaya Anastasia Vladimirovna;
  • Koval Viktoriya Olegovna;
  • Gavrilov Sergey Vladimirovich;
  • Kuzmin Oleg Vladimirovich.


Press Secretary of the Governor of the Orenburg region Sergei Hermacinski said the Agency “Interfax” that, according to preliminary data, all passengers were from this region.

The mayor of Orsk Andrey Odintsov confirmed this information, the TV channel “Russia-24”.

The first Deputy head of National control centre in crisis situations of EMERCOM of Russia Igor Kurowski said on a conference call that the radius of one kilometer from the crash site found the wreckage of the fuselage and the bodies of two victims, writes TASS.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov added that there were no survivors. According to him, for identification will require genetic examination.

Passenger plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines”, carrying out flight from Moscow to Orsk, disappeared from radar screens a few minutes after takeoff from Domodedovo airport on February 11. The wreckage of the aircraft was found in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. On Board were 71 people, including six crew members.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 263 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons).


My God/Goddess rest their souls.





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