June 2022:Remarks On The Sky- The Grand Celestial Alignment

June 22, 2022

In case you have noticed the June skies are been producing amazing images and spectacular things.

For the rest of this month from June 24, 2022 and into early July 2022 all of our solar system planets will be in alignment early in the morning before the glare of the Sun blankets everything with its Summer Solstice and Midsummer Light.

All eight planets will be in alignment from the Sun in their order of distance or appearance from the Sun and each planet will be in its astrological ruling sign and its corresponding ruling planet.

D1 Chart: Sun- Leo Mercury- Virgo Venus- Libra Saturn – Aquarius D9 chart: Mercury- Gemini Mars – Aries Jupiter – Pisces Saturn – Aquarius.

June 20, 2022 diamond light codes appeared in the sky in the Northeast portion.

Diamond Light Codes in the sky during Summer Solstice June 2022

Beautiful red clouds were in the Southwest sky during the Summer Solstice sunset.

A red glow stretched across the Milky Way. It looked like the aurora borealis, as shown in this photo from Christopher Hoffman in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland:

Red sky June 2022


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June 21, 2022 Summer Solstice Diamond Light Codes

June 21, 2022

Happy Summer Solstice or Litha!

As the Sun stand stills on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge of the Universe and sits on a crossroad.

The Sun receive Diamond Light Codes from this Universal Cross and nearing the Gates of Heaven.

June 20, 2022 we witness Diamond Light Codes in the Northern portion of the sky.

An ancient “School of Prophets” understood much about the cosmos and used natural time-cycles to mark out the course of history. For them the cosmos seemed somehow much closer and more relevant than it does today.

Among other things they believed that there were specific doorways or gates leading in and out of “heaven”. These portals were believed to be located at the points where the ecliptic (the pathway followed by the Sun in its annual progression along the zodiac) crosses over the Milky Way.

Significantly the Sun now sits at one of these gateways at the solstices. By a process of analogy: “As Above, So Below”, this indicates that it is now these “stargates” are opening. Adrian Gilbert

As mentioned in the above quote Summer Solstice Sun now rises on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge letting us know we are at the Turning of a Great Age. This is an event that occurs in the current configuration about every 26,000 years and lasts for at least 72 years – because that is how long it takes the Sun to move 1 degree through the backdrop of the stars.

At the very least we know we are still near the exact center point when the ‘stargate’ or ‘portal’ is wide open during the solstices. The Sun acts as a doorway to the incoming energies, illuminating and opening the stargate to other realms and dimensions as it rises, sets and tracks across the sky during the solstice time.

The Sun is a star giving off star light, and so the Sun carries its own starry codes that help to activate the area of the sky it is passing through. The Sun is necessary for life on planet Earth as we know and also it has the ability to calibrate our own frequency to the higher frequencies available at this time – especially during a Solstice or Stand Still time as it concentrates the star energy coming to us from the Galactic Edge for several days. This can help with healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues when applied with awareness and a loving intent.


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June 21-23, 2022: Summer Solstice-The Solar Dance

June 19, 2022

For the next three days starting June 21, 2022 the Sun will stand still and maybe dance. We call this phenomenon the Summer Solstice.

A recent crop circle in the UK produced a magnificent solar symbol with large rays and ten prisms indicting the rays of light from a rainbow.

 Hackpen Hill White Horse, Nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June

Crop circle and solar symbol

We believe that the June 19th UK crop circle at Hackpenn Hill Wiltshire is a solar symbol with rays of rainbow light will would look more like the below below from the glyph that was drawn in the grass.

Whirling Rainbow and Solar Symbol
Solar and Rainbow Weaving

Native American have a tradition and folklore pertaining to the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy and celebrated the Sun Dance on the Summer Solstice.

In North America, the tradition of The Sun Dance has been going on for generations among the Native American people. It is said that the Native Americans organised the felling of a tree which would be painted and placed at the site of the dancing ceremony. 

The sun dance was executed by young warriors and it was said it brought the dancers visions. Offerings were also made on these occasions in order to honor the Great Spirit (which they believed the sun was a manifestation of). Sun Dances involved fasting, body painting, sweat lodges and lasted for days. 

For a period of time Sun Dances were outlawed in Canada & the US in an attempt to Westernize the Native tribes. Fortunately these laws were lifted in 1950’s & 1970’s respectively. Nowadays, many Native American cultures hold their Sun Dances open to the public as a means of educating non-Natives about their traditions.


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June 15, 2022: M3-Class Super Solar Flare Coming on 666

June 13, 2022

The Sun produced another impressive 8-hour solar long during eruption or LDE and in the process a CME or solar flare will hit the Earth June 15, 2022 which in numerology breaks down to the 666 or the Mark of the Beast.

The Black Sun

Also in numerology the number 666 is the Black Sun and the planet Saturn.

A CME launched by yesterday’s slow-motion solar flare (described below) is expected to pass near Earth on June 15th. Geomagnetic storms are possible if the CME makes contact. NOAA forecasters say minor G1-class storms are likely, with a chance for G2 (moderate) and a slight chance of G3 (strong) storms. 

While NOAA predicts a glancing blow from the CME other models are showing a direct hit on June 15, 2022.

The graph below show this.

The LDE was a huge solar event and produced a massive explosion from the Sun and a M3 solar flare.

LONG-DURATION SOLAR FLARE AND CME: Growing sunspot AR3032 exploded on June 13th (0407 UT), producing an M3-class solar flare that lasted nearly 8 hours from beginning to end. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the slow-motion blast:

Solar blast from sunspot 3032


Energy is surely increasing this June and the Summer Solstice is next week and another 666 signature is in the works as well.


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June 14, 2022: Strawberry Full Moon Meets Fiery Solar Flares

June 12, 2022

The strawberry full moon will rise at 7:52 am Philadelphia time and in the sign of Sagittarius which is one of the fire signs.

Sagittarius is also a mutable sign and that indicts unknown and unpredictable movement because it is a ground-breaker.

The ruler of Sagittarius is the giant benefice planet Jupiter and its transverse in another fire sign June 14, 2022: Aries.

With this yummy strawberry full moon, the Earth will be hit by a fiery solar flare from a propulsion from the Sun on June 10, 2022.

M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: A new sunspot emerging over the sun’s northeastern limb exploded this morning (June 10th @ 10:54 UT), producing a long-duration M1-class solar flare. Radiation from the flare caused a minor shortwave radio blackout over Africa.

Sunspot 3030

A full moon is a time of releasing old energy and letting go and a mutable such as Sagittarius helps to motivate us to do just that.

The solar flare from the Sun that produced the M1 class solar flare will arrive to the Earth June 13-14, 2022 and will be a direct hit.

Time shows when the solar flare to strike Earth

The best approach to handling this double whammy of red and hot fire energy from the celestial heaven is used with grounding on the Earth. Do not fight or resist it but embrace, release and allow.


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Saturian Keys

June 09, 2022



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June 08, 2022



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Binary Code Prediction and Future Time in the Year 2059

June 04, 2022

In a recent crop circle that appeared in the UK on June 4, 2022 in the shape of the letter M or W depending on how its viewed, the crop circle when deciphered is written in code and binary code with a message about our future.

Owl House, Wiltshire June 04, 2022
Owl House, Wiltshire June 04, 2022

This very simple but unusable crop circle has four sections and each section has 8 circles; some are circles with open-ends and other are circles with closed-ends.

In fact, the Owl House Wiltshire crop circle is written in binary code and applying the zeros and ones of binary code language, the crop circle remarkably has a written message for mankind or people-kind.

In order to decipher the circle and there are more than one way to understanding its true meaning, we are reading from left to right as the planets and stars in the heavens rotate in that manner.

The first 8 rows of numbers translates in the number 205.

The second 8 rows of numbers translates in the number 9.

The third 8 rows of numbers translates in the letter I

and the last 8 rows of numbers translates in the letter Y.

When the final deciphered information is arranged the message from the crop circle said including you (or everyone) the year 2059, we believe that the messages points to major changes living on the Earth for humanity in the year 2059 and beyond that time.

For instance, it is predicted by futurists that the Oil Age will end in 2059 and futurists are predicting the following:

Mankind began to escape the confines of its crowded home planet with a permanent colony on Mars in the 2050s. Even greater advances in computing power saw AI beginning to play a major role in business and government decisions. Economic growth was now under severe strain, however, due to ecological impacts, resource scarcity, demographic trends, technological unemployment and other factors.

But just after 2059, the situation could be desperate for the people of the Earth

By 2060, the world’s population had begun to level off and plateau. This was partly a result of declining fertility rates (aided by improvements in education and birth control), but also from significant numbers of deaths caused by deteriorating environmental conditions. Entire nations were now being devastated by the effects of climate change. Despite advances in technology, the fundamental problem remained that humanity was consuming too much, too fast, beyond what the Earth could sustainably provide. Desperate attempts were made to improve carbon capture and geoengineering methods, but the sheer magnitude of this crisis would persist for decades to come.

Beside the future time line from futurists, other predictions were made about the years 2052 and looking further that are based on ancient predictions and the Mayans.

Predictions for Katun 13 Ahau (2032-2052) The Maya did not predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012. But they did predict major problems for civilization between the years 2032-2052. As noted in the two previous chapters on Mayan 2012 predictions, the Maya believed civilization operated on a 256-year cycle broken into thirteen 20-year periods known as the ‘Cycle of 13 Katuns.’ For each 20-year katun the Maya had a prophecy or prediction.

This is a time of total collapse where everything is lost. It is the time of the judgement of God. There will be epidemics and plagues and then famine. Governments will be lost to foreigners and wise men, and prophets will be lost. Since the Maya believed the Katun cycles repeated once every 256 years, it is helpful to look back at previous years associated with Katun 13 Ahau and see what happened then to be better able to foresee what might happen in the future.

Why would a message about the Earth’s future be presented in a binary crop circle because most would not believe it, if the message was in plain sight.


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June-July 2022: Full Planetary Alignment-All Planets In Straight Line

June 04, 2020

Early June 2022 all the planets that circle our Sun will be on the same side of the Sun and particularly on June 24, 2020 all the planets will be in a straight line in order of placement and how they each separately rotate around the Sun.


June 24, 2022 planet parade

Parade of planets

All seven major planets congregate in the morning sky — yes, all seven! The five naked-eye planets line up in order of distance from the Sun, stretched along the ecliptic. The Moon joins in later this month. The morning spectacular is perfectly situated for hours of remarkable telescopic views, beginning when Saturn rises soon before midnight in late June. Within a span of just over 90°, you can spy the rings of Saturn, the atmospheric belts and the Galilean moons of Jupiter, the rusty surface of Mars, the phase of Venus — and a fleeting glimpse of Mercury.

The presence of all seven planets in the morning sky is a relatively rare sight. Of course, following last year’s conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the fact that the other planets gather near them is not that unusual.

On June 24, the five classical planets and a crescent Moon span the eastern sky in order of distance from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. All are visible to the naked eye.

Uranus and Neptune are also in the mix. Both can be observed in binoculars or with a small telescope before the onset of twilight. Uranus stands 6° east of the Moon that morning, shining at magnitude 5.9 in Aries the Ram. Neptune is in western Pisces, 11.5° west of Jupiter and magnitude 7.8.

June 06, 2022 is when a portal will open up in the heavens with the 666 signature and June 24, 2022 is another 666 signature portal opening as well. On June 1, 2022 the sun released a solar flare projection that will hit the Earth on June 6th and thereby introduction cosmic energy waves during the planetary alignment.


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Extinction Level Event :ELE

June 03, 2022

We have come across some really disturbing information about an Extinction Level Event or ELE for all the people of the Earth. We don’t know to believe this information or not because we believe that there is hope for humanity, if not all of us then a large portion of us.

One of the last known ELE was during the times of the dinosaurs that supposedly lead to the formation of humankind in Africa.

The Holocene extinction, otherwise referred to as the sixth mass extinction or Anthropocene extinction, is an ongoing extinction event of species during the present Holocene epoch (with the more recent time sometimes called Anthropocene) as a result of human activity.

And though this information is not scientific but spiritual, we have received a great deal of information from our own Guides to know truth from false truths, and nothing that we have heard thus far leads us to believe that this information is truth.

Some of the information leading up to the ELE rings true but the total destruction of human life on Earth can not be true. Specific time frames are never available and only signs of the movements of planets and the stars are in the offering.

For example the message about the ELE points to the famous three days of darkness followed by the Great Illumination and the Great Tribulation (that we have written about many times ourselves).

We will share the heart of this new information about another ELE on the Earth because we are curious about its purpose and meaning.

The message was released May 5, 2022 by someone who calls themselves Lorena and it goes like this:

Humanity will become extinct as happened with the Dinosaurs, Rain of Fire will end this perverse Humanity, but My King and Lord has a Plan for His children who will be Raptured before time, to be Preserved from the Rain of Fire, but if you want to be one of the Survivors and Precursors of the New Humanity, you must, with a Contrite and Humiliated Heart, ask for FORGIVENESS and give ALL of yourselves so that Heaven may see your Hearts with pleasure.

Many will be Martyrs, but there will be those who will be Preserved by the Hand of God, this Just and Merciful Hand will take His children out of chaos to take them out of the Stratosphere, where they can remain safe from EVERYTHING that happens in the World.

This Extinction of Life will be when the 3 days of Darkness are carried out, God the Father will exterminate EVERY Stain of Sin and the Earth, turning and changing its axis, will be Transformed into an Earthly Paradise, where the children of God will live, THE ONES who followed His Precepts and Commandments.

As we always say, time will tell.


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