October 25, 2015: The Sky Will Be Lit With A Cross That Will Shine More Than The Sun Itself-Light of Mary


October 25-26, 2015, the star of Bethlehem will be seen like it was more than 2,000 years ago in the East and in the sign of Virgo: just like it was seen when Jesus Christ was born.

Spectacular Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: June 30 & July 1

Last, but not least, Jupiter and Venus once again engage in an eye-catching conjunction on the morning of Oct. 25.


And, the three and final Star of Bethlehem is the most important one of them all because its appearance will be the final one of 2015, the most powerful as it will represent itself in the eastern sky as the three Magi would have witnessed it more than two thousand years ago.

On July 08, 2015 in Nunton, Wiltshire a crop circle appeared with the sign of Pisces the Fish.

In astrology, Pisces is represented by two half moon or fish moving away from one another.

On October 25, 2015, the Moon will be in Pisces and two days before a Full Moon. Pisces has always represented the sign of The Christ and on this day, the Star of Bethlehem will rise in the East as it did more than two thousand years ago.

“A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.  She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.” (Revelation 12: 1-3)




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The Face of Jesus (In the sky)

From the Northern skies, I saw seven eagles approaching, they dance on the high winds diving and circling, and then one larger eagle came even close as the other six moved further north.  The lone eagle fly over my head and did three or four circles above me until she flew off to the Eastern sky.



Naturally, I just allow myself to be in the moment and when I took a photo, of three of the Eagles, I noticed the Face of Jesus.

I thought about the pictures that Akiane Kramarik drew from inspiration of religious persons and the one picture called the Prince of Peace and her painting below of Jesus, “Forgive Them”.


Recently, Light of Mary posted a message from Jesus September 30, 2015:



The seven eagles are spiritual representations of the Seven Fire Prophecy.

Seven prophets came to the Anishinabe. They came at a time when the people were living a full and peaceful life on the North Eastern coast of North America. These prophets left the people with seven predictions of what the future would bring. Each of the prophecies was called a fire and each fire referred to a particular era of time that would come in the future. Thus, the teachings of the seven prophets are now called the “Seven Fires”.

Now is the time of the Seventh Fire.  By the light of the Seventh Fire come the Ogichidaag‘, those who would use their power and strength with wisdom and gentleness to bring harmony and balance.  They will soar with wabishkie ginu*, the White Eagle, bringing the wisdom of Spirit with the first light of day.

During a recent vision I was told about the Seven Year War Prophecy and during the Seventh period of the Seven Fire Prophecy, the Rainbow Warrior will be visible.

In the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People would emerge. They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps would take them to the elders, who they would ask to guide them on their journey. If the New People remain strong in their quest, the sacred drum will again sound its voice. There will be an awakening of the people, and the sacred fire will again be lit. At this time, the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One road is the road of greed and technology without wisdom or respect for life. This road represents a rush to destruction. The other road is spirituality, a slower path that includes respect for all living things. If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth.
Grandfather William Commanda, Circle of All Nations Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe, From Ancient Wampum Belt


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October 04, 2015: Prayers To Saint Francis of Assisi for Healing

October 04, 2015 is the Fest Day of Saint Francis of Assisi and many people from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Assisi of Italy on October 3rd and 4th.

The reason for the travel to Assisi is to petition St Francis for favor  of a prayer or a wish: to request a healing of a love one or a four-legged creature, and many personal prayer requests.

But one need not to travel so far because prayers are answered with the sincerity and intentions, and petitions of our soul hearts.

All you need are a few things:

1. One white candle

2. Picture or image or token (rosary beads etc.) of Saint Francis

3. Write down your prayer/wish on a white piece of paper (safely place your written requests near or under the candle)

4. Pictures of love ones or beloved animals

And, then say the following devotion to Saint Francis (aloud or in your mind).

Devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi

O beloved Saint Francis, gentle and poor, your obedience to God and your simple, deep love for all God’s creatures led you to the heights of heavenly perfection and turned many hearts to follow God’s will. Now, in our day, pray also for us, in our ministry to the many who come here searching for peace and intercede for us as we come before the Lord with our special requests.

[Mention your special intention.]

O blessed Saint of God, from your throne among the hosts of heaven present our petitions before our faithful Lord. May your prayers on our behalf be heard and may God grant us the grace to lead good and faithful lives. Amen.

Saint Francis of Assisi,
Pray for us. Amen.


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Part 2-Post WAVE- X! What Really Happened To You And Me

We must admit that we were very skeptical about the information which said that on September 28, 2015 a cosmic wave called Wave-X would help to usher in the new ascension. September 28th came and went and nothing happened for us to personally write about, however, we felt it necessary and expedient to share the information about Wave-X with our audience who reads this blog.

We wanted to believe in the information about Wave-X but there is nothing like the real thing: Experience.

Last night, October 01, 2015, we did experience a wonderful wave of energy that lifted up our bodies and filled us with love, our bodies and hearts, and souls resonated with energy that we can not exactly described and we saw waves, and waves and waves of multiple color light that was endless and took shape in in every corner of the room.

We were both asleep in the our bodies and awake to the energies at the same time. We were told by the Source of Light that we were receiving a “Pope’s Blessing”. If this is what Wave-X is then, Wave-X is very real.

More on what happened to you and me.

The Council
It is now a bit of time since the super moon and the equinox that was said to be many things. Congratulations. You’ve made it. Somehow it seems as if the world did not come to an end. And somehow, even though you do not seem to be able to put your finger on it, you feel that something is different. Well, you are correct, it is. And if you allow us, we will put our finger on it for you.
What has happened is that you have entered yet another area of higher frequency and it is affecting you and helping you to raise your own vibration and become even more of the highest possible being that you can become. This has actually been going on for some time. This universe operates in cycles and waves, as you know. And you have simply moved onto a higher plateau, if you will.

Now, if we may, let us suggest that you explore once again, or continue to explore, who you are. What do you love? What gives you joy? We ask you to do this because you will increasingly find now that these will be the things that you seem to be gifted in. Some people are already stunned at finding skills they did not even realize they had. You have lived many lives there, you know. And you have honed a great many skills, developed many talents. Think of it as a tool box that you now may draw from. And we advise you that perhaps the best way to go about this is to look for ways that you can be helpful where you are and then see how you feel about that. When you get that “Gee, it would be neat if I could…” feeling, try that. You just may surprise yourself. Now, you may experience this as a giant step forward in something that you already do. That, of course, is just fine. You may find your life taking an about face. If that feels good to you, flow with it. But do not let yourself be dragged into things which do not please you. Your feelings are a guidance system that you brought to where you are for a reason. They are intended to help you. Use them.
Think of these new energies as a springboard. Take a couple of bounces and then fly. Where are you guided by your feelings to go? Ask us to show you, if you do not see. But then be prepared to step forward into the situations that arise. Too often you have second guessed what has been provided. Go with the flow means go with the flow. It does not mean figure out where you are going. It means that you are ready to allow your own higher knowing, that sees around corners and over hills where you do not, to guide you. And the guidance, until you can hear it, will come in feelings and synchronicities. You will notice those increasing. That is the communication between us becoming clearer. There will be a breakthrough. Be patient with yourself.
Now, having spoken of cycles and waves, let us say that these have not only not come to an end, but will continue to increase in both intensity and frequency of occurrence. We have always moderated these for you personally so that you are not overwhelmed. We shall continue to do so. But understand that your higher self has an agenda also. So at times you find a wee bit of stress here and there. How might you deal with it? As always, we advise that you throw open your arms and accept what you have invited with gratitude. You will always find that this will keep any discomfort to a minimum.
It is time to think about living in your new world. You are building it. As we said at the beginning, congratulations.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:https://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


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Post WAVE- X! September 30, 2015: What Really Happened To You And Me


On Michaelmas Day, September 29, 2015, Archangel Micheal via Michael Love confirms Wave-X, the Super Cosmic Gamma Light Wave called Wave-X.

Factually, on September 28, 2015 a solar flare burst from our Sun (M7.6) its peak was 10:58 am Philadelphia time and produced a proton storm, and the Sun was in exact opposition to planet Earth. I was outside that morning mediating on Wave-X. On September 26, 2015  I went to the Philadelphia International Airport to see the Pope and the image above is from that morning.

Michael Love who was one of the people who talked about Wave-X bombarding the planet on September 28, 2015, said that it will take 6 months of sleeping to integrated the cosmic gamma light wave because the second wave will hit the planet in 6 months.

Did you experience Wave-X? A friend told me that on  the night of September 27, 2015 before he went to bed that his whole body was like a light body and including his heart. He said that he was not dizzy and did not have a headache but his body was light. He felt “normal” in the morning. I must have sleep through it.

Archangel Michael (Channeled by Michael Love)
September 29, 2015​

Greetings Dear Ones from the Fifth Vibration!

A new day has now dawned across the earth inside the hearts of the first wave beings of light. Together we held enough light in our bodies to reach a 5D awareness level and absorbed back in all the energy of the super photon wave we sent out for this grand purpose.

Today is the first day of the New Earth perception for 2.3 billion souls in over 1/2 million years. If one continues to look at 3D from a 3D vibration you will see nothing different. Now look through the ancient eyes that see from a higher perspective. Be as the great silent observer and look close. You will see it and sense it in every way if you are still to see it!

Have you got the hang of 5D way of being yet? Of course not! No one has. This is why the first wave has six month linear time perception to integrate and get used to this new much faster frequency. After this they will bring the 2nd wave up to meet them.

The Schumann Resonance of Gaia and the entire Cosmos is now in the Ninth dimension which has astounded both the science and spiritual community!

It did all happen exactly as it was foretold at the grand 2015 Tetrad by many great seers, masters and our advanced brothers of science.

What will show itself to you now is greater than what any prophet saw. We breached the event horizon coming from the galactic core and we are now here in this super high frequency of gamma photon light that instantaneously evolves DNA to a higher life-form!

In the twinkling of an eye all things were fulfilled and all that will been done is already done. It is finished!

All you must do now is walk gently into this great kingdom of beauty, love, freedom and peace! to walk in simply means to become aware of the higher vibration of now here!

We say, for the next six months you will fully integrate and adapt to the new 5D way of being. The simplest teaching we can bring to you about this is, “know that you are already in the 5D vibration and what is internal by universal law becomes the perceived holographic matrix reality for the physical container”. This knowing that you are now here is the raising of your consciousness we have spoken of to the faster, vibration.  Unconsciousness or un-awareness simply means, not knowing.

Yes, know it is so! Be as if it is and you shall see it all!  Live your life from this higher perspective in all ways. Be impeccable in all you do. Discipline and govern yourself accordingly to the 5D way of being.
Be in this, be this. You are this!

The extremely high energy level is here and sustained for you now thanks to the great key-holders who who are the highest loves on the Earth. All you must do is just start aligning yourself with the new lighter and nicer vibration. You are the programmer and operator of your light body ship so change so be aware of what you think, feel, say, or do! Approach all of these things from the 5D perspective and this will align you must faster to the New Earth and then it will be perceived! When you start to see it you will be astounded! At first you will not believe what is transpiring but in all this is the knowing we speak of!

What was done is done inside each of us and will now manifest outwardly onto the earth quickly as the universe does it magic.

The super gamma wave intensity stopped rising today and will level off for a time now so you can catch your breath!

Did 2.3 billion souls resonate with the 21 hertz frequency at Tetrad 9282015?  Absolutely!
Did our 5th strand of DNA plug in to the 5th chakra? Absolutely and right on schedule!

Do you have to allow it all to integrate?
Yes and it will take 6 months of regular sleeping to fully integrate this super cosmic gamma light wave at the atomic level of the body and for it to adapt the physical body to the 5D level.
When you sleep your DNA plugs itself back into the corresponding chakra and you are a completely new evolved version of you.

it is important to note as we have said that every nano second of each now moment you are in a completely different universe and reality! You have complete control over what that frame of now moment looks like and how it behaves! This will be part of the work you will do over the coming months, to be the master creator God that you are!

This whole morphing process is performed from the inside out so just believe in what we already know, it is truly finished, just align with it!

After this six month gamma integration period, the second wavers will come up to 21hertz to meet you fully in love and it is your duty and next mission phase to lift them all up by sharing the light you now hold!

After the last wave reaches 5D at summer 2016, we will rebuild the entire physical matrix. All the cities of the earth will be re-built to be life-sustainable.

There is incredible abundance awaiting you and hidden technologies that can do amazing things will now be given to the people.

You will not need anyone to govern or lead you at this point as you are your own authority!

We will standby as the high council and earth alliance known as the galactic federation to assist in every way as humanity makes their first major leap in spiritual evolution.

We commend you all and honor your for your divine work.

Everyday we encourage you to speak the truth over yourself which is, “I AM A 5D BEING!”

Enjoy The New 5D Earth!

Great tidings and good will to all the children of Gaia! We honor you!



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September 29, 2014: Feast Day of Archangels Day-Invocation for Archangel Michael


The Michaelmas Daisy

The Michaelmas Daisy, which flowers late in the growing season between late August and early October, provides colour and warmth to gardens at a time when the majority of flowers are coming to an end. As suggested by the saying below, the daisy is probably associated with this celebration because, as mentioned previously, St Michael is celebrated as a protector from darkness and evil, just as the daisy fights against the advancing gloom of Autumn and Winter.

“The Michaelmas Daisies, among dede weeds,
Bloom for St Michael’s valorous deeds.
And seems the last of flowers that stood,
Till the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.”

Originally posted on melbrake:

September 29th is the Feast Day for all the Archangels. The Archangels are immortals and been in spirit long before any established religious traditions.

The four Archangels are Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael. Honor all of them, if you will or one of the Archangels that you have a heart connection.

We feel more connected to Archangel Michael because he is a protector of the weak and vanquish. We invoke his Blue Flame Sword, and we have been praying for our child who is lost in spirit and mind;making the wrong choices in life and does not really know who his friends are. We will not give up on him and surround him in your Blue Flame Sword.

With the various wars in the world (newly US vs. Syria) which will lead to more famine and loss of life for women and innocent children, we also invoke Archangel Michael for…

View original 833 more words

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What Others Are Saying About Wave-X: September 28, 2015 (Total Eclipse of The Heart)

Wave-X makes sense because prior to its advent or the Event Horizon, there is a very powerful Total Lunar Eclipse September 27/28, 2015. Plus, its a Super Full Moon and a Blood Moon in Aries-Fire Sign.

Eclipses are major doorways that open to the galactic center or cosmic energy when the Earth, Sun and Moon are in alignment and this eclipse is also conjunct the South Node in Aries.

The Total Lunar Eclipse can be visible in the Americas and the Northern Hemisphere, its the eclipse of new beginnings and new starts and fire in the sign of Aries.

Wave-X represents a new start for humankind and new beginnings: an Event Horizon. So what a perfect time for new energy to come through the doorway of humanity and for a total eclipse of our hearts and souls.

What others are saying about Wave-X: September 28, 2015

Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa)

All of sudden after waiting for some considerable time for positive news about Ascension, you are finding that a number of sources are receiving positive information. You are now repeatedly being informed that the 28th. September is the high point of the month, as the day on which the photon energies peak. Not only that, but to a level that has not been previously experienced. If you ever had any doubts about the progress being made towards Ascension, they have surely now been removed. You will now begin to realise that so much has been happening “behind the scenes” that you were not aware of previously.


Patricia Cota-Robles

On September 28, 2015, we will receive a crescendo of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core. This is a rhythmic pulsation of Light that blesses our Solar System every 3,600 years with the Divine Intent of raising the consciousness of Sons and Daughters of God and accelerating the evolution of our Solar System. Even though this wondrous Gift of Light from On High has been available every 3,600 years, since our tragic fall from Grace the Earth and Humanity have been vibrating at a discordant frequency that was unable to receive or assimilate the benefits of these Gamma Rays. Now, however, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!


Matt Khan

“While the Universe gave me the date 9/27/15 as a marker in time, signifying when the first wave, or 1/3 of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness, many interpreted this through older ascension models and created literal meaning out of a metaphorical journey of expanding consciousness. Others assumed it to be a date when the world in view begins to become the heaven on Earth they yearn to discover.

As a way of clarifying what I’ve been told, 9/27/15 signifies a moment in time when 1/3rd of the planet will be aligned in 5D consciousness. When you are aligned, it signifies your readiness for entry. This means, as of 9/27/15, 1/3rd of the planet will begin a rapid ascension into 5D consciousness. It won’t be a dissolving into a different planet, but an emerging into a new spiritual paradigm of experience.”



Celia Fenn

Then, on the 28th, the energies will reach a Climax as you celebrate the Full Moon in Aries/Libra and the Total Lunar Eclipse which will also be a Blood Moon and the last of a series of four intense Blood Moons that have been the bearers of the waves of intense change. A Fire Moon is always a powerful Full Moon, and so Moon in Aries as a Blood Moon is the Full Moon of the Phoenix! It is the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old, and the power of the new arises in your Hearts, Soul and Spirits

Beloved Family of Light, so you have entered now into the month of September, and you are riding the wave of Luminous Light that was received by your earth at the 8/8/8, or the Lion’s Gate. You have felt the intensity of this new wave of Light Codes as they have assisted you to shift your own personal frequency and to adjust to the Higher Frequencies represented by these Luminous Colors and Tones. In September, you will be given further opportunities to embody and embrace these new frequencies and allow your Soul to dance to these new tones and sounds.



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Urgent Message from Our Lady to the Littlest of Servants- September 13th, 2015

Before Sunday Mass started I was told by Jesus that I had the weapon to destroy Satan’s kingdom in my pocket (the Rosary) and that I needed to use it and not be afraid because, “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.”

Our Lady then spoke and told me that most of her children are unprepared for the MAJOR, MAJOR EVENTS that are about to take place. That these MAJOR EVENTS will take place very quickly and will catch many of her children by surprise. I then saw, in a vision, dominoes lined up and the Hand of Jesus in front of the first domino. Our Lady spoke again and said that when the FIRST MAJOR EVENT takes place the rest will follow in rapid succession just like when the first domino is pushed over the rest follow in rapid succession. THAT IS HOW FAST THE MAJOR EVENTS WILL TAKE PLACE! MANY WILL HAPPEN ON THE SAME DAY. THE CHANGES WILL HAPPEN WITH SUCH SPEED THAT EVEN THOSE THAT HAVE PREPARED WILL BE ASTOUNDED. Our Lady then explained that the fact that her Son’s Hand was in front of the first domino meant that the FIRST MAJOR EVENT is close, very close.


14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

The following is an interview with Mother Nieves Garcia. In her interview she explains how Conchita from Garabandal had been told as a child that before the Warning occurs there would be an important Synod. Can this be referring to the next Synod, October 4th-25th, 2015?



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Rainbows in New York and Philadelphia: Part of Seven Year Warrior Rainbow Prophecy


A few days ago, Spirit said something about the Seven Year War Prophecy.

Yesterday @ 2pm, I saw the most beautiful rainbows in the sky, they were very bright and around the sun. I could almost taste the colors.

During Pope Francis visit to New York City the rainbows were also reported  @ 4pm.



The Rainbows in Philadelphia and New York City could be a sign but I wonder how many signs do we need as many signs were already given.

The Cree People believe that one day the Rainbow Prophecy will be a sign when the world will change.


“One day… there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist”.


The Rainbow prophecy, as it has come to be known, refers to the keepers of the legends, rituals, and other myths that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health on Earth.  It is believed that these legendary beings will return on a day of awakening, when all people will unite and create a new world of justice, peace and freedom, and they will be named the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’. They will reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony and love is the only way forward.

A particularly interesting part of the prophecy relates to the choosing of leaders.  According to the story, a leader will not be the one that talks the loudest, boasts of successes, or has the support of the elite. Leaders will be those whose actions speak the loudest, the ones that have demonstrated wisdom and courage and have proven that they work for the benefit of all. Isn’t this how things should be?

The Rainbow has always held special significance among the different Native American Indian Nations. It is connected to the Spirit (Supreme God/Creator) in all things. Apart from the Cree prophecy there are many prophecies and stories from the Hopi, the Zuni and the Cherokee related to the rainbow warriors.

Also, there was a darker side (image) to the rainbow at the far end of the sky was another image. I will leave it to your imaginations.  (All the images I took myself)



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Light of Mary on The Blood Red Moon Lunar Eclipse: September 27-28, 2015

“Men were being murdered and their children and people had very little to eat. I went through a house darkened with a flash light to find food to eat. Four to eight men put on  clothes but they melted away (like the incredible shrinking men) until they were babies again, and then they were gone. A booming dark male voice said because of men’s use of alcohol  and abuse that men were to blame for the evil on the Earth (the reverse of blaming Eve). I was in a Indian restaurant and everybody died. (for timing of this event I was celebrating my birthday). The people who survived the Dark Energy went outside and saw dark matter was falling from the sky like leaves”. (Mel Brake -September 20, 2015)

Part of my vision from this week has a  striking resembles to a recent message from Light of Mary when she spoke of the up coming Blood Red Moon (September 27-28, 2015) and an impending World War 3 and powerful families who are behind the power in the world and not the front men and women politicians.


Blood has fallen from Indian skies.


“Prepare for war but this will be not only in Europe, but other countries will join by compromise with those who have provided them with weapons and quietly amid the despair of war, cause surprise.

Children have lived painful moments in some countries, but in this moment is humanity at large that will suffer because of this evil brought by those who agreed with Satan as part of the preparation of the presentation of the antichrist, which at this moment , powerful families in the world you prepare your presentation”. (Light of Mary-September 21, 2015)

New World Order Needs World War III To Maintain Stranglehold.


“Mysterious hands of those who do not love as love My Son, will continue to shed the blood of the innocent for the land, spreading like a plague. Europe will suffer.

Negotiations are brewing behind humanity when they are not solid, but like quicksand. The representatives of the countries are like puppets that move to the powerful, that gestate their purposes to take power”. (Light of Mary-September 21, 2015)


The 13 Bloodlines.



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