February 14, 2020: Saint Valentine’s Day Vortex

February 14, 2020

Saint Valentine’s Day is the day of love and the day of miracles, too.

Saint Valentine was known to have been attributed to miracles of healing a child’s vision and others.



During my walk I discovered a vortex in the middle of a meadow and because the area was too large to scope out its size from the ground. I  walked around the perimeter and I had the impression that the vortex area was in the shape of a heart because it was singularly pointed at one end and double rounded opposite the pointed end.

The long grass inside the vortex was long and lay flat much like a crop circle but outside the vortex there was much smaller and short grasses.




After a very brief mediation and feeling a little loopy, overland appeared a heart-shape cloud. I was struggling to find my cell phone and took a photo as the cloud was losing some of its shape and definition.



A small video of the heart shape cloud and other objects (orbs) moving such as rainbow colors around the clouds (some may be a little difficult to see but I witnessed with the naked eye).




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Wuhan-400 #Coronavirus – 1981 Novel Predicts Virus Origin: The Eyes of Darkness

February 11, 2020


Wuhan-400 1981 Novel predicts Coronavirus origin

We have all heard the term, fiction is stranger than truth.

Was the Coronavirus that is terrifying the world predicted in a novel published in 1981 by Dean Knoontz- The Eyes of Darkness.

In a bizarre coincidence, a 1981 fictional novel The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz predicts a Coronavirus like outbreak and its origin. The book talks about how the virus called Wuhan-400, was developed in military labs around the Chinese city of Wuhan from where it got its name. The top secret information of the Biological  weapons Program is later acquired by US intelligence from a Chinese defector. The American military is ultimately successful in creating a vaccine which the Chinese could not.

The Plot

A mother sends her son on a camping trip with a leader who has led this trip into the mountains 16 times before without mishap; that is until this time. Every single camper and leader and driver die with no explanation. As the grieving mother who is the protagonist begins to accept the fact that her son, Danny, is dead she starts getting vicious bully-like attacks from nowhere saying he is not dead, such as writing on chalk boards, words from printers and other various ‘signs’. Along with her new friend, Elliot Stryker, Christina Evans sets out to find out what could have possibly happened on the day that her son ‘died’.

In this fictional account, the protagonist, Christina Evans, the mother of Danny, will eventually find her child kept alive in a military facility after being accidentally contaminated with man-made micro-organisms created at the research center in Wuhan. Secretly researched in a U.S. military laboratory for Biological and chemical recombinant DNA experiments”to try and reproduce the dangerous virus after “a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous: new biological weapon in a decade.”



Wuhan-400 Coronavirus – 1981 Novel Predicts Virus Origin















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Before #Coronavirus

February 08, 2020

Before the Coronavirus there was the Ebola virus, West Nile, Bird Flu, SARS, Swine Flu, Measles last year and so forth and so on.

We have survived most if not all of them.

But what causes these new strains of viruses and bacteria to make the headlines and frighten the hell out of us.

It has been reported that the Coronavirus like other viruses are bio-weapons chemical warfare but there is not proof of that.

Whatever and why these viruses and bacteria come and go many have lead to new vaccines that governments acquire to protect their populations.

Moving in a completely new direction are the populations being protected from these new and untested vaccines that appear from thin air.

Recently one of the directors of the National Institutes of Health said that a vaccines for coronavirus should be in hand by 90 days, generally vaccines takes many months to produce and requires human testings.

The Malthusian Theory of Population is a principle that recommends depopulation. We are not here to explain or recommend this theory.

One year we came across a website that provides exact numbers, goals and targets for depopulation for most countries by 2025 on the globe. The authors of the site claim that the information came from reliable sources and that the majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc.

(You will find the link here below to look up your country)





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February 07, 2020

One question for our viewers did you feel it!

Early this morning we could not sleep and at 2-3:00 am Philly time we saw extremely bright waves of light and colorful waves of energy moving around a disk or the famous whirling lights (tunnel) as one enters the third eye and on to a higher dimension.

A massive tsunami wave of the Schumann Resonance and Gamma Ray Burst hit the Earth yesterday and early this morning.

One of the highest peaks for the Schumann Resonance so far this year at 118 HERTZ.




Also, yesterday K-P Index which measures solar winds from the Sun and tracks geomagnetic storms on the Earth was at a high of K-P 7.

preliminary_k_index_last_24 (5)

We were feeling out of sorts most of yesterday and these higher incoming energies levels can and do effect the charkas in our bodies and energy lines.

In Norway, citizen scientist Rob Stammes of Lofoten’s PolarLightCenter was surprised when his magnetometer suddenly went crazy:


“This evening around 20.35 UTC, a magnetic shockwave registered on my instruments,” says Stammes. “There was also a strong surge of electrical current through the ground outside. Locally, we experienced a geomagnetic storm of magnitude K6.”

This means that the solar wind enter also reach the ground-level itself and that really a rare event. (Please take note this also happen several weeks ago)


A beautiful and haunting solar wind hit the Earth at 600 km/s created this auroras over Finland February 06, 2020.

Gamma Ray Bursts were also going wild too with another very large and long lasting GRB striking the Earth February 07, 2020 and a additional one February 06, 2020.

Some have reported the February 07th GRB emitting from the Southern Constellation Argo Navis. I maybe incorrect but the galactic coordinates show its could be from another Southern Constellation Norma.


The Norma Constellation is on the path of the Milky Way and has a well-known Norma Cluster seen below.

We are only eight days into February 2020 (five weeks into the new year) and the energy is very compelling. Here’s to rocking the boat because we have not seen anything yet.



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Don’t Fall Asleep At The Wheel: Powerful Gamma Ray Burst Are Afoot

February 05, 2020

Last month was a powerful month for energy strikes on the Earth and several portal opened as well; one powerful one in particular January 10-12, 2020 and very long and forceful gamma ray bursts.

And do not rest on your laurel because February has begun with a running start: International Palindrome Day February 2nd, Aquarius Gate Opening and today another powerful GRB hit the Earth.


The GRB was from the Southern Hemisphere Constellation Pyxis and it was a long and very strong blast of light our way.


A second and third GRB were recorded, the second light blast was from the Carina Constellation.


Image result for pyxis constellation



So don’t fall asleep at the driving wheel because even though February is the shortest month of the year, it could be very telling with waves of light yet to come.



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Sorry, Kevin Briggs: UFO No Show New York City But Cosmic Rays Did

February 03, 2020

Well people the UFOs did not show up in New York City as predicted by Kevin J. Briggs on February 02, 2020 but that’s alright. Maybe next time.

What did not disappoint was the showing up of gamma ray burst and cosmic rays.

Powerful solar wind speeds were at levels of 3.5 million per mile hour and that’s amazing.


iswa_download (55)


iswa_download (54)



iswa_download (53)


And more on GRB February 02, 2020:


The GRB was from the direction of the Ophiuchus Constellation.


Energy spike recording from my friends abroad.



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FEBRUARY 02, 2020

02022020: Palindrome Day

Aquarius Gate Opens

Illuminated by the brights stars Formalhaut and Regulus and streaming power along the Leo/Aquarius axis, the Aquarius Gate reaches its peak energy today.

This is our entry point to the flow of blessings that emanates along the timeline from the future Golden Age of Aquarius.


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February 02, 2020 (O2O22020) Palindrome Day: Aquarius Gate Portal Available

February 02, 2020

From AnnaMerkaba

On February 2, 2020 (0202 2020) we will have a palindrome date that occurs rarely; the next will be in 1000 years (0303 3030).

This is a very important day and the suggestion is to divide it into several parts, depending on what you want to attract into your life.



What we are trying to tell you, dear loved ones, is that the time that approaches your earthly borders, and that is the time of your February 2, 2020, will bring with it a perfectly aligned numerical value, completely sequenced and naturally coherent of the Principles of Being, which will lead you to change the environment in which you live, opening the Portal, to a new reality in which you can manifest anything and everything you want.

This Portal that will appear before you will be the guiding light, if you wish, for the days, weeks and months to come. This Portal should ignite within you the desire to experience your newfound powers and really begin to use your manifestation skills in order to bring the long-awaited circumstances into your life.

What we are trying to tell you, dear loved ones, is that, on February 2, 2020, a Portal will be opened that will allow you to not only glimpse the future of the various paths that will be presented to you, while remaining in balance and inner state of bliss and being able to connect to the inner divinity and invoke the logic necessary to make the right decision for your future by choosing the right path wisely – based only on your own innate knowledge of each outcome that you must clearly see ahead of you when contemplating each path that you visualize for yourself.

We also wrote about 02022020 and the Aquarius Gate Portal opening.



0202 2020 – METATRON – EXODUS


0202 2020 - Metatron - Exodus

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WTF: One Of The Largest Gamma Ray Burst Came From Out There

February 1, 2020

Today is the fire festival of Imbolc when the ancients celebrated with bonfires and burning lamps to welcome the return of spring in about six weeks away.  In addition, the Goddes Brigid was honored in the Celtic tradition.

One of the largest Gamma Ray Burst that may have been recorded set off from Cassiopeia Constellation and hit the Earth with a very high velocity ( the speed of light) and the force of the waves could have been brighter than 100,000,000.000 suns because its count/s was at 6 x 10 to the 4th power.

The gamma ray burst was up and down and lasting a few seconds but very powerful nonetheless.

Nature and cosmic energy seems to be honoring the fire festival of Imbolc by firing up the Earth’s grid and what will be the result of the gamma ray burst is yet to be seen. Stay tune for updates.

Besides, today GRB, five additional GRBs hit the Earth in the past four days on January 30, 2020 (2), January 29, 2020 (1) and January 28, 2020 (2).


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WHO Declared #Coronavirus Global Health Emergency: We Can Live In Fear Or Love

January 30, 2020


Image result for deadly coronavirus symptoms"

The World Health Organization said that the coronavirus is a global health emergency and that sounds like a epidemic but fear of China’s political and economic clout Mr Adhanom of the WHO praised China for doing a wonderful job containing the virus.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Director-General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom said: ‘Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed the emergence of a previously unknown pathogen, which has escalated into an unprecedented outbreak, and which has been met by an unprecedented response.

All of the deaths from the fatal virus outbreak have been Chinese people and not Europeans or Americans etc.

But are we to live in fear of this situation or we to embrace love.

From Monique who channels comes another more positive response to the coronavirus.

For now, don’t worry too much about the coronavirus. It is not yet time for mass departures. Certainly there will be departures, but not in huge numbers.

What is damaging is the fear generated by this virus, whether in China or elsewhere. There will be no pandemic affecting him. Its spread will not be as fast as you think.

Have no fear for now! We are watching, and we will make sure that this virus does not have a significant impact on the world. You will find what it takes to eradicate it.

Viruses that have spread for a number of years have not escaped the attention of scientists (we are not talking about the coronavirus that plagues China). Experiments have been made with very, very bad intentions.

Among your researchers, there are wise researchers and mad researchers. Some of them work for the Light and others work for the dark part, for the unlit light. So the researchers serve two different masters.

However, some humans could cause a great pandemic to start (Experiments have been done at this level). We are careful to ensure that this does not happen, because the plan for humanity on planet Earth is not to disappear this way.

We must give a maximum of beings the chance to awaken, to understand, so that they can be “recovered” by the Light. (This word is not beautiful and does not suit us but we use it all the same).

We and the very Great Beings of Light who manage the Earth want as many human beings as possible to transit. Those who will not be able to transit are those who will still be too much in the pleasures of matter such as money, power and sex, as well as the great riches of this world who will have a lot to lose who will have a lot of trouble in transiting because they are addicted to money and power.

When the beings are prisoners of an addiction, they do not see all that surrounds them, they do not even see the injustice, therefore they are in a prison in which they are put.

Have compassion for these beings!

Anyway, whatever happens, have no fear! Fear lowers your vibrational frequency, and if any virus is lying around, you get it and you can’t fight it. Your vibration rate is too low and the virus is taking over you. It is therefore the fragile beings who will be the most affected.

Fear is your biggest enemy! In the times to come, fear should be excluded from your life! “


Coronavirus declared global health emergency by World Health Organisation



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