Philadelphia Miracle Of The Sun: Marian Apparitions

In the coming days will be our 4th anniversary of when Mother Mary appeared to us in broad day light. We are wondering might Mother Mary appear, again, we a message. Time will tell.

The story as told by several news media in 2009:

On September 15, 2009, a weeping women bathed in moving, glowing and rotating lights of bright colors appeared to a Philadelphia man during the early afternoon. The man was on his way to take his relative for cancer treatments at a downtown Philadelphia hospital.

As the man was driving his car he noticed unusual lights around the sun in the easterly direction of the sky. The lights were unlike any he had witnessed before. Their brightness caught his attention. He drove for about 20-30 minutes and the lights grew brighter. He parked his car and took a few photographs of the sun, and he made sure to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare.

He was extremely moved about what he witnessed and told no one about the experience. When he returned home for the day, he viewed the photos and was amazed to see a weeping women looking in the east. The woman in the photos was coming out from the sun, and in the middle of the rays of rainbow lights.

He did not know what to think at this point and called a trusted friend to share his experience. They decided to wait and see what happened. One week later the weeping women appeared again, and for the following three weeks on every Tuesday. Each time she appeared the skies was sunny except for her last appearance it was a rainy day.
He thought on her fourth and final appearance that she would not show up but she appeared on the front windshield of his car. In sunny rainbow lights.

He was very struck by these Marian apparitions because he was raised Southern Baptist and was not very familiar with Catholicism. Confusion set in and he spoke again to his trusted friend who was raised in the Catholic Church.

On her second appearance she said to him, “Everything will be revealed”.
and on her third, she said, ” I am the Queen of Peace”.

Of course, he studied more on apparitions and come to believe that she could be the same women who appeared to the children of Medujorge, Fatima and so many others.

Philadelphia is no stranger to Marian apparitions, in the middle of September 1953.
Three school girls from West Philly stated that they witnessed visions of the Virgin Mary in a bush in Fairmount Park. More than 50,000 Philadelphians were on hand to witness the apparitions after learning about the girls’ visions through word of mouth.

After more than three years of keeping the story to himself, the Philadelphia man, thought it was time to share the story because the weeping woman appeared to him again with another profound message.

To view one of the untouched photos of the Marian apparitions, please visit:
— End —

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