January 30, 2019: The World Magnetic Pole Model- Magnetic Pole Shift

January 11, 2019

The Earth’s magnetic North Pole is shifting and that’s a fact but its moving too fast and moving without any scientific proof of why its moving mysteriously.

The Earth’s magnetic field is moving to the Earth’s equator.

On Monday, Nature.com released an article that the World Magnetic Pole is calling for an emergency meeting to discuss why the magnetic North Pole is behaving mysteriously. The meeting will be held in Boulder CO on January 30, 2019. NOAA is responsible for the model.

Light of Mary said December 2016 about climate change and Pole Shifting:

Christ showed me so many events in which the elements (water, earth, fire, and air) almost forced by the human wrongdoings, in their incessant search for harmony with God, Creator of all that exists, look for man, and this is how water will enter the land with force, scourging beyond the coasts, dividing countries, and emerging lands that were buried in the sea. I saw winds blowing with force destroying along the way everything man possesses, and wind united with the water demolishing cities. Great volcanoes will enter in an unusual activity; just as the increase in earthquakes and great earthquakes. I saw the Warning as a waking up of souls for some and the falling of the souls who will not accept this act of Divine Mercy as something coming from Heaven. I saw the sun darken; I cannot assure the year but I felt the proximity. This does not mean that I am saying that this will happen now, but I felt the proximity.

John Leary said on December 2018 about climate change and Pole shifting:

 “My people, you have researched the cause of this warming trend. It is your polar shifts with a decrease in the strength of the magnetism of your magnetosphere, that is allowing more heat from the sun to warm the earth. This is contrary to your carbon dioxide theories which do not correlate. This warming trend is heating up your oceans and it is causing more severe hurricanes and tornadoes. It is also melting your polar ice caps. Pray that this loss of magnetism will return to normal, or this polar shift will get worse.”

 “My people, there has been an increase in the number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes which may be triggered by the progressing polar shift, or some magnetic bodies that are interfering with your molten iron core. You have been seeing activity where such events have not happened before. Be prepared for more serious storms and more earthquakes upheavals.”

Oppenheimer Ranch Project host said that Nature.com has known for 50 years that geologists have known about magnetic reversals or magnetic fields flips every 12,000 years , and major magnetic reveals happens every 100,000 years.


Brent Miller of The Horizon Project, a scientist has done research on Pole Shifting and he said that the Earth Magnetic Field is moving towards the equator and the Pole Shift will happen soon and at the equator.





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