Spring Equinox: March 20/21, 2019

Happy Spring 2019




The Sun crossing the equator and moving from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere.

Aries at 0 degrees on the galactic plane and new life burgeoning and springing forth.

The Earth’s equator receiving equal amounts of daylight and nightlight, a time a balance, peace and harmony.

flares (2)

Happy Spring 2019

March 20, 2019 the sun produced a C-level solar flares around 11.00 UTC from sunspot 2735 which is Earth facing and may produced a CME at some point.

Proton Light Flare Increased Today:


The Schumann Resonance Report on the Rise:

sra (1)



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UPDATE March 21, 2019: Leading Up To The Great Solar Flash

shm (12).jpg

What you are looking at is something truly amazing for a 24-hour period the Schumann Resonance was white-out, and if that’s not enough the rate or amplification of the light waves of the white-out was beyond anything that was witnessed in many year.

Hertz peaks or ratings reach a level of 150 hertz more than once and during the full day, the hertz average more than 100 hertz. This is very extraordinary and indicate some type of major change.

Further analysis suggests that the period of high level activity was from 19:00 UTC March 16, 2019 to 19:00 UTC March 17, 2019 (1919 or 11).

Incidentally, another 24-hour period of white-out was on February 16, 2019 at 19:00 UTC to February 17, 2019 at 19:00 UTC.

But one month ago, the hertz amplifications did not reach the higher levels that were achieved this month.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 3/17 – A full 24 hours of Total White and now, as understandable, some rest before the next wave. We might see more of these in the near future while we get closer to the Shift.
  • 3/17 13:00 UTC – Looks like that with the powerful 120 Hz peak at about 12 UTC the impressive activity of the last one and half day is ending.
  • 3/17 10:00 UTC – It is massive massive, period. Such huge activity did happen before but there is the feeling this time is different. A lot of things suggest we are in a phase of great changes, something that we are probably going to see, all, awaken or not. Since our last update at midnight UTC the average amplitude has been way above 100 Hz. The massive spike happened at 2 UTC and reached 150 Hz, followed by 5 more, 3 at about 120 and 2 at 110 Hz.
  • 3/17 00:30 UTC – We are back at 85 Hz after 3.5 hours where the amplitude, and the Planet herself, “took a breath” below 30 Hz. It is still “Total White”. We are at [-2], just to remember, and the ones that want to look can see it.
  • 3/16 23:59 UTC -This is the recap until now, timings are UTC.
    1. From 12:30 to 13:30 above 120 Hz – Peak 130 Hz
    2. From 13:30 to 14:00 above 70 Hz
    3. From 14:00 to 15:30 above 55 Hz
    4. From 15:30 to 18:00 above 75 Hz – Peak 105 Hz
    5. From 18:00 to 19:00 above 52 Hz
    6. From 18:00 to 23:00 above 26 Hz – Peak 50 Hz

    As we are witnessing, today and the past weeks, several massive activities, it is likely the Solar System is getting well inside the Photon Belt.

iswa_download (3)

Cosmic solar wind speed are also whipping up a frenzy March 17, 2019 with 1093 km/s flare or 2,444,000 miles per hour flare hit the Earth, and not to mention that we are in Equinox Cracks season.

Solar Wind Violet Dragon: March 17, 2019

Spring 2019 could be one of the most important day’s in human history.

There has been many reports that March 20-21, 2019, The Spring Equinox a large flash of light will hit the Earth.

How or where will the Great Light come from, if it does arrive is unknown.

However, the Schumann Resonance and indication of light waves hitting the Earth has been extremely remarkable in the last week with a peak of energy hitting today at 130 Hertz.. that is unheard.

Two days ago I have a vision that was very interested as waves of energy was pouring down on the Earth from the Cosmos. Everyone was outside watching streaks of white lights or  meteors with white light was streaming down from the skies. It was coming down like sun rays or at angular degrees. Was this the Great Solar Flash?

The 130 Hertz hit at 12:30 UT March 16, 2019.

The Great Solar Flash or what’s to come is leading up to March 20-21, 2019.

Please stay tune!


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March Forward.. Fall Back

Like a rubber band that can stretch and recoil the month of March 2019 is moving forward and falling back.

The Mercury Retrograde the first of the year is causing all kinds of havoc with transportation and electrics. The unfortunate plane crash and deaths related to Boeing 737 Max 8 is an indicate of the retrograde.

Venezuela a country of 32 million people is in the dark (70%)  for 5 days straight and so far 20 people have died reportedly. The Black Out hit the country during the start of the retrograde.

Elvia Helena Lozano uses a kerosene lamp during a power outage at her home in Caracas on March 9, 2019.

Our Sun has produced a solar flare the first in about a year on March 8th and a CME is heading towards the Earth which may produced geomagnetic anomalies.

Note: a strange image of a bird flew from behind the Sun following the solar flare

The push and pull back of the Mercury Retrograde is affecting the Schumann Resonance Report as the power peaks in hertz are producing highs and lows, its very unstable. For the past two days, the highest hertz  counts were over 40 hertz which is triple its average rate. (see chart above)

With the change in day light savings time and the Sun, the Earth and Mercury conjunct this week (not to mention the Spring Equinox) , you may feel like a rubber band yourself.

What’s the answer to you feeling this energy fluctuation for the next 2-3 weeks, simply go within.

Slow Down You Move To Fast

Got To Make The Morning Last

Feel Groovy



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GPS System Failure: April 06, 2019- Brave Enough To Fly

Image result for gps reset april 6, 2019

If you thought changing to Day Light Saving Time March 10, 2019 would cause you to be late for church on Sunday morning, then you need to think hard about driving or flying on April 6, 2019.

Millions of GPS systems will experience a rollover week or when the navigation reboots to zero.

April 06, 2019 sees the GPS network go through a mini “millennium bug” of its own because the week number will roll back to a zero. While this is a known issue arising from the way the system works, it’s recommended that those in charge of critical infrastructure which make use of GPS, along with other businesses and users who believe a malfunction would result in problems, to prepare for the event.

Related image

The US Department of Home Land Security issued a statement about GPS Roller Week April 2019: Memorandum_on_GPS_2019

Apparently, on the said date GPS systems will be turned off for new updates and software which are completed every 20 years.

Related image

The first GPS satellites went live on 6 January 1980, meaning that the first epoch of GPS time lasted until 21 August 1999. We are now nearing the end of the second epoch, which will fall on the 6 April 2019. That means from that date onwards, we are likely to start seeing rollover problems in GPS receivers that aren’t programmed to cope with the week number reset.

The problem lies in the way GPS devices and satellites calculate time. Starting with the date of January 6, 1980, GPS devices count weeks, and the counting was originally contained in a 10-bit number field in the GPS device software. Two to the tenth power is 1,024, meaning that all GPS devices can count up to about 19.7 years — Aug. 21, 1999 when calculated from January 1980.


Secondarily, the World Magnetic Pole Model has shifted far beyond its predicted path that that a special meeting was held in Boulder, Colorado January 30, 2019 to make adjusts to it, those adjustments were not released to the public.

Image result for the world magnetic model

Changing World Magnetic Pole Model has already affected GPS systems which was discussed at the Colorado meeting of leading government officials.

The rollover or reset could affect older navigation systems, such as ships or old aircrafts, though smartphones are expected to be unaffected due to modern hardware.

But to play it safe on April 6, 2019, I will keep my feet on the ground.



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Putin’s Scientist Predict Mega US Earthquake (9.0) In Two Weeks

If President Putin is correct about a 9.0 earthquake striking America , then it should hit by March 20/21, 2019.

Apparently, the predictions is based off of large Oarfish that have been washing upon shores.


Yes, Oarfish which are ancient fish that swim in the deepest of waters and when they resurface on land be on the look out for large earthquakes.

Last January 2019 two Oarfish washed ashore in Japan and that was followed by a 5.6 quake February 2019 and a 6.0 quake March 1, 2019


Scientists say that earthquakes can not be predicted but others and mystics who have been following the behavior of animals such as bird and fish, say otherwise.

One mystics, Light of Mary has been speaking about the great American earthquake for many years and one day that great west coast earthquake will strike.

August 18, 2018:
Pray, the West Coast of the United States shakes, Japan continues to contaminate.

March 2, 2018:

The United States continues its purification, Nature gives it no truce and an earthquake alerts this nation.

June 15, 2016:

Chile shakes, California shakes. Mexico shakes and Central America shakes. The volcanoes continue erupting because of the heating up of the Earth’s core. England will weep bitterly. Lightings fall with force on earth, making news in the world. A lake will appear in the United States.

The Putin earthquake prediction also covers the geography of North and South America but every Spring we hear about a large earthquake on America’s west coast.

Time will tell.


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Double take lunar transit

On March 6, 2019 the Moon started to transit the sun, but it doubled back and retraced its steps. Well that is what it looked like from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) that is in orbit around Earth.

Source: Double take lunar transit

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James Gilliland, ECETI News 2-26-19… “Very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March”

Video from James Gilliland concerning galactic ships on March 7, 2019.

Was the large object that crossed the face of the sun March 7, 2019 an object from space that James Gilliland  mentioned.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory catches lunar freeze frame


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Leading Up To The Solar Flash: March 21, 2019

March 7, 2918

A REALLY WEIRD SOLAR ECLIPSE: Earlier today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed an eclipse of the sun–a strange kind of eclipse that you can only see while orbiting Earth. The black disk of the New Moon passed in front of the sun, reversed course, and did it again.

During the eclipse, which lasted just over 4 hours, as much as 82% of the sun was covered. Technically, that makes it an annular solar eclipse, not total. At maximum, an annulus or “ring of fire” completely surrounded the Moon.

The strange “double-dip” motion of the Moon across the sun is a result of orbital mechanics. Both SDO and the Moon are orbiting Earth, but at different speeds. SDO’s velocity of ~3 km/s is faster than the Moon’s velocity of 1 km/s. SDO thus overtakes the Moon first in one direction, then the other, during the long eclipse.


There is much talk about the Solar Flash on or near The Spring Equinox 2019.

Image result for equinox cracks


A Solar Flash is what we have been calling The Event a massive amount of Light or Plasma originated in the cosmos.

The Event is also named The X Wave.

Every Spring Equinox there is a Equinox Crack when cracks  are open in Earth’s geomagnetic field and any plasma waves coming from the Sun or the cosmic environment reaches the Earth and results in changes to our bodies, minds and souls.

The Solar Flash has been predicted to happened for roughly 4-5 years and while smaller flashes have solar light has hit the Earth back then but nothing like what was predicted.

Since January 1, 2019 large waves of solar light waves have hit the Earth like never before and maybe another batch of larger waves could strike March 21, 2019.

If we examine the Schumann Resonance Report, there is an indication that higher waves of energy are currently in amplification.

March 07, 2019

Large waves of energy hit the Earth a 54 Hertz wave at 12.23 AM (EST) and much large energy wave 89.00 Hertz at 3:30 AM (EST) hit for one hour. These large burst of waves are not the norm.

And, Helioplots which tracks seismic activity on the Earth has been going haywire most recently.  The plot below is from Bermuda March 07, 2019 and a non active plot show all white space.

Stay tune until March 21, 2019.




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The Aforementioned Return of Jesus Christ (In Pictures)

Image result for alfredo lo brutto christ image

March 1, 2019

An image taken by Alredo Lo Brutto from Italy could have been the aforementioned return of Jesus Christ.

The figure appeared during sunset over the Tyrrhenian Sea when the sun rays broke through the clouds above the town of Agropoli. A lot of people enjoying the sunset were greeted with the fascinating view, but only Alfredo Lo Brutto managed to capture it on camera, according to Italian media.

Mr Brutto said that, ‘I was enchanted by the view.’

Image result for alfredo lo brutto christ image

Enchantment is one thing and signs of the times is another.

Today is Ash Wednesday and what does Light of Mary about Lent and Jesus Christ.

Light of Mary, March 04, 2019:


Image result for christ redeemer in brazil

At the beginning of the Lenten season, My People are facing My Mercy and if repentance is due, I will place you in My Sacred Heart, where you will like the strength to support what comes to humanity, in the midst of foolishness of those who cause the shudder of My Church.





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New Moon In Pisces: Time For Healing


USGS Heliplots are active world-wide.

March 6, 2019

New Moon in Pisces a time for healing and new stars.

The Sun and Moon come together in a union of divine energy.

In Pisces we delve into the Cosmos and the spiritual depths of our soul, a good time with the Sun also in Pisces to explore the deep inner realms of your Being and yourself as One with the Universe. Open to your Celestial home and allow yourself to be open to your Hearts hidden depths and the Source where your essence gains its sustenance.
Knowing you are not alone but one with all creation, allow yourself to flow freely through all your filaments of Light, and for the Light of your true self to radiate through your being.
This is also a time to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings. Gaining compassion and a sense of selflessness in loving service to humanity by being the divine aspect you are from within.

In order to really serve humanity and have compassion for others we are our divine self and see it in all humanity, as a living Christ seeing yourself and others as already healed and divine.
Much can be achieved on this New Moon in your journey to unity,
selfless service, surrender and peace within and for all creation.
A focus on creating in the bigger picture, where are you at in the greater cycles, have you embraced the fact that we are becoming light and changing our sub atomic particles,
is there some resistance to change?
If you embrace the changes then tonight before sleep connect to the Source and ask the higher aspects of you in the Councils of Light, golden beings in the Greater Central Sun and Galactic Federation to assist you to become aware of your role more fully.

The Schumann Resonance was spiking this morning and peaked at 61 hertz which we all may be feeling today.


Catch the wave of love, light and transmission.





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