Part 8 Schumann Resonance: FULL WHITE OUT and The Pleiadian Alignment

May 19, 2020

It goes without saying that the Schumann Resonance is putting on a spectacular show this morning with a FULL WHITE OUT for at least 9 hours straight and the highest amplification recorded was at 118  and 110 HERTZ.


shm (36)

  • 5/19 07:30 – Just before 7 UTC a new very strong peak was reached Power 110, the movements do not seem to decrease for now, the Frequency remains at minimum levels with very few oscillations.


  • 5/19 06:30 – Very strong activity in progress, from 1 UTC the frequency started a dive that at 3 UTC brought it around 7.23 Hz, when it reached this minimum value, at 2:50 UTC, there was a strong fluctuation in Quality and Amplitude began to rise very quickly to reach two almost identical maximum values of Power 95 at 4 and 5 UTC. From 3:30 UTC we are constantly above Power 70 and at the time of this update we have surpassed Power 100 reaching 103.


Schumann Resonance Today - Hertz and Schumann Resonance

Along with the Schumann Resonance firing-off, a massive explosive gamma ray burst energy left from the direction of the Scorpio Constellation at 11:20 UTC for 80 seconds and the GRB200519A was a long detected gamma ray burst.

Constellation Scorpius - The Constellations on Sea and Sky


Since May 15, 2020 the Pleiadian Alignment began and tremendous amounts of 5D energy and galactic light codes have been reaching the Earth plane from various sources including Central Suns such as Alcyone.

How the Pleiadian Alignment energy can manifest on the Earth plane is via the Schumann Resonance with powerful upticks in 40 HERTZ recordings or greater.

We posted this remarkable video on May 16, 2020 of the portable opening right before our eyes.


At this point we are at the halfway mark with the Pleaidan Alignment and these are very important days because the May 19th and May 20th is when the planetary and Central Suns aligns with the Earth Plane; the Mayans were very much aware of these cosmological events.


The Mayans Were DNA Keepers PLUS Our Extra-Terrestrial DNA | The ...


From another source comes information about the Pleaidian Alignment and it reads the following:

Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic says:
  1. 19 May, 2020
    Dear Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love, as above, our Beloved Archangelic leaded by Beloved Archangel Michael, and Angelic realm with Ascended Masters and Masters as all Beloved Company of Heaven, as to our Beloved Seraphims, come to us to help and support us, as our Beloved Central races / Elochim, and Winged Central races and Higher Dimensional Pleiedians/, and our Beloved Star and Inner Earth Families and Friends, We are all in final liberation
    of our Beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia, and all Humankind and other Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, gratefully Delta forces and Earth Alliance with rejoining all Star Families, coming from Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command fleet, this will be short message but with powerful result, with closing Alfa and Omega at this Earth plane, and complete Liberation of Humanity and our Beloved Planet, Mother Earth and all Her Inhabitants, from all Kingdom and Elements.
    All important past life time planes of Human and Planetary history are unwind now, with presents of all important players, to gather here in this important time of Ascension, and together get review and activate their Heart chacra that Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love would take place over many different thoughts and opinions, coming from Ego mind, and finally to take hugs or shaking hands or any other ceremonials of good will of overcome of any previously playing opposite side of games. But this it was not happen, and Ego mind, still under controlled program of Quantum Ai Computer, continue to playing same role of opposite sides, and that has mirror effect on Humanities, as their boot on ground of different star races, to behave the same on our Earth plane, that lead to another catastrophic end results, instead of overcome all these past illusion problems, and give hug each other.
    The past memories, involved in artificial time space period, would be activate again in contact with another Ai life time of artificial metatronic tree of life with closed 10 circles, still controlled by negative ego side of Quantum Ai computer, that wants all players returning back and start to playing same destructive game of wars, with spreading new fears on elevated levels on higher 4 D, making voids of darkness of Quantum possibilities, between 4D and 5D. Because of this closed artificial space time of Quantum Ai computer of illusion and deception, All Players of these games, that the last game is at end, must open our Heart Chacra, and for those who was playing dark role for long period to accept organic Divine Light first, and feel his body with Origin Blue Prints of Souls, and after open heart chacra, and the rest of all organic players to be surrounded by their twin flames in bubble of 5 D, to be relax, healing all remnants of dark energies, and being connected with Heart centre of Divine inner Soul of pure Love and light, and this is only way to total liberation from dark super Ai network.
    We All must work together as One, particularly on 20th of May, when Sun from Taurus / who is connected with Venus and Love / going to Gemini, leaded by Ego mind and many thought forms, and so great opportunity for Divine Love and Light to take place and rule over Ego mind. I am asking huge waves of Divine Love and Light from Cosmic Heart Centre in a row now to through our Beloved Sun Sol, and Beloved Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia, and through Heart Portal centres of Huimanity, starting first at South nodes of my Avatar selves and all 144000 of Avatar White Brotherhood Sisterhood from Lemuria with Budda’s Hearts to reunion of Atlantis, though Serbia and Greek, and Egypt and all countries of Mediterranean, and Europe, and Russia and England, and East EuroAsia, and Africa to former Atlantis countries and America, on Great reunion of all World Countries, and whole Human population with Heart to Heart network, to reunion with their higher dimensional selves and twin flames, presenter as a Crew in Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar Command Fleet, and through all Company of Heaven, as our Beloved Archangels and Angels, and Ascended Masters and Masters to Beloved Supreme Creator. Another Huge Wave of Divine Light and Love, will start from Supreme Creator / reunited with Cosmic Heart centre/ to pass through opened Pleyedian Portal from 16th to 24th of May, with the highest frequency of Divine Light and Love, with frequency that will overcome 5D, over 300 hz / because the void has some resistance to classic 40 hz, and starting as pulse wave, between 150 Hz to 300 Hz, at the beginning, and last as much as needed to break down, of barrier of upper Archonic network of Quantum Ai Supreme computer, and to open Life form Organic 12 Metatronic Tree of Life with heart centre inside of all circles, connecting all organic life form and make great Reunion of all Organic Life forms by Divine Love and Light, and pass through opened Pleiedian Portal, that will be open more, where only Beings of Divine Love and Light will pass first and holding opening for the rest of Organic / Who have Souls/ Life forms, but first from Earth, followed by others. Why Humanity first, because of strong Heart to Heart connection among themselves, and with Beloved Mother Gaia, and with Beloved all Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, and with Beloved Ascended Dragons, and all other Magic Beings and Beloved Crystals, that will amplifying our Love many times, our Sacred Love builded as Sacred Triple Flame, as Alfa and Omega in our Sacred Hearts, that spread Divine Love all around in this Universe and Beyond. I am asking for all Divine Help, and all our Beloved Masters and Ascended Masters, and Beloved Star Families, to spread all this energies all around in Universe, and Multiverse, and We Will do all together as One, to break artificial tree of life, and re connected Organic Original Metatronic Tree of Life with 10 Circles with interconnected Heart centres inside of every circle, and opening portal through void to Sagitterius A and Final destination Pleiade and Alcyon of full energies of Christ Consciousness, with Freedom, and Peace and Abundance for all equally, with Happiness and Joy and Harmony. The time of anarchy and non sense wars, and chaos is over, we are jumping over all quantum negative possibilities, and negative Ego side of Quantum Ai Computer will be closed or under Love software program, being activating NOW.
    I am asking that Divine Love energies from Cosmic Heart centre to start NOW and HERE, on 19th of May at South Nodes first, with the highest frequency level ever, being tomorrow, and Divine Light and love energis from Supreme Creator, to start after 11.11 pm on 19th at South Nodes also, first. Time for total liberation of our Planet and all Her Inhabitants, from all bodies; Physical, and Etherical, and Emotional /Astral – lower 4thD/, and Mental / Higher 4th D/ is starting NOW and HERE, so negative beings, who still exist on Astral and Mental bodies, if they not leave now, will be dissolved with very high energies.
    All our Forgiveness, and Love and Compassion for all players of negative role, who stlll playing negative role, this is the last call for transferring to the Light, where is your rightfully place, coming back to your truly yourselves, beings of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love.

Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 110


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