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One Week After Friday 13th Paris Attacks

One week ago from day much has happened since the Friday 13th Paris attacks ; acts of more violence, acts of retribution, retaliations, more acts of violence and death, and government meetings to  installs more restrictions on populations and limit … Continue reading

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Update: San Francisco CA Earthquakes

This thing about San Fransisco earthquake/nuclear disaster is coming in from all angles. “I suffer continually My Sorrowful Passion. It is not passed and had no end. My Dolorosa passion is in place in the suffering of each of those … Continue reading

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The Prophecy of the four Blood Moons

  Echoing the warnings and references that Heaven does so through Mary Luz in this case concerning the moons of blood or red moons, we have made a summary about this particular astronomical phenomenon, which has been associated historically with … Continue reading

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Update: September 28, 2015 RED BLOOD FULL MOON CROP CIRCLE

The next and last Red Blood Full Moon will happened September 28, 2015. June 24, 2015 in Luxenborough, Nr West Amesbury, Wiltshire a crop circle appeared with the markings and signs of the last Red Blood Full Moon. The glyph … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson June 25, 2009-When the Music Stopped

As we all know that 6 years ago today (June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson died, the day when the music stopped. One day after Michae0l Jackson’s death, I wrote this poem to help me with my grief. Our Little … Continue reading

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Asteroid 2015 KW 121 and Unwanted and Surprise Guest

“Beloved children, an asteroid is coming close to the Earth. Be aware of this. Maybe you’ll ask Me “What can we do? And I answer: WHEN THE HEART IS IN GOOD DISPOSITION AND THE MIND IS PREPAPRED TO KNOW THE … Continue reading

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May 01, 2015: Beltane The Sacred Wedding

Next Friday, May 01, 2015 is Beltane the celebration of Spring, fertility, The Goddess and The Sacred Wedding. Its a time when the Earth/Land and  the Heaven/Sky join as one to produce off-springs such as new life, fruit and blessings, … Continue reading

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The Anti-Christ Has Been Revealed!

Since time immemorial or the modern times the bible has spoken of the Anti-Christ. Just who is the Anti-Christ. Some say it was Hitler, Obama, Putin or Netanyahu or many others. But more recently, messages about the Anti-Christ has been … Continue reading

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My Personal Story About Visitors from Another Dimension

March 16, 2015 I had a vision last night when I was speaking to two Pleiadians or Watchers. One male and one female who were dressed in human clothing, they were in business suits and hats maybe to fit in. … Continue reading

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