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June 13, 2021

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Lunar Sun of The Silver Portal


Lunar Sun of The Silver Portal

If you are still recovering from the Eclipse hangover ( read extreme tiredness and fatigue and the need to Just BE) it is because the eclipse has opened doorways to the Extremely High Vibrational Lunar Sun of Silver Pearly Efferverance!!

Artist Unknown, google pic

As I connected with the June 10 eclipse at its peak I was shown that as the shadow of the Dark Moon ( cauldron of new possibilities) began to recede the Sun that was then revealed was Not our usual Solar Sun BUT a Lunar Sun of a Pearly Silvery efferverance ie it had the glow and luminance of Pearls and Silver but a laser like penetrative ability of Lemurian Quartz crystal.

A while back , in this eclipse gateway itself in a client Co Creation channeling session, we were introduced to the “Silver Portal” . As I connected to…

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June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse: The Third Crop Circle

June 10, 2021

We thought the crop circle season got off to a let start but June seems to be a bumper crop.

The third crop circle reported in the UK was that of an eclipse and it’s quite obvious to see.

Mud Lane, Nr Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June

With most solar eclipses the Moon resides between the Sun and the Earth, and the two orbs on the left of the larger circle (which shows the eclipse from Earth-view) is the symbol for the Earth on the lower right and the moon at the upper right.

The June 10 solar eclipse conjunct Mercury retrograde and square Neptune will create much confusion, misinformation, misunderstanding, paranoia, deceit, and treachery. It also brings susceptibility to infection and poisoning. So the solar eclipse June 2021 astrology calls for caution, clarity, honesty, and self-belief.

The fixed stars joining this eclipse do provide the self-confidence, courage, and discrimination to counter the deceptive influences of the planetary aspects. But they also give a tendency toward rushed thinking, belligerence and recklessness. They increase the risk of envy, hatred, treachery, and poisoning, as well as earthquakes and violent storms.

Happy Eclipse Season!

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Second Crop Circle: 12th Fibonacci Frequency

June 09, 2021

Another crop circle was reported in the UK yesterday.

Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire.

It’s a very simple but powerful message of human ascension.

The crop circle is the 144 Light Code and its construction is pure and very visible:

12 outer rings

And in the inner rings or circles

1-4-4 which represents the 12th Fibonacci Frequency.

Also within the crop circle signatures of the number 4 are very prominent and indicating the Earth, and the number 5 indicating human ascension.

The Planetary Crystalline Grid is an aspect of the new 5D consciousness matrix. It receives divine source ascension energies from the center of the galaxy and then disperses that light around the earth in a perfectly balanced way. Each one of us is also a co-creator of this higher dimensional, crystal matrix of diamond light energy. This advanced system of communication and energy transfer is effected by us. As more people connect into it, the more powerful it becomes, meaning its potential is infinite. That’s what the 144000 represents. It is not only a Master Code for Ascension but also a tipping point. Wherever you are, you are able to link up to the Grid and download ascension light and codes of awakening and to ground them into your location and body and to flow them out through the human heart grid and the collective consciousness.

Please note that with every aspect of Light or Light Codes there is darkness or shadows.

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Schumann Resonance Honors The 6.6 Portal Opening

June 06, 2021

Today the six month of the year and the sixth day, the Schumann Resonance produces a reading of 60 HERTZ.

The 6.6 portal ascension activation is very important on June 06th because it represents love, healing and manifestations through the Summer Solstice June 20, 2021.

While shopping today our bill total was 9.66 – really awesome but small signs how the Universe gets her message across.

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The Rockefeller Foundation Launches Action Plan for Increasing Global Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts

June 02, 2021

NEW YORK | June 1, 2021 – Despite tireless efforts by health care workers and major breakthroughs with Covid-19 vaccines, more than 10,000 people a day around the world are still dying from Covid-19. The continued spread of the virus in unvaccinated populations threatens to keep the global economy choked for the foreseeable future and poses threats to current progress in containing the pandemic. To stop the spread of this pandemic, all countries need equal access to Covid-19 vaccination. A new report by The Rockefeller Foundation and key collaboratorsOne for All: An Updated Action Plan for Global Covid-19 Vaccination, is the first to present financing models that could drive the global vaccination effort forward.

More than 80 percent of shots have gone into arms in high- and upper-middle-income countries, leaving the pandemic to spread unchecked in lower-income countries and the world at risk of viral variants and reignited pandemic spread.  But that inequity and the lack of a well-resourced global vaccination campaign extends beyond a health crisis. Our interconnected global economy stands to lose as much as US$9.2 trillion this year if governments fail to ensure developing economies have access to Covid-19 vaccines, and at least half of that loss would fall on advanced economies according to the International Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation.

“Nearly everyone agrees that we must vaccinate the world as soon as possible or risk wasting our collective work, sacrifice and investment so far,” said Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, President of The Rockefeller Foundation. “We have proven mechanisms in place to implement global vaccination through COVAX and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The G7 and other wealthy countries must act now to close the financing gap and enable COVAX to get the job done.”

In many countries with access to Covid-19 vaccines, communities are opening up slowly, but in countries without the ability to buy large amounts of vaccines, it’s a very different story. Nearly 50 percent of North Americans and more than 25 percent of Europeans have been vaccinated, in stark contrast to about 14 percent of South Americans, 5 percent of Asians, and 1.2 percent of Africans.

“The longer vaccination efforts are delayed in developing countries, the greater the risk Covid-19 never goes away and that new variants will continue to emerge,” said Dr. Bruce Gellin, Chief of Global Public Health Strategy, The Rockefeller Foundation. “No one is safe from Covid-19 until everyone is safe and that means being vaccinated. The goal of any vaccination plan must be to achieve sufficient immunity in a population.”

This concern was recognized early on when it became apparent that to end the pandemic, everyone in the world needs access to Covid-19 vaccination in addition to equitable access to diagnostics and treatments.

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Earth Extremities



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May 29, 2021: Solar Tsunami Event

May 29, 2021

Our Sun produced a solar tsunami event when Sunspot AR2824 which produced at least three M-Class solar flares and over 10 C-Class flares last week was at it again with the production of a massive C 9.4 (almost another M-Class solar flare) with an issuing CME.

X-ray emission of the Sun yesterday and today

Let’s focus on the CME produced from AR 2824 the solar blast of the image located above because it was moving at more that 4,668,486 miles per hour. That’s right and that also cause major proton events on the Earth.

A proton event started around 0h UT on May 29, related to the C9.4 flare and associated CME. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux reached a maximum of about 16 pfu around 03:20 UT. Proton flux levels went below the 10 pfu threshold around 05:50 UT and are decreasing further. The proton event is finished, but there is a chance for further proton events in the next 48 hours. The greater than 2 MeV electron flux was at nominal levels in the past 24 hours, and is expected to stay at nominal levels in the next 24 hours. The greater than 2 MeV electron fluence was at nominal levels in the past 24 hours, and is expected to stay at nominal levels in the next 24

This video from NASA captures the ferocity and magnitude of the CME produced from AR 2824.

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May 26, 2021 Blood Moon Lightening

May 26, 2021

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Sugar Blood Moon and the latest on newest CMEs

May 25, 2021

The Super Blood Moon will occur May 25/26th depending on your location.

We are calling this Moon the Sugar Blood Moon because its quite obvious that a portal (total lunar eclipse) will open and, we hope that the experience is very sweet for you.

Any Full Moon is about clearing and letting go, and this Super Blood Moon is in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis when the East Silver Gates also opens.

In other news in the heavens, two additional CMEs are making a direct hit on the Earth by May 28, 2021, and the CMEs from last Sunday are projected to hit May 25-27, 2021.

Solar wind speed near Earth as registered by DSCOVR decreased from about 360 to 315 km/s in the past 24 hours. The Interplanetary Magnetic Field(IMF) was oriented towards the Sun and its magnitude varied between 1 and 4nT. Solar wind speeds are expected to increase in the second half of May 25, with the arrival of several CMEs on May 25 and May 26.

CME projected to hit the Earth May 28th
A second CME to hit the Earth after May 26th.

A CME towards the west was first observed at 17:47 UT on May 24 in LASCO C2, after a data gap. Assuming region 2824 is the source region, this CME is probably Earthbound, with an estimated speed of 500 km/s and arrival time around 21h UT on May 28.

Over the next few days with the Super Blood Moon and the direct hits from CMEs for days to come, be prepared for a space tune-up.

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