Liz Truss Crashes The Pound

September 29, 2022


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Something Strange Happened September 24, 2022


In case you were wondering what happened September 24th, several eyewitness took camera videos of UFOs flying in the sky near Philadelphia, pa.

We don’t know how many people show the event and the local news media are saying that the object is a space flight from Florida, and that’s a joke we really can not see rockets lifting off from that area this far North with our naked eye.

Whatever happened on September 24th was later in the evening and after 7:30 PM when most people where safely in their homes and we did not see it at all.

One mystic wrote September 23, 2022:

You will see a celestial body burning in the sky and approaching Earth.

Resist, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, resist.

Continue to be attentive without falling into despair.

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The FEW vs All of US

September 24, 2022

Spelled backward the World Economic Forum Or WEF is the FEW.

Basically the FEW at the top making decisions for the world about the many, and the saying goes if you are not the table during decision making then you are on the menu.

In June 2020, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) and then-Prince Charles (“Charles”) launched The Great Reset. In an article announcing its launch, Klaus Schwab wrote that “all aspects of our societies and economies” must be “revamped,” from education to social contracts and working conditions. “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed … In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

Not to be outdone, Charles said: “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this [coronavirus] crisis — its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change … It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again.”

June 03, 2020 Prince Charles released a short video in support of the Few including himself and the billionaire House of Windsor. The video can be located on the official Royal Family you tube page.

In a video recorded for the launch of Climate Week in New York in September 2020, Charles called for a “new Marshall-like plan” to fight global climate change – a reference to the US plan to aid Europe after World War II.

At COP26 he escalated this war-like rhetoric calling for a military-style campaign.

In the video from Prince Charles he paints a doom and global threat like the movie “I am Legend” where all the people had died from a virus and only the FEW were left as survivors.

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The Movie King Charles III Released in 2017 Predicts Him Abdicating And Prince William Taking Over

September 21, 2022

King Charles III is a 2017 future history television film adapted by Mike Bartlett from his play of the same title. It is directed by Rupert Goold, director of the original play, and stars most of the play’s original cast including Tim Pigott-Smith, who died before the film was broadcast, as Charles.

Written in blank verse and set in the future, the film focuses on the reign of Charles III (who at the time of the film’s release was Prince of Wales) and the surrounding political drama as a result of his accession to the throne. It was broadcast on 10 May 2017 on BBC Two in the UK, before being broadcast on 14 May 2017 on PBS Masterpiece in the US.[2] A DVD of the film was released in the UK on 15 May 2017.

The movie which we discovered playing on even predicated that Prince Harry would hook up with a black woman and Harry would end up being a commoner before Prince Harry got married in 2018.

We reported on other sources that predicted King Charles III would abdicate because of his unpopularity much like King Richard III.

A series of chilling predictions by Nostradamus about the Queen’s death in 2022 – and the sudden abdication of King Charles III – have been uncovered.

The French astrologer and seer has attracted international notoriety for predicting future events such as the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks, the Iraq War, the death of Princess Diana and the coronavirus pandemic.

Now passages published by Nostradamus in 1555 show his insights into the “Abdication of Charles III of England” following the death of the Queen.

For the year 2022, the seer’s revelations included the start of a new world war, the farewell of a queen, a global shake-up, with natural events, which will trigger worldwide chaos and power struggles, as well as the fall of a meteorite, an economic collapse and earthquakes.

According to Nostradamus, King Charles will be forced out by the British public after they decide he is “unworthy”, leading to an unexpected man being named as the new king.

A man, who, later, they considered unworthy. “The people will force out the King of the Islands. “A man will replace him who never expected to be king.”

Author Mario Reading, a leading expert on Nostradamus, deciphered more of the astrologer’s predictions on the subject in his book: Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies For The Future.

In it, Reading explains that Nostradamus successfully predicted that the Queen would die in 2022. “This quatrain will come as no surprise to the British people and it has wide implications,” Reading wrote. “The preamble is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around ninety-six, five years sort of her mother’s term of life. “Prince Charles will be crowned in her stead, and become ‘King of the Islands’, the implication here being that he is no longer king of the other regions in the world over which his mother reigned – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. – which will have, in the interim, become republics.” According to Nostradamus, Charles’ reign will be brief and utterly disastrous. His subjects, the British people, will rise up against him, furious with his betrayal of the British nation. Could Nostradamus be referring to Charles’ close friendship with Klaus Schwab and his allegiance to the World Economic Forum? Charles has already sworn allegiance to the globalist WEF, signalling that the Great Reset is his number one priority, which places the sovereignty of his nation in peril.

Nostradamus goes on to claim that the public’s ongoing anger towards Charles is so great that when his agenda is revealed, he will be forced to abdicate. Reading explains: “The pressure on him is so great, and his age so much against him, that Charles agrees to abdicate in favor of his son. “The question is, which son? For in the last line Nostradamus makes it very clear that ‘a man will replace him who never expected to be king’. “Does that mean that Prince William, who would have expected to succeed his father, is no longer in the picture? This would mean that woke Prince Harry, favorite of the World Economic Forum, becomes king in his stead? That would make him King Henry IX, aged just 38. The predictions have created a storm online, prompting many to claim the global elite are manufacturing a situation in which Harry and his wife Meghan become King and Queen consort of England.

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Tall White Grey Aliens Attend Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

September 20, 2022

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has some surprises when several tall white grey aliens was ahead of the Queen’s coffin. As the Queen was dying a few of the Tall White Grey Aliens came to her aide.

Royal watchers were stunned by the strapping stature of Queen Elizabeth II’s assistant private secretary, who was spotted standing head and shoulders above other mourners at the monarch’s funeral on Monday.

Matthew Magee — who measures 7 feet, 2 inches tall — walked ahead of the queen’s coffin during an outdoor procession, with many taking to Twitter to ask the identity of the “insanely tall” mystery man.

Matthew Magee was hired by Buckingham Palace to replace Samantha Cohen as Queen Elizabeth II’s assistant private secretary in 2018. Before being promoted, he was the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward’s private secretary and accompanied the Wessex Royals on many occasions.

However, netizens are now comparing the royal aide to Paul Whybrew, affectionately known as “Tall Paul,” who has been Queen Elizabeth II’s aide for 44 years. Tall Paul is 6 ft 44 inches in height and was placed in front of the Queen’s coffin during the funeral procession.

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7.6 Mexico City Earthquake Localized Tsunami Threat Issued by USGS

September 19, 20222

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck southwestern Mexico on Monday, prompting evacuations and buildings to sway in the capital, and occurring on the same day as large tremors registered in 1985 and 2017.

The earthquake was near La Placita de Morelos, in Michoacan state along the Pacific Coast, about 475 kilometers west of Mexico City, according to the United States Geological Survey. Hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 300 kilometers of the epicenter, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said, asking people located in the threatened coastal areas to remain alert.

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September 19, 2022: The Last Day of Ten Days of Darkness- World Leaders And Economic Forum Meeting

September 18, 2022

Tomorrow the official office of Queen Elizabeth II will come to its end but world leaders have been gathering in London since September 18th , and an official event at Buckingham Palace hosted by King Charles III for world leaders is planned the weeping public is not invited.

Could the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and the last few days of the ten days of darkness be a ruse for a meeting of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum which met last in Davos May 22-26, 2022.

With the death of the queen, the end of a panic and a certain world war the World Economic Forum has a lot to discuss, and let’s not forget that the now King Charles III is a proponent and supporter of Klaus Schwab , and spoke at one of its meetings in January 2000.

Then Britain’s Prince Charles gives keynote address at the 50th World Economic Forum in which he will launch his new initiative, the Sustainable Markets Council. Prince Charles stood at the podium behind a series of 666 symbols.

President Biden arriving in the London ahead of the queen’s funeral in the beast or is Biden going to meet the Beast.

World leaders such as President Biden will attend the funeral and no US President has attended an event as such in a century, Japan emperors only attend their own emperors funerals but Emperor Akihito will attend the funeral, and Mohammed Bin Salman received an invitation for the queen’s funeral but its report that he will not attend the funeral and will meet with King Charles III to show his respect.

It appears the world leaders were called to travel to London by King Charles III.

Whatever happens in the last few days before the end of the ten days of darkness is this, the Queen is dead and King Charles III is also the King of WEF.

We now have a new King. King Charles III. Is this the beginning of a new era… or simply a change of cast? Charles is an advocate for the World Economic Forum, for the ‘green’ agenda, the goals of Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset.

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Update: We Are In The 8th Day Of Darkness: Schumann Resonance Ten Days Of Darkness or Blackout

September 14, 2022

We have two full days to go before we complete the ten days of darkness which should conclude September 16, 2022. But the Queen’s funeral will be televised September 19th which is when the UK ten days of darkness comes to is completion.

The ten days of darkness or blackout of the Schumann Resonance has never been recorded before and is unprecedented, the recording stations that are showing black outs are all over the world.

For eight days now, technology that measures the “Schumann Resonance” (SR) has been blacked-out in the state of California (USA); in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia; in Lithuania, in Alberta (Canada); in Northland, New Zealand; in Hluhlu, South Africa; and in Tomsk, Russia.

What must be understood is that these are major reporting stations regarding our planet’s Vibrational Frequency (oscillations due to ACTIVATIONS upon “Her” via solar events) and amplitude (the strength and extent of the solar events upon our planet’s inner core and outer field).

Other equipment is being reported to be in fine working condition, but these are different types of technology.

They measure the “Electric Field” of our planet—not the ACTIVATIONS (which some scientists call “disturbances”) to our planet caused by such forces as solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, our planet crossing solar sector boundaries and helio-spheric current sheets, etc.

Speaking of electric field on September 05, 2022, an enormous explosion erupted from behind the sun on Monday, and scientists think its source could be rotating toward the Earth in the coming days.

On September 5, NASA‘s STEREO-A spacecraft recorded a significant coronal mass ejection (CME)—an eruption of plasma and magnetic activity from the sun’s atmosphere—that occurred on the far side of the sun.

CMEs occur all the time, some facing toward Earth and some facing away from it. But George Ho, a space physicist at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab (APL) who works with the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter satellite, told solar activity news website that the September 5 explosion was so big that “science papers will be studying this for years to come.”

The explosion was so huge that it rocked the whole surface of the Sun both far side and Earth facing side.

“I can safely say the Sept. 5th event is one of the largest (if not THE largest) Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) storms that we have seen so far since Solar Orbiter launched in 2020,” he said.

The next day September 06, 2022 the Schumann Resonance went dark or black out.

” I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord” Joel 2:30-31

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Schumann Resonance: Ten Days of Darkness Blackout Coincides With Ten Days of Mourning

September 11, 2022

As of today the Schumann Resonance has gone black and today hours of black at the time of this reporting is 133 hours.

The first day of darkness or the blackout for the Schumann Resonance was September 06, 2022.

Schumann Resonance Today 11/9 17:00 This is with absolute certainty the longest darkening period we have recorded so far since we started reporting Schumann Resonance movements. At this time we have reached 133 of obscuration and are heading towards the sixth consecutive day.

Schumann Resonance Today 10/9 17:00 Having reached the 109 consecutive hours of blackout there are another 11 hours to reach the five Days Of Darkness, one of the longest, if not the longest, periods in our memory. The energy fluxes arriving on the Planet could be too powerful and have sent the recording equipment into a tailspin.

Schumann Resonance Today 10/9 08:00 We have passed the fourth consecutive day of darkness, to be precise we are at 100 hours of blackout.

Schumann Resonance Today 9/9 17:00 In our memory, none of the various blackouts that occurred previously reached such a high number of hours, we are at 85 consecutive hours! There is no certainty as to the cause of this prolonged darkening.

Schumann Resonance Today 9/9 08:00 Even today the blackout continues unperturbed, we have reached 76 hours and we are approaching the longest period ever recorded, in our memory, which has reached about 80 hours.

September 08, 2022 the Queen Elizabeth II died and London Bridge protocol called for a ten day of mourning or ten days of darkness from September 10 D+1 to September 19 D+10 the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Schumann Resonance Today 7/9 17:00 The blackout continues, we have reached 36 consecutive hours. Apparently the source site works but the charts are not updated since yesterday morning at 4 UTC.

Schumann Resonance Today 7/9 8:00 The blackout that started yesterday morning at 4 UTC is continuing and we are therefore at 21 consecutive hours.

The black out began September 06, 2022 and continues through September 11th and further notifications will be posted and at the time its approaching day 6: September 12th.

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Princess Diana Predicts The Abdication Of King Charles III

September 11, 2022

In November 05, 1995 Princess Diana gave a controversial interview with the BBC and in the interview she said that she did not think Charles had the right stuff to be King , and if he was the king, then the role would be too suffocating , have too many limitation and he would not adept.

Princess Diana did not see herself as being the Queen.

We have come across recent developments that points to information indicating that the newly appointed King Charles III will abdicate because of the unpopular of his wife Camilla , and a constitutional crisis after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The source of this information comes from a book published in 2006 of Nostradamus quatrain that predicted the Queen’s death in 2022.

The quatrain 10/22 in question read as follows:

The King of the Isles will be forced to abdicate.

And in his place put one not having been marked as king.

The quatrain 6/72 about the succession to the throne and the constitutional crisis:

Through the pretend fury of divine emotion.

The wife ( The Queen Consort) of the great one will be bad wronged.

Judges will wish to condemn such a doctrine.

The victim will be sacrifice to the ignorant people.

This latter quatrain suggests that the Church of England which the King is the head of will go against him for power via the General Synod and contest the King’s civil wedding to Camilla.

The King will won the fracas but the public’s dislike for Camilla because of Princess Diana’s death and with the media one-sided coverage the King will lose.

Predictions are open to interpretations and quatrain 10/22 was the focus of the abdication of England’s King Edward VIII who was forced to resign the British throne for marriage to American divorcee Wallis Simpson December 11, 1936.

The King’s timid and stuttering younger brother Albert affectionately known as Bertie was then installed on the throne as King George VI.

The current interpretation of the quatrain has Prince William or Harry following the King Charles III after his abdication.

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