Visitation of Archangel Michael-Message With A Purpose/The Awakening

March 01, 2105 is the day of war, as the month was named after the God of War-Mars.

So it quite fitting that another illuminated being of Light who made a visitation to me this morning as Mars trine the Sun in Pisces. His light was extremely strong and his radiance was white, yellow-brown and some red.

I did not know what source of the light until on I heard him  said his name in repetition- ‘Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael..) etc.

Archangel Michael or Saint Michael is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe and he rules over Protection, Peace, Healing, Strength and Power.

As with any angel, Saint Michael has a message for America with a purpose which was delivered on December 01, 2014.

To The People of the United States of America:

“Your forefathers created one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all. These were men of high ideals, spiritually guided and inspired to create a nation and a civilization to be admired and respected, to set an example for the rest of the world. In exercising their free will under God’s guidance and direction, they created a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for every man, woman, and child to live in freedom in the pursuit of happiness. Yet, these high minded and spiritual men were soon replaced by others who, in the exercise of their free will, chose to put their egos before God and to joust with God’s plan.

You became a nation of spoilers, man against man, brother against brother, government against citizens, and the chosen nation became a warrior with and against other nations.

You have become a nation of criminals and murderers. You murder in wars. You murder the innocent. You murder your children. Your leaders create laws to justify the murders, to attempt to make wrongs right, to rewrite morals and ethics to support your own earthbound greeds and desires.

You have become a nation further and further from the spirit and the influence of God. You have created sciences and philosophies to support activities that only recognize earthbound realities, that not only refuse to recognize the spiritual nature of man himself, but refuse to recognize even the existence of God!

You have taken God and his works of prayer and meditation out of your government, out of your institutions, out of your schools. You have done everything you can to deny his existence, and you find yourself in a world filled with wars, hatred, starvation, and death, and you do not understand why the rest of the world does not follow your shining example.

You are a nation at war with itself, filled with hatred, prejudice, crime, drugs, and murder. Yet, when the few of you who do look to God asking him why all these things are allowed to happen, you do not hear His answer!

You are members of the human race, universally created by God and given individually a free will by divine right, and you would not wish to have it any other way. Yet every little act of free will that man has exercised from the beginning of time, that was not in accordance with God’s plan, multiplied in its impact and its negativity on the future of man. Every simple act of aggression multiplied into acts of world war. Every simple act of greed multiplied into worldwide human suffering and starvation. Every act of destruction of God’s environment on Earth multiplied into destructive forces of nature, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, nuclear destruction and nuclear waste. Every act of violence escalated into acts of murder and the extermination of ethnic people for their appearance or beliefs!

Yet, God created a nation of high ideals for you to survive other empires and civilizations that crumbled into oblivion for their leaders placed themselves as men above God, and now those empires and civilizations are but piles of dust or buried under the waters. You sit on the edge of the new millennium, poised for the future of mankind, and you are headed, as all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters!

Yet, God comes to you again, to appeal to you as a people, to appeal to you as a nation, to appeal to your leaders! His army of angels is visiting upon you with a life force of energy, a spiritual energy radiated by the Creator to all mankind. Many of you feel the vibrancy of his energy and his divine presence. He is communicating with you spiritually to raise yourself to a level of spiritual transformation that is necessary for those of you who hear him to spread his message and his energy, to recognize that he is coming!

Guided by prayer and meditation, all men, women, and children may answer His call, but it must be soon.

Time is running out!

The angels are coming!

Do you hear them?

Are you listening?

Are you listening?

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More San Francisco CA Disaster Related Predictions

This thing about San Fransisco earthquake/nuclear disaster is coming in from all angles.

I suffer continually My Sorrowful Passion. It is not passed and had no end. My Dolorosa passion is in place in the suffering of each of those people who are tortured because of my name and because of the Faith in Me. My suffering is with all who are brutally tortured in My Name. “-Light of Mary

Recently, other mystic/seers have said about a San Francisco related disaster:

Urgent Message to Littlest of Servants- February 4th, 2015-

“After Mass this morning during adoration I saw a angel dressed for battle who had a flaming sword in his hands with the words San Francisco on the blade. The angel then spoke and said the he was an angel sent to administer God’s Justice. That mankind was unjust while God’s Justice was not.

[Then] I saw the tablets with the Ten Commandments written on them and they were on the ground broken. I saw the Commandment, Keep Holy the Sabbath. The Eternal Father then spoke and said, “I AM the Lord your God and I will not be mocked.”

I saw the Commandment, Honor thy Mother and thy Father. The Eternal Father then spoke and said, “I AM the Lord your God and I will not be mocked.”

I saw the Commandment, Thy shall not kill. The Eternal Father then spoke and said, “I AM the Lord your God and I will not be mocked.”

I saw an hour glass and the last grain of sand was falling and Jesus spoke and told me that there was no more time left. That the Hour of His Father’s Justice had arrived.

I saw a map of the United States of America and the states illustrated on the map were broken up and Jesus spoke and told me that the transformation of the United States of America had begun.

I saw the Crucifix and the Tablets of the Ten Commandments suspended in the air over a map of a much smaller United States of America. Jesus spoke and said that His Father would, like a fine surgeon, be cutting away the parts of the United States of America that were infected with the cancer of sin so our nation would be SAVED.”

Pedro Regis- May 2007:

Something great will happen in San Francisco and will be repeated in Mato Grosso. Pray. Bend your knees in prayer. Behold, now is the time of great trials for mankind.

Light of Mary-February  03, 2015

Pray, My beloved, pray the Holy Rosary for the United States.  It will suffer by way
of terrorism and by nature.

Time will tell.

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Red Blood Moon-Nuclear Bomb Drop-World War III-Predictions

June 2009 a crop circle was foretelling of a nuclear bomb or blast. Most nations have banned nuclear testing, and a seer from 1968 predicted a nuclear bomb would be dropped.  This 90-year old woman from Norway had a vision concerning a nuclear bombing and she was glad that she would not live to see it.

Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war.” (She saw it in the vision.)

“All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb. The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one’s breath. It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations. The water will be ruined (contaminated?). We can no longer till the soil. The result will be that only a remnant will remain. The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.

“I am so glad that I will not see it, but when the time draws near, you must take courage and tell this. I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells.

“The one who has his sin forgiven and has Jesus as Savior and Lord, is safe.”

Mary of the Light has also spoken of a nuclear bomb drop in her recent vision February 23, 2015:

“Light of Mary Our Mother lets me watch as they drop a nuclear bomb and watch how it falls into the ground and form a stormy wind, which in turn is something like a whirlpool at high speed almost imperceptible, a fireball rises forming a fungus that rises into the atmosphere. Everything is under expansion wave, then silence. Miro lot of humans who immediately fall dead, others look at them with serious injuries are as severe burns, watch people fight sweltering, this being partly responsible for the death of many human beings. Miro communication systems are useless. The fires spread over several locations.”

Mary of the light also suggested this may happen during or near a  Red Blood Moon-


No one knows exactly when or if these events may or may not occur but we have two blood moons in 2015: April 04, 2015 and September 28, 2015.

Recently, I experienced a vision of intense light and radiation on the west coast of the US.

Time will tell.

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Written by Mel Brake

Alive but brain dead
Forget where you came from
Black but cross the other side
of the cracks and never coming back

Once you talked to me
Now you talked down to me

Once you walked with me
Now you run away from me

For years you hated the Man
Preached about his sins
Thy eyes had seen the coming of the glory of the Lord
Taught me to hate the Man too
But now you sleep in the White House
In his bed with his wife

Like the living dead on life support
Heart removed Faustian bargain
Visions and judgments blurred
And told me to pull myself up with my bootstraps
A life of struggles lived
But now a distant memory
If remembered at all

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Prediction Confirmed- “A comet sweeps through space, hard. It is not yet glimpsed by man.”

In a word, wow! ” A comet sweeps through space, hard. It is not yet glimpsed by man.”

Those were the words spoken by a mystic February 14, 2015, Mary of the Light or Maria de Luz from Costa Rica.  Her prediction was confirmed five days later.

This comet come into our solar system so quickly February 19, 2015 that SOHO did not have a name for the comet and was called SOHO 2875 because its their 2,0875 discovery.

As with the prediction, SOHO did not see or know that a very fast and quick moving comet which would profoundly effect our solar system and planet was coming.

SOHO 2875 was also very powerful because the comet survived the the Sun’s gravitational pull and may have interacted with the Sun to cause what is known as a Killshot CME solar flare on the far side of the Sun.

The Killshot CME solar flare from the Sun happened on February 21, 2015 from 1pm-10pm east coast time. Its a huge solar tsunami traveling at 4 millions miles per hour of light and solar radiation.  Although, the Killshot CME solar flare which could have seriously disrupted all live on our planet was on the far side of our planet. It does not matter really to some degree because the Sun is one sphere and what happens on one side does effect the Sun as a whole, psychically speaking.

On Saturday, February 21, 2015 in the early evening, I experienced a download from the sun or the solar blast. I saw and felt light and solar radiation, the energy was so intense that I thought my head was going to explode and I had to rest for the evening. I have experienced solar phenomenon before but not at this intensity.  During, my recovery I also received psychic messages.

On Sunday, February 22 2015, I was trying to ascertain the source of my download and I was given a message in the morning which makes sense to me now.

“I walk into the Sun. I walk into the Sun. I walk into the Sun. We walk into the Light.”

We are solar beings from the Light Source.

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Prediction: Major San Francisco Earthquake

At this time, I would like to reveal what I learned during my download from a few days ago that San Francisco, Ca will experienced a catastrophic earthquake. We need to take this information very seriously because, I witnessed the earthquake myself while I was fully consciousness and I experienced the light and radiation first hand. I hope never to experience something like this again.

How did this information come to me, I was reading information about the Talmud Jmmanuel by Billy Meier who I am highly skeptical of for personal reasons.

But during my reading of Mr Meier 104th Contact Excerpts about a San Francisco earthquake that would split the Transamerica Building (pyramid)  into half, I knew in my heart this information to be truthful. Be mindful that talk about California and San Francisco earthquakes has been legendary,  and Mr Meier information is from the 1970s but this will happen.

Meier was contacted with photos from the San Francisco earthquake from a back in the future experiences which was published in Geo Magazine. We know this informati0n is bizarre but it will happen.

Also, Maria de Luz- a seer from Costa Rica has written about concerns for San Francisco in her recent posting  February 21, 2015. (The same day of my download)

Here is information from Billy Meier about the San Francisco earthquake:

Excerpt from the 104th Contact of Wednesday, March 1, 1978 from the Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 3 book, pages 131-133.

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll       December 14, 2013

Note 1. The book “Message From The Pleiades 4” by Editor Wendelle C. Stevens was also used as a reference source.

Billy    … But tell me Quetzal, can you also penetrate with this old box into other dimensions?


    82.   Your question is not logical; what do you want to ask?

Billy    I have to wonder, whether you can also perform travels with Menara’s ship into the past and into the future?


83.   It is possible, but why do you ask?

84.   Whenever you ask such questions, then a certain purpose is behind them.

85.   Do you want to ask me, whether I am to undertake a travel with you into the future or into the past?

Billy    Exactly, my son.


86.   Sooo – … for that you reason you have taken with you this large apparatus for photographing?

Billy    Exactly, my son, but this is not such a complicated thing, as you assume, but quite simply a damn normal camera.


87.   That’s the same thing.

88.   However — where then do you want to go?

Billy    To Frisco, my son, to San Francisco, but into the future. Namely to that time when the city is destroyed by the earthquake.  I would be interested in how everything looks, when the first severe quake is over, and exactly this I want then also to photograph. This will surely be possible to do, won’t it? And surely it doesn’t matter, if I then also publish these photographs, if they come out well, is that okay?


89.   Surely there would be nothing to object against this, for thereby very many people would then leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe arises.

90.   This would save very many human lives.

91.   Certainly, I do agree with this, but it requires several hours if I should take you there.

92.   This old ship in fact, and presently I have no other ship at my disposal, needs a longer time for preparation, if accordingly you are to be back here again in normal time at first dawn of the morning.

Billy    This is not too difficult, because you can bring me back here again to roughly the same time, as when you had taken me out from the bed.



93.   This would be possible.

Billy    Good, in fact, then I would still be able to sleep a little. So let us go.


94.   As you wish, but in the meantime we cannot have any conversation.

Billy    It makes no difference to me, let’s just go; I am strained like a string before breaking.


95.   So be it then.

96.   You truthfully are tireless.


97.    Here we are about 300 kilometers away from San Francisco.

98.    Down there, you see the fissures of the earth as they already exist from long ago.

99.    What you do see are the extentions of Andreas Fault which have risen up to the surface of the Earth.

Billy    Can I photograph them?


100.   There is nothing to object against this, but, you could also capture this scene on your film in the present time, the year 1978, because the changes are only extremely small, and not likely recognizable in the photographs.

Billy    Nevertheless, I would like to photograph them.


101.   Then do it.

102.   Come here, look – here this floor hatch, so as you see, after shifting the plate aside, there is freed this very fine pointed sight-plate, through which you can look outside.

103.   Through this you can photograph.

Billy   That’s all right, Quetzal, but do you know that when I take photographs from inside of the ship, they are always afterwards very fuzzy and blurred. Is there then no other way, you know, that I can perhaps, walk outside?


104.   You have your best overall view from above, here from out of the ship.

105.   On the other hand, this time you will get sharp and clear images on your film, because the propulsion of this ship will not harm your film by radiations.

106.   You only have to then pay attention that you do not photograph directly down through the area of the propulsion, because the very strong irradiation of light could harm your film.

107.   The smallest damage of the film could be that the finished images would appear to be lightened by a light source.

108.   In the worst case an overexposure would happen.

Billy    Is this the light, which reaches there so far downward and looks like a search light?



109.   That’s correct. So then take care, that these masses of light do not reach into the area of your photograph limits

Billy    I will try it.


110    Are you at the end of your work?

Billy    I am, my son. Perhaps I still have not been careful enough regarding the light. Somehow it appeared to me, as though I would always have seen a shimmering of light in the lens.


111.   So try it once more.

Billy    No, let us go to Frisco first, because I have only one film with me, and besides it is only a standard negative-film.


112.    As you wish.

113.    Walk away from the hatch.

114.    So, – good,  it…

Billy    Man, this is indeed crazy, just look, all is smoking there in front.


115.   There lies San Francisco.

116.   So then, we are here, now take your photographs.

Billy    Man alive, Quetzal, this looks much worse, than I have imagined. Yet listen now: somewhere must be a building, which should be known as the America-Building or similar; so get me there. This I want to photograph above all, so that no one can come and claim that I would have taken photographs of the last great quake at the turn of the century.


117.   Now, we are here, my friend, but this time pay more attention to the light beam.

Billy    I will try for that.

Billy    Thanks Quetzal, this suffices, rush still back a little …… Good, okay — moment. … Good, now fly still a bit to the right side there — Good, okay, thanks. Man alive, this is gigantic, the horrifying destruction. … Thanks, Quetzal, I have again several photographs. This should likely be enough. So please do fly back again towards the strange bulges of the Andreas Fault.


118.   As you wish, but bear in mind, that we are already slowly exceeding our time and I have to make preparations for the flight back.


Billy    All right, Quetzal, you can start with them at once, when we are at the place. I want to see everything one more. But how so quickly a half hour passes in the future.


119.   The time is the same; it only seems very much shorter to you because of your attention to the  events which you have seen.

Billy    Of course, this I know. Ah, indeed, we already are here. Now just do your work.



120.   Well, my friend, here we are again.

121.   We are here by around 30 minutes earlier, than when you had left your warm bed.


The mysterious “time’ photos of the future destruction of San Francisco in a great earthquake have always been highly controversial. We, that is, Lee Elders, myself and Brit Nielsen, were at the farm in Schmidruti one evening in 1978 when Mr. Meier mentioned time travel and a “trip” he had taken with the Pleiadians to view the great San Francisco earthquake predicted for the future, which he said he had been allowed to photograph with his own camera. We of course insisted on seeing the photographs, and continued to do so until Meier left the room and came back with one of those photo shop return envelopes in his hand. It contained the pictures still in it, together with the negatives. He had taken these pictures on negative film in contrast to his earlier photographing of the spacecraft on ASA 100 positive slide transparency film.

He opened the envelope and spread out eleven color prints on the kitchen table there. He said that they were pictures of the future San Francisco quake. Then he passed them around the table one by one to all of us to examine. There were at least nine to ten people sitting around that table at that time, which included his wife Kalliope, Engelbert and his wife Maria, Jacobus, Bernadette, and a couple more whose names I don’t remember.

I carefully studied each picture as they came to me, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures I had never seen before. I looked carefully at cars shown in the streets below for style and any configurations not familiar at the time. I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.

I saw the World Trade Center Building cracked through its steep pyramidal shape from upper right to lower left, from the viewer’s angle, and another big rectangular building with higher rectangular towers on either end, collapsing in the middle and taking the two towers down with it. There was shooting flame, black and light smoke, and water and gas spewing from broken pipes, and there was a lot of dust roiling out from the collapsing rectangular building.

We passed the pictures around a second time and we all studied them again, and then Mr. Meier collected them up, put them back in the envelope, and took the envelope back out of the kitchen once more. We were all in shock at what we had just seen, and discussed it only briefly before that meeting broke up an all went to bed for the night.

A few days after that, Meier was summoned to a new contact and was asked to bring the photographs with him which he did. The visitors wanted to have their scientists look at the pictures, too, and they took the negatives and prints with them. When Meier tried to get the pictures back, he was rebuked for showing them to us without their approval, and against their instructions not to do so until after the event. Those pictures have never been returned to him. Thus today we do not have any solid evidence that those pictures were ever taken.

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Fractals-Building Blocks of The Universe-Mind/Consciousness Expansion

Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole. Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Fractals are the building blocks of both the physical and non-physical universes in unification.

Fractals are simple and complex, and they are beauty in chaos.

Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos.

We call them spirals, vortexes, light patterns, black holes and white holes, sacred geometry, crop circles and wheels within wheels. Sometimes when we have near-death experiences like myself the tunnel of light is also a fractal.

In the science of numbers or mathematics, fractals are the Fibonacci principal in Nature and science.

During  meditations, I sometimes experience beautiful fractals of light and color and sound waves. But last night, my experience was most profound like an expansion of light , I experience a body and mind consciousness expansion like a big bang theory. So big, that I had to stop what I was doing and take a rest for several hours. Three years ago, I experienced a similar event and I had vertigo for one week.

What this means right now, I do not know but in time more information (as I process this experience) will be revealed to me and you.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this message from the experience:

“I walk into the Sun. I walk into the Sun

I walk into the Sun. We walk into the Light.”



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February 20, 2015-Major 6.3 Japan Earthquake-Call for World Day of Prayer

February 20, 2015 another major  6.3 earthquake occurred in Japan, the general same location as the 6.8 earthquake a few days ago. The West needs to pay close attention to Japan because it has been predicted that an even large earthquake in Japan will cause nuclear destruction to spread around the world. No time was given but we need to be forewarned.

February 18, 2015 it was reputed by another psychic/seer that “Japan will suffer the trembling earth, spreading contamination in the world.”

Today is the UN day for Social Justice, we also call for World Prayer Day.

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Super New Moon/Black Moon Message-Destruction of the Vatican/Fatima Prophecy

February 18, 2015 is a Super New Moon in Pisces/Black Moon in Pisces.

The Super New Moon in Pisces is a time of revelations from with heighten psychic energy and abilities.

The Black Moon in Pisces represents Lilith and the dark and secretive energy. Pisces can be a time of unveiling illusions and delusions.

Last night I was visited by St. John the Baptist (Ascended Master), the forerunner who path the way for Jesus Christ. I know how hard  this is to believe but think how I must feel.

St. John the Baptist was a messenger of God as was Elijah and others during biblical times. They generally spoke of doom and gloom.

But St John the Baptist the messenger today is just as important as he was during those time.

The Third Prophecy of Fatima been misappropriated by the Vatican because back in November 20012 it was revealed that the Vatican would be destroyed. I personally had visions about the Vatican destruction in 2012.

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Train Derails in North Dakota

Originally posted on World Predictions:

This prediction has happened. We failed to get the details in a timely manner.

Notes on 2-15-15   I had a visual of a train rolling down the tracks, another tragic incident.

The Facts on 2-16-15: “BECKLEY, W.Va. (Reuters) – A CSX Corp train hauling North Dakota crude derailed in West Virginia on Monday, setting a number of cars ablaze, destroying a house and forcing the evacuation of two towns in the second significant oil-train incident in three days.” Quoted by:–finance.html

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