September 18, 2019

Today marks the 66th Anniversary of Mother Mary Apparition in Fairmount Park Philadelphia.

We are in honor of all of those we remember and believe what happened in Fairmount Park Philadelphia 66th years ago.


Hail Mary

Full of Grace

Blessed are thy among women

And is Blessed the Fruit of thy womb- Jesus.

Hail Mary

Mother of God

Pray for us Sons and Daughter of God

Pray for us at the hour of our Victory

Mother of God

Over Sin, Disease and Death







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The Death of Saturn – Poem by Mel Brake

Source: The Death of Saturn – Poem by Mel Brake

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September 10, 2019

What is a palindrome and why is this the last palindrome week of the century.

A palindrome is when all dates read the same forward and backwards, its like when a planet goes retrograde. Its really a magic weeks with regards to numerology.

A palindrome can begin with the numbers 11 or 11 11 11.

This year Palindrome week runs from September 10, 2019 to September 19, 2019 or ten days.

For example, if you write out yesterdays date 9102019, then you will have the exact same number if you wrote it in reverse, 9102019. That is way cool. Try it at home, its safe.


I thought yesterday was powerful too when at 5:50 pm EST or 10 that as the sun was setting in the west the a double cross was formed with the Sun and a nearby cloud formation.

Image result for double cross symbol (chi rho)





With September representing the sign of Virgo or Mother Mary, the Palindrome Week is the symbol of the tripartite of the Crescent Moon or the Triple Goddess or 101.

Image result for goddess isis tripartite

The next Palindrome Week is 12/02/2021.





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Image result for rigel solar logos

September 9th

The Rigel star in the Orion Constellation gateway opens up.

The Egyptian God Thoth who brought the world communications and writing, and the Emerald Tablets is reported to have descended from The Rigel Star systems, a set of three stars.

The Rigel Stargate anchors through you wherever you are on Earth, as all the Earth is within you, so as you open to this Stargate process you also assist the Earth herself and all on her to awaken to the divine love and peace, as you and the Earth and all Creation are One.
What we do for ourselves in the unification process and lightening up we do for all creation, all one.


September 7, 2019 9:52 PM EST, I saw a bright shimmering light or star with rainbow colors: reds, blues, whites. The light was close enough to be outside of my window.

Of course, when I ran to pick up my cell phone to record the event, the light was one.

Was this The Rigel Star gateway.

The Lion of Leo represents the passage between the lesser Solar Logos – the astronomy of our physical sun, and the greater Solar Logos. Thoth has told us in the past that Leo was the constellation of access to the Golden Star of Mazuriel, which is the highest ‘threshold level’ Solar Logos for all worlds of this universal system. Ultimately, the Golden Star of Mazuriel represents the full Christic consciousness, and thus represents the future consciousness of this and many other worlds. The Solar Logos of Earth’s true planetary design in the ultimate configuration involving our physical sun, Rigel and Mazuriel, is the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. With the Golden Star of Mazuriel in the picture, the Solar Logos associated with the Blue Star Rigel becomes an intermediary logos, or bridge between the consciousness of our current physical sun, and that of the Golden Star of Mazuriel. Thus the Solar Logos of the Blue Star Rigel will generally be referred to as the greater Solar Logos for the Earth herein, and for all intents and current purposes it is.

However, in the next level of cosmology beyond that logos, the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel would truly be the greater Solar logos for all worlds in this universal system. The Blue Star Rigel is the greater Solar logos only for the Earth and Venus to our knowledge at this time, but it is the stepping stone to the Solar logos of the Golden Star of Mazuriel. Keep in mind that when we are speaking of Rigel being a stepping stone to the consciousness of Mazuriel, the stellar representative of the Christ, we are looking at some very long cycles in terms of linear Earth reality, literally many thousands of years.

But in the higher dimensional realities where time is not so large a part of the reality, it is but one revolution on the spiral of the cosmic clock.

Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 11: The Rigel War and “Thoth-the-Rigelian”




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September 04, 2019

Another bit of information or mission was given to me from my guides when I was meditating with a sweet friend, who also visited Stonehenge prior to my visit in 2019.



Only The Beginning:






Image result for 12 chakras wheel






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Confirmation of my Stonehenge Message About Completion.


August 20, 2019


I had the distinct pleasure to visit London, England and Stonehenge with a sweet and lovely friend August 20th.

The energy from Stonehenge is distinct, quiet and very subtle but extremely powerful.

This year my Spiritual Guides said that I will visit Stonehenge and I rarely ignore my Guides but this time I said, ‘yeah right’.


Also, I had the feeling from my Guides that I must do a completion and mission or task this year and Stonehenge was a large part of the mission.

If you have been to Stonehenge, its really treated as a tourist trap but its more than that, people can treat Stonehenge as a photo-opportunity but its more than that.


I walked over to the mounds where less people tread to do a small and gratitude prayer.

August 20th a crop circle appeared that day that we visited Stonehenge and the crop…

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Confirmation of my prediction of a very large earthquake early weeks of September 2019.


Welcome to the Sun in Virgo and all things are coming up Mother Earth. Also, August 30th, the Moon and Sun will be in Virgo, a Supermoon and the second Black Moon in these many months.

At least five orbs, planets will be in the Earth sign of Virgo from August 28th thru September 14th and not including  asteroids that circle the Sun include Vulcano, Ops, Apollo, Bacchus, Juno and the MC is in Virgo.

The five orbs in Virgo are the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars.

We understand that July 20th was a pivotal time for Planet Earth with a major shift and at this time we can also say that August 20th was too.


Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.57.23 PM

During this powerful time when the Sun and other planets are in Virgo we see at least a 7.5 earthquake and tsunami because Virgo rules the Earth, and earth events will…

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UPDATE 3: Schumann Resonance: Rain Down On Me

September 1, 2019

Update 3: More intense flares

Geomagnetic conditions have reached moderate storm levels. NOAA Kp is
currently equal to 6 (moderate geomagnetic storm, between 12h and 15h UT on
Sep 01). The latest K Dourbes measurements are at active levels (K Dourbes
= 5). The enhanced geomagnetic conditions are due to a High Speed Stream
(HSS) from a recurrent positive polarity coronal hole that passed the
central solar meridian a couple of days ago.  



FAST WARNING 'PRESTO' MESSAGE  from the SIDC (RWC-Belgium) 2019 Sep 01

iswa_download (23)

August 31, 2019

Update 2: More Flares

8:33 PM Philadelphia Time


preliminary_k_index_last_24 (3)

flux_eda_24 (1)

Update: Solar Flares and Cosmic Energy Increasing:

2:36 PM Philadelphia Time

A solar wind speed of 1,115 Km/sec or 2,500,000 miles per hour wind speed was recorded this morning.

And, a Planetary Kp Index of 6 or G2 solar storm which will result in auroras.

Kp Index NOAA 31.08.19 15.30 hrs UTC


The last day in August 2019 and the cosmic energy and solar energy have not abated.

Solar Wind speeds are at 800 km/sec and  higher:

iswa_download (22)

Schumann Resonance hit 109 Hertz today:

Other cosmic reading are up today as well:

And, NASA predicts KP Index will reach level G2 solar storms by September 1, 2019:


Batten down the hatches with these increase of solar wind and cosmic storms could have an effect on Hurricane Dorian that is threatening the Eastern shore of the US.

Hurricane Dorian 31.08.19

This storm could intensify into Cat 5 due to the very high energy which is currently pounding the magnetosphere. This energy greatly influences the cosmic rays striking the earth’s core. It’s like poring petrol on an existing fire!

Hurricane Dorian 31.08.19



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Suicide By Tree – Poem by Mel Brake

Source: Suicide By Tree – Poem by Mel Brake

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Our Little Michael/Your Michael Jackson – Poem by Mel Brake

Source: Our Little Michael/Your Michael Jackson – Poem by Mel Brake

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