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One Week After Friday 13th Paris Attacks

One week ago from day much has happened since the Friday 13th Paris attacks ; acts of more violence, acts of retribution, retaliations, more acts of violence and death, and government meetings to  installs more restrictions on populations and limit … Continue reading

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New York City Next ISIS Target

“I was in NYC for a vacation and loud sirens like war time were glaring, and everyone ran for cover or to shelters. Black smoke appeared in the sky like funnel clouds and loud bomb sounds were heard. NYC was … Continue reading

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Predicted-ISIS TO Attack Washington DC

“DC airport was part of a terrorist bombing, small bombs were strategically placed in a small building so that they would not be witnessed. It was another September 11. The attack started off very small, a women in a white … Continue reading

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Update: September 28, 2015 RED BLOOD FULL MOON CROP CIRCLE

The next and last Red Blood Full Moon will happened September 28, 2015. June 24, 2015 in Luxenborough, Nr West Amesbury, Wiltshire a crop circle appeared with the markings and signs of the last Red Blood Full Moon. The glyph … Continue reading

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