Archangel Michael and Mother Mary have a word up

According to Linda Dillion a transformation event will take place between October 6- October 13, 2013.  Her message is from both Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. Why not after todays’ messy weather, we can use some good news.



Mother Mary’s Assignment

Linda Dillon, Council of Love Newsletter, Oct. 6, 2013

Hi There,

Rarely does the Universal Mother make direct requests and give us assignments. But today is the day! Given the urgency of the Mother’s request it is posted as an audio mp3 file rather than waiting for transcription.

Universal Mother Mary has requested us to join her in showering the entire planet, and the collective of humanity, with her clear blue energy beginning tomorrow during our weekly peace meditation.

Mother Mary is calling for an anchoring of clarity, grace and purity upon the planet with this energy as we continue in our journey of Ascension. She tells us that she will be “showering us with her clear blue energy from Sunday, Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 13.” As we join with her in this undertaking it is reflective of our partnership and the Universal Law of Above & Below/ Within & Without.

Imagine my surprised delight when Universal Mother Mary came forth in this morning’s COL Saturday conference call and gifted us once again with her gift of the clear blue clarity. This is a beautiful powerful exercise and a gift which is extremely needed right now when the confusion and chaos is coming to surface. Clarity and love are the keys to shifting all the energies that are discordant on the planet right now. But our Mother has upped the ante, including us in this undertaking – indicative our being in the 5th dimension, and in full partnership with the Company of Heaven.

My sense of amazement was magnified when I went back to my transcripts and realized that this gift was originally bestowed upon us on May 4, 2003! This was the very first of the Creation Series channelings when the Council began to teach us about bringing forth our heart’s desires and reminding us that we are the creator race. She re-gifted us with the clear blue energy again on Oct. 7, 2013. [Oct. 5?] I’m feeling that perhaps She would really like us to pay attention.

I wondered with the completion of the gathering in Joshua Tree how long the Council would allow us to rest and integrate. It is in alignment with The New You book that our new assignments, and our collective readiness to jump in has already begun. We are ready!

Please join in the meditation this Sunday evening the at 9 p.m. wherever you are and continue the meditation all week. Take time to read this channeling and understand this is one of the events that Archangel Michael has told us about – let’s go!



2 Responses to Archangel Michael and Mother Mary have a word up

  1. Colleen Walker says:

    Dear Linda, I was on your mailing list, I didn’t receive this message, I found this message on someone else’s web link regarding your message. I’m wondering if somehow I’ve been removed or your messages are being blocked? Not be my doing ~
    Much Love, Colleen Walker B.C. Canada

  2. Colleen Walker says:

    I’m sorry I realized after posting, I posted not to Linda Dillon’s web site.
    My apologies 🙂

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