Christine Day, Pleiadian – November Broadcast 2018

via Christine Day, Pleiadian – November Broadcast 2018

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What does a level 7 disaster mean?

It is the highest level on the seven-point International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), signifying a “major accident”. This describes “a major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures.” The only previous level 7 event was the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

From a spiritual point of view, Japan is the current level 7 nuclear disaster event since Fukushima and the situation has not improved since 2011.

Light of Mary has said since 2011 about Fukushima:

Pray, nuclear energy causes in man what he has not asked for: diseases and unprecedented pollution, expanding throughout the Earth.-September 2016

Pray children for Japan, the radioactive contamination that will lead to all Humanity is unprecedented.- November 2016

Pray, My children, pray for Japan, again scourge Humanity.- April 2017

In a recent November 2018 interview with Albert Lambremont Webre, we have entered a level 7 nuclear disaster event:





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Edward Morgan – Light Forces Plans for Planetary Liberation – 12-1-18 – via Prepare For Change .net

via Edward Morgan – Light Forces Plans for Planetary Liberation – 12-1-18 – via Prepare For Change .net

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THE 11/11 WAVE – The Event : Came From Outer Space

“There will be a great event on a global scale, but even so, man caught up in his whims and debauchery will pay no heed but rebel more against the Most Holy Trinity and against this Mother.” Light of Mary, September 05, 2018

More information about the November 11, 2018  wave that the world experienced via the oceans waters, the wave lasted for 20 minutes and repeated repeatedly every 17 seconds as it circled the globe.

The 11/11 Wave was a resonated sound wave at 1 hz per second. It was a circular signal that did not deviate.

Shredding new light on the 11/11 Wave origins is  none other than Q Anon (Q- Drop 2527) who said on December 2, 2018 that the wave took out spy satellites or satellite on that date.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a6527c No.4117452📁
Dec 2 2018 16:26:57 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 6b728e No.4117309📁
Dec 2 2018 16:19:11 (EST)
Think WAVES.
Define ‘unified’
SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?
[Controlled] moment activated? [17]
Do you believe in coincidences?
Do you believe your efforts here persuade people to stop the pursuit of TRUTH, [CA_J]?
There is a place for everyone.
This bit of information confirms what my guide told me that The Event would came from the Solar System and not be the result of some type of earthquake or earth based/man-made control event.
In March 18-19, 2018 I was given this message about The Event:
” The Event is Real. The Timing is Real.
Mankind Humankind. May not be ready.
They are forgettable. This Noble Act-gesture of Divine Grace.
To bring a bit of home to humanity and Earth. To release and relieve struggle and pain and human suffering, and Event like these will come.”
Related image
But as Q Anon is suggesting there are forces at work to try and prevent moments like 11/11 Event Wave and The Event from happening. As suggested when spy satellite was shut down by the waves of The Event, another newer and stronger CLAS Tech as activated. Q Anon even questions the timing of the activation of the newer satellite during the timing of the 11/11 Event.
Two days after the 11/11 Event Wave went public information was released by the US Defense Department that spoke of EMP Attacks from foreign governments.

In an extraordinary and sobering report meant to educate the nation on a growing threat, a new military study warns that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran could essentially challenge the United States and displace millions.

“Based on the totality of available data,” said the report from the Air Force’s Air University and provided to Secrets, “an electromagnetic spectrum attack may be a threat to the United States, democracy, and the world order.”

The report, titled, “Electromagnetic Defense Task Force,” and the product of a mostly classified summit of officials from 40 agencies just outside of Washington earlier this year, is a forceful call for a new focus on preparing for either an enemy EMP attack or a natural hit such as a solar storm.

The 11/11 Event was a natural event and may have come from the Sun.



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ADVENT December 2nd-December 24, 2018

Image result for advent


Brothers (Sisters):

We prepare ourselves to celebrate Advent, the “waiting time” in which each year we are offered as a time of Grace and Mercy so that, as children of God, we have the opportunity to mature and walk towards final conversion.


We must live this liturgical celebration more deeply, more mystically, so that we may live and internalize the mystery of that Child of the Crib who leads us to the final Parousia where the new creation of the New Heaven and the New Earth will begin. the Apocalypse speaks (cf. Rev 21.1).

This waiting for us, brothers, is not a fiction,IT IS THE GREATEST TRUTH THAT MAN CAN LIVE , but unfortunately that lamp that should remain full of fresh oil is saturated with the human self, which is so difficult for man to give up while there is no definitive reconciliation with Christ.




We live, yes, in the midst of Humanity devoid of Divine Love, of respect for our neighbor, of the pride that man takes from the devil, in the midst of injustice and the misery of the human heart, in the midst of the death of innocents, of creatures who do not know about the arrival of Christmas, because they live not only in misery, but in the midst of war, which does not allow them a break, in the midst of those who grow up hungry and thirsty and support themselves because they believe and do not renounce faith in God, in addition to being persecuted.


Therefore, brothers,WE OFFER THE CHILD GOD THE FINAL DECISION OF THE CONVERSION , to be every moment worthy to be called children of God and to love our neighbor as ourselves, not as enemies to whom we must chase.


Do not live this Christmas with a commercial or worldly sense, but before the moment in which we live, spiritually transcend and look from the perspective of hope, eager to pray for each other, to work for each other and share LOVE THAT IN THE MYSTERY OF THE INCARNATION PARTICIPATES US THAT GERM OF DIVINE LOVE AND THAT THEN BECOMES A MAN FOR THE SALVATION OF HUMANITY.


For the children of God, listening to the voice of the one who preached in the desert must bear fruit and motivate us to be human creatures open to the Love of God, to our neighbor and to be messengers of peace that alert each brother in time and untimely so that the Lord finds us with his arms crossed and his mouth covered, but THAT WE KEEP IN THAT CONSTANT WAITING AND DESIRING THAT THAT BIRTH OF THE CHILD JESUS ​​ACHIEVE THAT IN US NAZCA THE BURNING DESIRE TO BE ALL OF JESUS ​​AND ALL OF MARY HOLY.


Light of Mary

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Alaska’s Major 7.0 Earthquake Photos And Videos

November 3, 2018- Light of Mary said this about earthquakes, “..great earthquakes will happen in one place or another.” Today 7.2-7.0 major earthquake which resulted in significant damage to Anchorage, Alaska and tsunami is something to pay heed to.

Earth Changing Extremities

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Image result for strange seismic wave shakes the world

November 11, 2018 at 9:30 UT something happened on the Earth plane that has never happened before. Was this Event, the Event that has been foretold in 2016, 2017 and 2018 some are calling the Event, The Universal Warning.

The 11/11 Event was also predicted by Light of Mary who said this November 13, 2018:

The earth trembles from North to South and from East to West, the United States suffers from within.

Which I find very interesting because on the night of November 10, 2018 I had a vision about a crossroads showing the East, West, North and South and directional degree.

Furthermore, Light of Mary adds:

My people, the earth trembles at the imminence of the fulfillment of the Prophecies of My Mother and of Me; man stops believing that I anticipate the suffering of Humanity so that you would convert – not out of fear, but out of love and in order to save your souls.

And, one last warning from November 13th:

The celestial bodies remain in constant movement, threatening the Earth.


What is the Universal Warning:


The universal WARNING will be a cosmic event unprecedented in the history of humanity, a phenomenon of unknown nature to science; according to many seers it will be like switching on a LIGHT from the depth of the Cosmos, that comes directly from God and that will have a great repercussion on earth for approximately 20 minutes, it will be visible to the human eye but it will also be an invisible force that will stir the conscience of men, causing in human beings a great emotional, psychological and spiritual shock, nevertheless it will not produce any direct physical damage; however, it could very well be defined as “the last effort from heaven” so that humanity will have a clear conscience of God and of sin, broadening the spiritual dimension and the understanding of the MAGNITUDE of the distance we have created from God because of our sins.

In other words, this universal Warning will be a great test for the conscience of humanity, it will not be, however, something that will alter the course of the catastrophic events that we must confront, rather it will be an opportunity to change our view concerning this reality, being able to  gain from it immense spiritual benefits.

This event extensively revealed by God to many of His instruments around the world, is not actually widely publicly known, which at the same time not quite believable by others; undoubtedly the reader will ask himself why is that something of such an enormous magnitude has remained silent?  Perhaps the response is because it has not been linked neither to science (because it lacks tangible elements) nor to religion (because of its private revelation nature) which at the end remains solely on men of faith.

Some of the messages given by Jesus and Blessed Mary through chosen souls all through the years explain or have given some knowledge in details regarding its nature, and the effects that the human race will experience and the time in which this great Warning of God to humanity will occur.

It should be mentioned that this knowledge is given to chosen instruments in the form of internal locution, many times accompanied by visions and also in mystical forms, that is to say, to experience the event in its human nature – spiritual, feeling in this way the effects that the Warning will create, thus providing the knowledge of its true magnitude.

Many revelations have been known from authentic seers regarding this great WARNING of God to humanity for some time now, but it all started with the apparitions of Garbandal, where this subject matter has been transmitted to the five continents, having been understood in a more extensive context.  Let’s see now a brief synthesis of one of the most extraordinary Marian apparitions of history

Image result for strange seismic wave shakes the world

November 11, 2018 at 9:30 UT an event happened in the form of a wave of sound that circled the globe,  the wave of energy begin in the Southern Indian Ocean and travel near the surface of the water for 20 minutes at very low hertz frequencies ( 1 Hz) and repeated repeatedly every 17 seconds. Some are saying that people did not hear the sound wave but many people did but were not aware of what it was. I had a vision of this event on November 11, 2018 but I could not make heads or tails of it until I read a news article about it.

This type of event has been classified as an earthquake but earthquakes shake and the earth was not quaking for a straight 20 minutes but the world was humming for 20 minutes with a low frequency sound. This is never happened before and science can not rationally explained what happened and why. So, I can only look to something greater, deeper and spiritually for meaning.

Even for The Event that so many have been waiting for, this sound wave does not completely match those conditions because there was no visible light in the sky and everyone did not stop what they were doing to take a look, and as for the Universal Warning, two stars or celestial objects did not collide in the skies.

In spite of the specifics of the Event and the Universal Warning, something did happen on the Earth that has never happened before that circumvent the planet in the wave of sound energy that was very musical and magical, and special.




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Violet Fire Dragon: November 11, 2018 (11:11:11)

Confirmation: November 11, 2018 A shock wave of energy travel around the globe. The wave of energy begin in the Indian Ocean near a small Island Mayotte. It was not an earthquake or tremor. But part of a portal opening and wave of new energy of love. It was a signal message that used recorded monochromatic jig jig format (words) that was the same message repeated repeatedly for 20 minutes. It was a broadcast!


We wanted to say again that yesterday’s Violet Fire Flame was just too amazing as in Senja Norway an image of a solar flare that took the form of a green and purple/violet dragon. In addition, this confirms a vision days before that I had about a purple dragon: Riding The Purple Dragon.

Phoenix Corona Over Senja, Norway
Taken by Adrien Mauduit on November 11, 2018 @ Medfjordvær, Senja, Norway

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President of China: Xi Jinping Invaded US

November 27, 2018

I experienced a vision that the President of China, Xi Jinping started a war by invading the US.

China and the US has been in a fierce trade war since Trump that is leading to a cold ward but what really are the Chinese ambitious. To become a super power and world leader, and knock off the US. Anything is possible in politics, and geo-politics.

This idea is not far fetched and others have been given visions of China dominance on the world stage.

“China will send fourth its army and Russia will join its enemies to seek to rule over the nation of freedom. In the East where the statue of freedom dwells the cities will be blackened” Light of Mary

Recently, China and Russia has grown closer militarily and economically and could the US be their intended foe.







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Beached New Zealand Whales A Prediction For Large Earthquakes

Last Saturday in New Zealand 145 pilot whales were beached on the shore at Steward Island. The number of pilot whales that came ashore is nearly as twice the number of inhabitants on the island.

This could be an ecological disaster for Steward Island but what may have lead to this series of events.

“Factors can include sickness, navigational error, geographical features, a rapidly falling tide, being chased by a predator, or extreme weather,” the New Zealand Department of Conservation explained. “More than one factor may contribute to a stranding.”

For centuries, scientists have stated animals are more in tune with the Earth than we are, leading many to believe that the mass-beaching of whales on New Zealand’s South Island is a forecast for an impending quake.

In the weeks before the earthquake in the Indian Ocean which triggered the catastrophic Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, which killed more than 230,000 people, more than 170 whales washed up on the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

In early December 2004, just weeks before the tsunami, Dr Arunachalam Kumar, professor at Kanachur Medical College in India posted this chilling premonition: “It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world, are in someway related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field coordinates and possible realignments of geotectonic plates thereof.

“The Earth is shaking with greater force, the waters are stirred up with greater force, the winds roar and greater extraordinary speed, fire destroys villages..” Light of Mary, September 30, 2018

Could the pilot whales have lost their way with changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields, and could these changes lead to greater earthquakes for the planet.

Last year February 2017, about 400 pilot whales came aground in New Zealand as well.  And larger earthquakes did follow in pursuit later in the year.


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