All Planets, Dwarfs, Moons and Asteroids Aligned Same Size of The Sun: July 19, 2018-August 20, 2018

July 19, 2018

All the eight planets and dwarf planets, and the planets associated moons will align on the same size of the Sun on July 19, 2018 and this one sized alignment will continue through August 2018.

This event is so rare in astrological, historical, astronomical and human history that it need to be talked about.

The idea that all eight planets would ever aligned on the same size of the sun was considered a mathematical astronomy morsel and impossible.

Will there ever be a moment when all eight major planets are in a straight line on the same side of the Sun?

The 12 Planets of Our Solar System

Jean Meeus addresses this in Mathematical Astronomy Morsels (Willmann-Bell, 1997). He points out that you have to start by defining the question precisely. Let’s reduce the problem to two dimensions and ask whether all the planets can have the same heliocentric longitude (they can never line up in three dimensions because their orbital planes are all slightly different). Then, to simplify the arithmetic, we’ll say that two longitudes count as “the same” if they’re within 1.8° of each other.

Mercury, the fastest-moving planet, laps Venus every 0.396 year, staying within the 3.6° arc centered on Venus for 0.004 year every time. On each pass, the chance that Earth will also be within this 3.6° arc is 1 in 100. So, on average, the three inner planets line up every 39.6 years. The chance that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune will all be within this arc as well on any given pass is 1 in 100 raised to the 5th power, so on average the eight planets line up every 396 billion years. If you tighten the definition by requiring the planets to be within 1° of each other, the time increases to 13.4 trillion years. Either way, the Sun will become a red giant, shed much of its mass, engulf Mercury and Venus, and allow the other planets to drift into radically different orbits long before such a lineup takes place!

— Tony Flanders

The astrological anomaly will become very real on July 19th when Mars, Saturn, Mercury, the Earth, the Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Haumea, Eris, Ceres, Makemakea and their planets associated moons align with the Sun.

Image result for planetary alignment july 2018

There have been planetary alignments with 5 or less planets with the Sun and because this is not an exact alignment as shown in the above image, you could say that its some type of planetary imbalance but the closest we have gotten to an 8 planetary alignment.

Whatever this sky event is about is truly remarkable, historical and amazing.

Recently, a very usual and inexplicable crop circle appeared in The Czech Republic on July 7, 2018

Bohdankov, Liberec, The Czech Republic. Reported 7th July


The Bohdankov Liberec July 7th circles depicted the miraculous planetary alignment on July 19, 2018.

In the crop circles all of the orbs or planets are in orbit but on one size of the larger orb in the center of the crop circle.

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