888-Eight Faces Around the Sun-August 08, 2015 (Lion’s Gate Portal)

August 02, 2015 I took pictures and noticed eight faces around the sun.

The 888 energy from the Lion’s Gate Opening is already pouring in from the Galactic Center, and  Sirius Black Hole via our Sun.

First photo:


The 888 energy will only intensified until August 08, 2015 which is the cap stone.

Second photo:


Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Reported 29th July.


“So there is light and there is Light. It is about being able to access and utilize the Light behind the light, the Light of the Great Central Sun, the Light that truly inspires us to awaken, to remember who we are, to be that which we are–which is the Light that is beyond the light, the knowing of The Presence of the divine of which we are. So it’s about peering through the surface and the layers that we have become enamored with and blinded by to allow a greater radiance, a truer light, to filter through that which we thought was all there is.”

Third photo:



“The Lion’s Gate Portal is a stargate that opens each year from July 26th to August 12th. This powerful portal of light code transmissions reaches its peak on 8/8. Please take some time during this powerful activating portal–and especially on 8/8–to sit in stillness, breathe deeply and meditate on the The Light behind the light, the Radiance of the Pure Light of the Source of All That Is.”


“8th August 2015 is one of the most potent, high frequency days of this year, with amazing potential for positive change, both globally and personally.
Numerological, 2015 is an 8 year (2+0+1+5 = 8.) The number 8 is associated with harmony, balance, abundance and power. When placed on its side, the 8 becomes the symbol for infinity ∞ and this is very apt as we are now stepping more into our role as co-creators of a New Earth with infinite creative possibilities.”


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August 04, 2015- Jupiter and Venus Conjunction-The Second Blessing of the 2015

August 04

, 2015 -Jupiter and Venus  (The Great Conjunction of 2015) will happened at 5:47pm (est) Philadelphia, pa-US.

This is the second of such conjunctions of the two very powerful planets/stars this year but will not be viewed from the skies because Venus is ‘behind’ the Sun and in retrograde mode in Leo until September 06, 2015.


On August 04, 2015, the moon will be in the sign of Aries the Ram, four days after a Full Blue Moon.

What this mean for you is another time to focus or pray on extra income, love, harmony, balance and well being. Particularly,  in light of the powerful Lion’s Gate Opening on August 08, 2015 (888).


8/4 (Tue)

“A Venus-Jupiter conjunction (28°35′ Leo) has long been considered one of the luckiest pairings in the sky. But to have them come together three times in four months is a special blessing!

Their first conjunction was on 7/1, the second (with Venus retrograde) is today (8/4) and their final meeting will be on 10/25. The first two conjunctions are in Leo, and the third will be in Virgo.

Venus and Jupiter are the two “benefics” of ancient astrology. In the broadest sense, Venus represents harmony, balance and equilibrium, while Jupiter represents expansion, exuberance and good fortune.

You can use this second Venus-Jupiter conjunction to generate extra income, energize your creativity, or ramp up your social life. With Venus in Leo, this conjunction is tailor-made for getting your creativity out there so others can enjoy it too!”


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“Pray for New Zealand It Will Suffer..Ground Will Shake Greatly”


A major earthquake watch starting tomorrow-August 03, 2015 thru August 07, 2015. The watch was issued by Solarwatcher.net and involves the Saturn 13 degree cycle which has proven to indict major earthquakes of magnitude greater 7-8, this data goes back to 201o.


Originally posted on melbrake:

“Pray for New Zealand, it will suffer; its ground will shake greatly.

Pray, My children, pray for Nicaragua, it will be purified.”

Spoken by Light of Mary, March 21, 2015

Not since Christchuch February 22, 2011, one of New Zealand’s most disastrous earthquake (6.3)  with thousands of injuries has there been concern for New Zealand.

Eric Leigh-Pink of World Predictions has put out an alert that New Zealand may be hit by another powerful earthquake in as much as three or four days from now. He requests that people who are of concern to get the word out and pray to help mitigate the  New Zealand earthquake.

In addition to New Zealand , Australia and Plymouth are potential targets are well.

We call join together in prayer, mediation, solitude and reflection.

“Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will…

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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Mary Magdalene ~ Mary Magdalene 8-8-8 Gateway


July 31, 2015- I had a vision about the New Mayan Year 2015-
The Planetary White Wizard
The being in the vision had a symbol over their third eye.
The symbol can be found in the image below.

Originally posted on melbrake:

Today, July 29, 2015 crop message in Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Is a wonderful reminder of the Heart Chakra and Heart Rose Petal of the Mother Goddess as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Goddess , African Goddess Osun, Goddess Venus, Mayan Goddess Ix-Chel and many more.
888-August 08, 2015-The Opening of the Lion’s Star Gate and Mary Magdalene 8-8-8 Gateway
As the Soul of Magdalene re-enters the Spirit of the Goddess through a submerging of infinity law with Unity law, we are witnessing a call for the Goddesses to arise out of the ashes like the phoenix.
Mary Magdalene has been Present deep within and around us these days! How can we not notice her Presence lately as she comes forth with such a power of emergence. WOW to that. Almost during every reading and session, as well as in my personal life, has Magdalene…

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The Truth About Roswell and Aliens

On July 08, 1947 in Roswell  New Mexico, beings from another dimension came to planet Earth because people from the Earth were working on nuclear technology and implementing nuclear technology.  The military based in Roswell, New Mexico (Roswell Army Field) was one of the first nuclear bases in America. One night before the 60th anniversary of Roswell, I was visited by three beings of  Light, they were yellow in nature as far as their glow. I thought the beings were angels at first but they began to speak to me telepathically about the Yellow Book and the Blue Book. The yellow beings told me that Roswell was a real and true experience and they told me  about the Yellow Book. Prior to this experience I had no knowledge of the Yellow Book or the Blue Book. The yellow beings also told me about the Blue Book which they showed me, the Yellow Book was more about information that explained the truth about Roswell. But the Blue Book was harder for me to defined. After many  years of trying to understand if my experience was real or image, I may never know but the knowledge about the exist of the Blue Book and to learn more about the Blue Book continues to this day. July 08, 2015 was the 66th anniversary of the Roswell experience and listening to an interview with Betty Andreasson Luca offers some information on what could have been the Blue Book, at least according to her experience. Rene Barnett interviews Betty Andreasson Luca and her husband on NightVision Radio July 11, 2015

Alien Abduction Nightmare -NightVision Radio – YouTube

Jul 11, 2015 – Uploaded by Inception Radio Network

Published on Jul 11, 2015. The resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio takes a trip back in …


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More San Francisco CA Disaster Related Predictions


Cascadia, the fault that “threatens to cause a major earthquake and tsunami in the US” (Update on the coming San Francisco earthquake)

The San Andreas fault, which runs from north to south California, is one of the most studied in the world and also the most feared in the United States.

What many do not know is that, a little further north, off the northwest coast of the country, there is another fault, the scientists, in the near future lead to even greater massive earthquake that originated in San Andrew in 1906 and devastated the city of San Francisco.

It is the underwater Cascadia fault, with a length of over 1,100 kilometers, stretching from the Canadian province of British Columbia to northern California.

It is located in the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate and the North American plate, and it was not until the mid 80s that scientists were aware of the danger it presents, being able to cause earthquakes of a magnitude greater than 9 degrees, accompanied by similar tsunamis that swept the north coast of Japan in 2011.

The lack of knowledge about this failure demonstrated by the stir caused few days ago the publication of an article in The New Yorker.

In him several investigators reported that in the coming decades expect Cascadia rupture cause in the states of Washington and Oregon which will provide the greatest natural disaster in US history

What little is known of this failure it is that the last time resulted in a massive earthquake was in 1700, when the US west coast It was populated by indigenous tribes that left no written record of the event, which caused a tsunami that reached the shores of Japan.

Now, thanks to the study of coastal sediments, scientists have been able to determine that the failure of Cascadia has shaken the earth more than 40 times in the last 10,000 years, resulting in excess of 9 degrees at an interval of about 500 years earthquake, although also they have a difference of only 200 years.

Already more than 300 years ago the last mega-earthquake which had a magnitude estimated between 8.7 and 9.2 degrees-and experts warn that the northeastern US You are not prepared for a disaster of this kind.


Originally posted on melbrake:

This thing about San Fransisco earthquake/nuclear disaster is coming in from all angles.

I suffer continuallyMySorrowfulPassion. It is notpassedand had noend. MyDolorosapassion isin placein the sufferingof eachof those people whoare torturedbecause ofmynameand becauseof the Faithin Me. Mysufferingis withall whoare brutallytorturedin My Name. “-Light of Mary

Recently, other mystic/seers have said about a San Francisco related disaster:

Urgent Message to Littlest of Servants- February 4th, 2015

“After Mass this morning during adoration I saw a angel dressed for battle who had a flaming sword in his hands with the words San Francisco on the blade. The angel then spoke and said the he was an angel sent to administer God’s Justice. That mankind was unjust while God’s Justice was not.

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Fireball turns sky green over Argentina (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT News


The Green fireball over Argentina helps to think about the orange fireball witnessed some years ago. Very powerful experience for the Argentinians.


Originally posted on Bryan Hall's "Awakening" ...:

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‘Next-door neighbor’: 2nd exoplanet discovered 21 light-years from Earth

Originally posted on peoples trust toronto:

Preview NASA astronomers have found another exoplanet outside the solar system. It’s larger than Earth and is 21 light-years from our planet.
Read Full Article at RT.com

Vía RT News http://ift.tt/1JV36sZ

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Leo 2015 Full Blue Moon and New Moon!

Originally posted on Cerena Childress, Astrologer!:

FULL Blue Moon!
New Moon!   

Full Blue Moon – Venus 0 Virgo Regulus, Jupiter Square Saturn!
Friday July 31, at 3:43 AM Pacific – 7 Aquarius 56

Leo Full Blue Moon July 31, 2015!

Blue Moon because in 7 out of every 19 years, two full moons will fall in the same calendar month and this is then! It is Jupiter’s last Full Moon in Leo! Fitting that the Sun is also in Leo, it’s own sign, celebrating Jupiter’s Leo passage.

It may be a Blue Moon, but this is a Golden time of year, summer magic at its finest! The nights are warm, the crickets are singing, the faeries are dancing. Abundant gardens are harvested and bounty stored. Seeds are drying and saved for next spring’s plantings.

Sun in Leo, is in it’s own sign! Moon in Aquarius, strange and holy! Both are fixed signs, supposed to stabilize. Leo would like a fixed income of pleasant spending…

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Earth could get just 12 hours’ warning of damaging solar storm


A major solar of this magnitude is very possible, from a vision about a major killshot solar flare.


Originally posted on Earth Changing Extremities:

Solar Energy Alert

A new report presumably being optioned by Michael Bay demonstrates that Earthlings would have only 12-hours to prepare if a solar storm ever threatened our planet. The Guardian reports on the report from the Space Weather Preparedness Strategy’s fears of “coronal mass ejection.”
The report explains:
Solar activity can produce x-rays, high-energy particles and coronal mass ejections of plasma. Where such activity is directed towards Earth there is the potential to cause wide-ranging impacts. These include power loss, aviation disruption, communication loss, and disturbance to (or loss of) satellite systems.
Relax, we’re not talking about anything that would require Bruce Willis. Even Nic Cage can stay chilling in whichever one of Genghis Khan’s summer palaces he’s currently hanging his cape. The strongest recorded incident of coronal mass ejection happened was the 1859 Carrington event. It was a brilliant lightshow that knocked out telegraphs all over Europe and North America…

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