July 25, 2018 Day of Time Out: Mayan Crop Circle

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A very interesting crop circle appeared on Father’s Day Jun 17, 2018 (America) in England.

Winterbourne  Stoke Down, Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 17th June.

The crop circle has signatures of runic symbols and the Mayan Day of Time Out. Much of the learning and wisdom of the Mayan has been forgotten since 2012 but the message is still very relevant.

The Mayan practiced and believe that the new year began July 26th and the day prior was a celebration called Day of Time Out.

The June 17th Winterbourne crop circle has what appear to be two runic symbols of  the Sun and a portal or gateway opening. There are many astrological portal openings in the Summer and July 25-26th is one of them.

To the Mayans on July 25, the Star Sirius rose before/with our Sun and formed an alignment and thereby effecting a portal opening.

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The four rays or petal represents the Star Sirius rising on July 25th.

Every year on July 26, a new year in the Galactic Mayan Calendar begins. The ancient Egyptians based planetary years on this date, July 26, as this is when the planet Sirius would appear on the horizon. In the Galactic Mayan Calendar, the entire year holds the energy of that leads us into this new planetary year.





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